2017년의 시작을 여는 이달의 소녀 네번째 멤버와 곰인형의 정체를 기대 해 주세요 / Look forward to the fourth member of the month and the teddy bear that will open the beginning of 2017

Who's Next Girl? Teaser

YeoJin (Hangul: 여진) is the fourth revealed character of the LOONAVERSE. She lives on Earth along with HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, and ViVi.


YeoJin has black eyes and brown hair.


Features Positive Meaning Negative Meaning Ref
Color Orange Flamboyant, Vibrant, Social Self-Centered, Prideful, Arrogance [1]
Animal Frog Self-Love, Wealth, Growth Bad Omen [2]


As explained in the description of the 1/3 music videos, YeoJin is lost in the forest, and therefore isn't present in 1/3. While she does appear in Everyday I Love You, most theorists agree that this music video is a dream (as explained above) and the events during the video didn't actually occur, therefore YeoJin isn't actually there.


YeoJin has the ability to spread her individual color, orange. She is also seen as having great strength in not giving into temptation to kiss the frog.



As theorized by twinfish in The Carol and in Kiss Later, HyunJin buys a present for YeoJin to welcome her into the LOONAVERSE as the orange girl HeeJin has been looking for.


As stated by Blockberry Creative,[citation needed] she views HaSeul as a motherly figure, and therefore HaSeul is like family to her.

The Frog[]

The most important relationship we see is YeoJin's relationship with the frog in Kiss Later. As theorized by both Cherry and Twinfish, the frog in this music video represents Choerry, who is trying to get her to sin by kissing the frog. Twinfish never gives an explanation for this, but Cherry believes this is due to Choerry doing Yves' dirty work, and as explained in Yves' part of this article, she wants the members of LOONA to join her in sinning and going against HeeJin. In the end YeoJin chooses not to kiss Choerry, and therefore doesn't sin, for unknown reasons.

Video Appearances[]

Title Type Released
"Kiss Later" Music video January 16, 2017
"My Sunday" Music video January 17, 2016
"My Melody" Music video January 18, 2016
"Hi High" Music video August 20, 2018
"X1X" Teaser December 31, 2018
"Butterfly" Music Video February 19, 2019
"365" Teaser December 13, 2019
"#3" Teaser January 22, 2020
"So What" Music Video February 5, 2020
"Why Not?" Music Video October 19, 2020
"Star" Music Video November 17, 2020
"&3" Teaser June 24, 2021
"PTT (Paint The Town)" Music Video June 28, 2021

Other Versions[]

  • Orange Parallelogram