HeeJin (Hangul: 희진) is the first revealed character of the LOONAVERSE. She lives on Earth along with HyunJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, and ViVi.


HeeJin has black eyes and dark brown wavy hair. She looks like a rabbit.


Features Positive Meaning Negative Meaning Ref
Color Bright Pink Pure, Passion, Love, Feminine Naivety [1]
Animal Rabbit Prosperity, Abundance, Fertility Timid, Skittish [2]


This can be acquainted to the fact that she is the first member of LOONA to awaken in the LOONAVERSE, or to the lyrics of ViViD as described above. Many believe that her ambition in life is to paint the LOONAVERSE in color, in which she enlists the help of her other members. It has also been theorized by reddit user LueLinks402 that HeeJin isn't a god of the LOONAVERSE, but instead "Maybe more like a 'demigod' or a mythical figure similar to the heroes from Greek mythology. I think all the members of Loona have some kind of special power or important role, but only when they are all together can their powers combined be considered truly 'godlike.'"[3]

It's also important to note that in all of HeeJin's pre-debut promotional photos she wore white, symbolizing her purity. This can be confirmed further by the Attendance Cards. Every pre-debut single contained an attendance card, that could be brought to a LOONA fansign. If the owner of the card managed to get every member of LOONA to stamp their attendance card they would be given the opportunity to meet the members at the LOONAbirth concert. Each card featured the members' individual color based on the album. For example Chuu's single comes with a peach-colored card, while HyunJin's comes with a yellow-colored card. But the only member of LOONA whose card was not their individual color, was HeeJin. Her card is white instead of hot pink, which further suggests her purity as well as the beginning of the LOONAVERSE. She represents the blank, white canvas that the other members must fill with their colors.


HeeJin is theorized to have "god-like" powers. Since she created the LOONAVERSE in the first place, every member is a fractal of her. She has all of ODD EYE CIRCLE's abilities and more. She has the ability to control the entire rainbow, where as each individual member only has access to their representative color. We see her teleport in Egoist, create other worlds in ViViD, and create a double of herself in love4eva. She has the ability to control the world to her desire and with this she has become the unofficial "leader" of the LOONAVERSE.


HeeJin has many relationships with the members of LOONA throughout the music videos.


The friendship between HyunJin and HeeJin is the first one to be shown. They met in school and are in the same grade, as explained in the description of Love & Live.


HeeJin feels sympathetic towards ViVi in the music video for Love & Live. As explained by twinfish, ViVi is HeeJin's loyal friend. She acts as the angel on her shoulder and carries out tasks for her. So it hurts HeeJin to see ViVi struggling with her life as a Cyborg, as she feels sympathy for her.


HeeJin is helping JinSoul to awake in the LOONAVERSE, as explained by Birbfriend and twinfish for Singing in the Rain. It means she acts almost like a guide for JinSoul, who is choosing which universe she wants to "release her fish" into.

Olivia Hye[]

In the final moments of the Egoist music video, we see the first girl to be revealed (HeeJin) and the final girl to be revealed (Olivia) meet. We are not sure what their feelings are towards each other, some suspect sympathy from HeeJin for how Olivia is treated by yyxy, others think its the "final battle" between good and evil, or between the ruler of this world and the fallen angel (more of this idea is explained under Cultural References). But what we do know is that HeeJin has traveled a long way from the 1/3 world to the yyxy world in order to specifically meet Olivia, for unknown reasons.

Video Appearances[]


Title Type Released
"ViViD" Music video October 4, 2016
"I'll Be There" Music video November 16, 2016
"The Carol" Music video December 14, 2016
"Love & Live" Music video March 12, 2017
"Everyday I Love You (Feat. HaSeul)" Music video April 16, 2017
"Sonatine" Music video April 27, 2017
"Singing in the Rain (feat. HeeJin)" Music video June 25, 2017
"Egoist (feat. JinSoul)" Music video March 29, 2018
"Hi High" Music video August 20, 2018
"X1X" Teaser December 31, 2018
"Butterfly" Music Video February 19, 2019
"365" Teaser December 13, 2019
"#1" Teaser December 15, 2019
"#2" Teaser January 10, 2020
"#3" Teaser January 22, 2020
"So What" Music Video February 5, 2020
"Why Not?" Music Video October 19, 2020
"Star" Music Video November 17, 2020
"New Moon" Teaser December 29, 2020
"&3" Teaser June 24, 2021
"PTT (Paint The Town)" Music Video June 28, 2021
"Not Friends" Music Video September 3, 2021
"LOONA Japan Debut Teaser" Teaser September 17, 2021
"HULA HOOP" Music Video October 15, 2021


Title Type Released
"Love4eva" Music video May 30, 2018
"Entrance" Cinema Theory March 17, 2018/July 7, 2018
"I Like You More Now (Love & Live 2.0)" Cinema Theory March 17, 2018/July 7, 2018

Other Representations[]

Reveal Month[]

In the month of October,

  • LOONAVERSE/Analysis/Sweet Crazy Love was released (the creation of ODD EYE CIRCLE and the restart of the möbius strip)
    • We can see this in two ways, one being the creation of new life in the LOONAVERSE with the primary colors which would've been required for HeeJin to being spreading color. We can also see this as the restart of the möbius strip or the beginning, starting back with HeeJin.