이달의 소녀 여섯번 째, 레드가 찾아옵니다 / The sixth girl of LOOΠΔ, Red, will come to you soon

Who's Next Girl? Teaser

Kim Lip (Hangul: 김립) is the sixth revealed character of the LOONAVERSE. She lives in the middle earth along with JinSoul and Choerry.


Kim Lip has black eyes and blonde hair. Her left eye can emit a red light in a crescent shape.


Features Positive Meaning Negative Meaning Ref.
Color Red Love, Seduction, Adventure, Magic Violence, Danger, Anger [1]
Animal Owl Magic, Mystery, Ancient Knowledge, Femininity, Wisdom Death, Danger, Bad Omen [2]


Kim Lip's animal, the owl, represents wisdom and knowledge, which we can also see as her role of leader of ODD EYE CIRCLE. We can also assume that this means she is the leader of the primary colors, and therefore has some control over the other members of OEC. But as we see with both JinSoul and Choerry, who go against HeeJin's wish and interact with yyxy, the "dark" side of the mobius strip, which is exactly what their creator, HeeJin, doesn't want.

As the leader of ODD EYE CIRCLE, HeeJin must've entrusted Kim Lip with watching over her other members, since HeeJin is on another plane of the LOONAVERSE and therefore can't do it herself. But Kim Lip must know that the girls she's in charge of interact with yyxy, meaning she is willing to go against HeeJin in a subtle way, by allowing her members to stray away from their god, or their creator, without telling HeeJin. But Kim Lip must still have some loyalty to HeeJin, since she doesn't join her other members, but doesn't tell HeeJin either.


Her power is referred as "Time Travel" by BlockBerryCreative.



HeeJin created Kim Lip as a primary color, giving her special powers and abilities.



Video Appearances[]

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