겨울을 닮은 세 번째 멤버가 여러분을 찾아옵니다 / The third member who resembles the winter will greet everyone.

Who's Next Girl? Teaser

HaSeul (Hangul: 하슬) is the third revealed character of the LOONAVERSE. She lives on Earth along with HeeJin, HyunJin, YeoJin, and ViVi.


When she debuted, she had black eyes and black hair, But she was also seen with blonde hair and a boyish haircut in the let me in music video.


Features Positive Meaning Negative Meaning Ref
Color Green Hope, Growth, New Life Depressed, Placid, Lethargic [1]
Animal White Bird Purity, Peace, Nurturing, Motherly Sacrifice, Skittish [2]


As theorized, since HaSeul represents the white dove, a symbol of peace, she must choose between peace and harmony or learning the truth about the LOONAVERSE and gaining knowledge. (As explained above in the Let Me In) HaSeul chooses truth, and decides to kill the white dove, or kill the peace. As a result, she looses YeoJin, her close friend when YeoJin gets lost in the forest. As seen in the description of Singing in the Rain, "HaSeul, who always seems to cause rain wherever she goes" this could suggest her sadness towards losing YeoJin, who was like a daughter to her.


HaSeul has the ability to spread her individual color, green. As we see in Let Me In once HaSeul makes the decision to kill the white bird the snow begins to melt and the world turns green.



In Let Me In, as described by twinfish, the yellow truck represents HyunJin, who has brought HaSeul to Iceland for her to discover herself. HaSeul looks bored or tired in the truck, suggesting she doesn't want to do this, and possibly HyunJin is forcing her to do this. This shows a similar relationship a parent would have with a child, since HyunJin is pushing HaSeul to do something she doesn't want to, and shows HyunJin's control over HaSeul.


As described by Blockberry Creative, "HaSeul is a warm friend who is like a mother to YeoJin", which we can see in the music video for My Melody. We then learn that the reason YeoJin isn't present in Love & Live is due to the fact that she's lost in the forest, and therefore represents the slash in 1/3. This is most likely due to HaSeul choosing truth over peace, and therefore losing the person who brought her peace and happiness, YeoJin.


Her relationship with Chuu is very unexpected, since HaSeul and Chuu are in completely different worlds, with Chuu in yyxy and HaSeul in 1/3. But what we do know is that HaSeul wakes Chuu, who doesn't even see her, and HaSeul gives her a knowing look before walking away. This could suggest HaSeul seeing Chuu's love for Yves as being childish in a way, and that she had experienced the same feelings when she was younger, and understands that its a part of Chuu's child-like personality. (More of their relationship is explained in Heart Attack)

Video Appearances[]


Title Type Released
"Let Me In" Music video December 14, 2016
"The Carol" Music video December 14, 2016
"My Sunday" Music video January 17, 2016
"My Melody" Music video January 18, 2016
"Love & Live" Music video March 12, 2017
"Everyday I Love You (Feat. HaSeul)" Music video April 16, 2017
"Sonatine" Music video April 27, 2017
"Love Cherry Motion" Music video July 27, 2017
"Heart Attack" Music video December 28, 2017
"Hi High" Music video August 20, 2018
"X1X" Teaser December 31, 2018
"Butterfly" Music Video February 19, 2019
"365" Teaser December 13, 2019
"#1" Teaser December 15, 2019
"New Moon" Teaser December 29, 2020
"&3" Teaser June 24, 2021
"PTT (Paint The Town)" Music Video June 28, 2021
"LOONA Japan Debut Teaser" Teaser September 17, 2021
"HULA HOOP" Music Video October 15, 2021


Title Type Released Notes
"I Like You More Now (Love & Live 2.0)" Cinema Theory March 17, 2018/July 7, 2018
"So What" Music Video February 5, 2020 As the white feather

Other Representations[]

Reveal Month[]

In the month of December,

  • The Carol was released
    • We know that The Carol happened directly after Let Me In. HeeJin and HyunJin found HaSeul and the three of them went Christmas shopping.
  • The Carol 2.0
    • This deals less with HaSeul and more with repeating The Carol.
  • Heart Attack
    • We see the properties of the möbius strip affecting loona directly here. By HaSeul appearing in her The Carol outfit to wake Chuu, she disrupts our normal perception of time. Instead of events occurring normally with Heart Attack happening one year after The Carol, we see the two happening at the same time.