보라빛 컬러만큼 신비로운 소녀가 곧 찾아옵니다. / The eighth girl who is mysterious as much as the color purple. She will soon come to you.

Who's Next Girl? Teaser

Choerry (Hangul: 최리) is the eighth revealed character of the LOONAVERSE. She lives in the middle earth along with Kim Lip and JinSoul.


Choerry has black eyes and brown hair. Her right eye can emit a purple light in a crescent shape.


In Love Cherry Motion, she has a cute and bubbly personality, with dark girl-crush peaks. This shows the drastic difference between white and purple. Bats are also well known to be the only mammal to truly be able to fly and are sometimes misclassified as bird. This ambivalence was portrayed in the fable of Aesop "The Bat and The Weasels".[1]

Features Positive Meaning Negative Meaning Ref.
Color Purple Royalty, Nobility, Ambition Irritability, Impatience, Arrogance [2]
Second Color White Light, Goodness, Innocence, Purity Blinding, Sterile, Mourning [3]
Animal Bat Rebirth, Transition, Initiation Death, Bad Omen, Violence [4]


Looks like Choerry has the purpose to be the "contrast" of LOONA Members in some way.

Ísis Alves (OEC "Reveal" Teaser)


Her power is referred as "Dimentional Travel" by BlockBerryCreative.

It is theorized that this means that she can visit the 1/3 world or the yyxy world as she pleases, which makes sense since she is seen throughout the LOONA music videos, in Kiss Later and in One&Only (as explained above). It's also important to recognize that Choerry has two official colors, just like JinSoul.[5]



Kim Lip[]

Kim Lip is her leader. She helped to create Choerry with JinSoul and lead her into the world of ODD EYE CIRCLE to discover her potential as a member. Once Choerry enters the Cosmos Kim Lip shines a mirror at her, leading her to discover her fate as a member of ODD EYE CIRCLE and of the primary colors.


JinSoul is a fellow member of ODD EYE CIRCLE who helped to create Choerry after HyunJin left the Cosmos by combining her color and Kim Lip's color (red) to create Choerry. JinSoul also brings Choerry into the ODD EYE CIRCLE world by leaving her a piece of cake that allows her to awaken as an ODD EYE CIRCLE member.


Video Appearances[]


Title Type Released
"Love Cherry Motion" Music Video July 27, 2017
"Reveal" Teaser August 29, 2017
"Girl Front" Music Video September 20, 2017
"Sweet Crazy Love" Music Video October 30, 2017
"new" Music Video November 28, 2017
"One & Only" Music Video January 30, 2018
"Hi High" Music Video August 20, 2018
"X1X" Teaser December 31, 2018
"Butterfly" Music Video February 19, 2019
"365" Teaser December 13, 2019
"#3" Teaser January 22, 2020
"So What" Music Video February 5, 2020
"Why Not?" Music Video October 19, 2020
"Star" Music Video November 17, 2020
"&3" Teaser June 24, 2021
"PTT (Paint The Town)" Music Video June 28, 2021
"LOONA Japan Debut Teaser" Teaser September 17, 2021
"HULA HOOP" Music Video October 15, 2021


Title Type Released
"Kiss Later" Music video January 16, 2017
"I Like You More Now (Love & Live 2.0)" Cinema Theory March 17, 2018/July 7, 2018
"Starlight" Cinema Theory March 17, 2018/July 7, 2018


  • She is the only character to have both a fruit and a superpower.
    • It is also theorized she has a location (Jeju Island), making her the only character to have a characteristic from each unit.