Earth is the first dimension or "plane" of the LOONAVERSE to be introduced. It is very similar to our planet Earth, except this dimension follows the rules of the LOONAVERSE, meaning things like Cyborgs, Angels, and giant frogs can exist.


South Korea[]

Associated with LOONA. Includes Seoul, Jeju Island, and Gimcheon.

Paris, France[]

Associated with HeeJin. Seen in the HeeJin and “XIIIX” teasers.

Tokyo, Japan[]

Associated with HyunJin and HeeJin. Seen in “Around You” and “I’ll Be There”.


Associated with HaSeul. Seen in “Let Me In” and the “XIIX” teaser. “Let Me In” and “XIIX” take place in Sólheimasandur, Iceland, while the LOONAVERSE location is designated as Reykjavík in the 12:00 teaser.

London, United Kingdom[]

Associated with HaSeul, HeeJin, and HyunJin. Seen in “The Carol”.

Taipei, Taiwan[]

Associated with YeoJin. Seen in YeoJin teasers.

Hong Kong[]

Associated with ViVi and LOONA 1/3. Seen in “Love & Live”, “Everyday I Need You”, and the “XIVX” teaser.

Auckland, New Zealand[]

Associated with LOONA 1/3. Seen in “Love & Live” and New Zealand Story. They were in the CBD, Sylvia Park mall in Mt. Wellington, H-Mart in Burswood, East Auckland and Rainbow's End amusement park in Manukau.

Prague, Czech Republic[]

Associated with LOONA 1/3. Seen in Love & Evil teasers. The city is well known of its astronomical clock, the oldest clock still operating.

Los Angeles, United States[]

Associated with ODD EYE CIRCLE and Middle Earth. Seen in “Girl Front”.

Budapest, Hungary[]

Associated with LOONA/yyxy and Eden. Seen in “love4eva”.

Bangkok, Thailand[]

Associated with LOONA (minus HaSeul). Seen in “So What”.