블루와 블랙 사이. 새로운 소녀에게 벌어질 일들. / Between blue and black. The new girl will be blooming.

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JinSoul (Hangul: 진솔) is the seventh revealed character of the LOONAVERSE. She lives in the middle earth along with Kim Lip and Choerry.


JinSoul has black eyes and blonde hair. Her left eye can emit a blue light in a crescent shape.


Features Positive Meaning Negative Meaning Ref.
Color Blue Knowledge, Power, Tranquility, Healing Depression, Sadness, Loneliness [1]
Second Color Black Sophisticated, Mystery, Elegance, Strength Grief, Fear, Death, Evil [2]
Animal Blue Betta Fish/Siamese Fighting Fish Individuality, Beauty, Defiant, Freedom Solitude, Aggression [3]


JinSoul represents the color blue with her song "Singing in the Rain", and also infamously appears in the "Everyday I Need You" music video. It is also been confirmed by Blockberry Creative that JinSoul has two colors, her main color being blue and her second color being black. The only other person in the LOONAVERSE to have two colors is Choerry. This could represent both of them being some of the more powerful people in the LOONAVERSE, since they can both travel between worlds with JinSoul's teleportation and Choerry's plane switching. Or as theorized by Twinfish, with JinSoul having black as a color it suggests that she's been tainted by Olivia and that her color once was pure blue (More of this idea is explained in Sweet Crazy Love). We see JinSoul with Olivia in Egoist, which shows that JinSoul must be disobeying HeeJin and helping Olivia, however that may be.

We also have been confirmed that ViVi rescued JinSoul from a basement in Hong Kong. This would explain JinSoul's appearance in Everyday I Need You and her connection to ViVi. We also see JinSoul's eye color in the music video is green, different from her regular black. This could show that she's weakened or is recovering.


JinSoul can use teleportation, or as Blockberry Creative refers to it, "Space Travel". With her ability she can go to certain places, but not to certain people (As seen in the music video for Girl Front). Teleportation also means that she can travel to other dimensions of the LOONAVERSE, such as to earth to meet ViVi in Everyday I Need You and to Eden to meet Olivia Hye in Egoist. She also represents blue, meaning she has the ability to create things out of blue, such as when she helped Kim Lip create Choerry by mixing their colors.



HeeJin created JinSoul as a primary color, giving her special powers and abilities. JinSoul must've been very close to HeeJin at one point, since they would've had to work together to create the other girls. But after being influenced by Olivia, JinSoul betrayed HeeJin. We don't know if HeeJin is aware of JinSoul betraying her but if she did she would be devastated, feeling like someone who she was close to left her.


We can't be sure of JinSoul's relationship with HyunJin. We know that HyunJin left JinSoul and Kim Lip to be with HeeJin so JinSoul must feel betrayal and had to quickly create a new girl with Kim Lip. We never see an interaction between the two of them, but based on their history, their relationship probably isn't great.


Kim Lip[]

Both are members of OEC and a primary color. They also came together and created Choerry.



Olivia Hye[]

JinSoul met Olivia Hye in a basement. Both of them share the same secondary color, black.

Video Appearances[]

Title Type Released
"Everyday I Need You (Feat. JinSoul)" Music Video May 13, 2017
"Singing in the Rain" Music Video June 25, 2017
"Reveal" Teaser August 29, 2017
"Girl Front" Music Video September 20, 2017
"Sweet Crazy Love" Music Video October 30, 2017
"Hi High" Music Video August 20, 2018
"X1X" Teaser December 31, 2018
"Butterfly" Music Video February 19, 2019
"365" Teaser December 13, 2019
"#3" Teaser January 22, 2020
"So What" Music Video February 5, 2020
"Why Not?" Music Video October 19, 2020
"Star" Music Video November 17, 2020
"&3" Teaser June 24, 2021
"PTT (Paint The Town)" Music Video June 28, 2021
"Not Friends" Music Video September 3, 2021
"LOONA Japan Debut Teaser" Teaser September 17, 2021
"HULA HOOP" Music Video October 15, 2021