Three locations were revealed so far.

Earth[edit | edit source]

Earth is the first dimension or "plane" of the LOONAVERSE to be introduced. It is very similar to our planet Earth, except this dimension follows the rules of the LOONAVERSE, meaning things like Cyborgs, Angels, and giant frogs can exist.

Middle Earth[edit | edit source]

Middle Earth as stated by BBC is "between Earth and the Cosmos"[1]. It is what we can consider to be the center of the LOONAVERSE. It's between good and evil and can possess both; it also looks the least like our world. While Earth is meant to mirror our earth and Eden is an imitation of Earth, Middle Earth follows its own abstract rules. It can look like earth, but it can also look other-worldly.

Eden[edit | edit source]

Eden is an imitation of Earth, or a mirrored version but with a sinister twist. Instead of the houses and apartment buildings we see on Earth, Eden has large industrial warehouses and factories, as well as dark, dense forests.

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