Chuu, GoWon 츄, 고원 HyunJin 현진 SeeSaw Cinema Theory Up & Line

See Saw is an unreleased video clip shown at both venues of LOOΠΔ Cinema Theory: Up & Line.


180912 SNS soulbriz SeeSaw.png

It features Chuu and Go Won sitting at a table, with See Saw playing in the background. We are briefly shown the same cassette player as featured in both Girl Front and new. As the camera moves, it is revealed that Go Won is creating a bracelet, with both singing along. By the time Go Won has completed the bracelet, Chuu has fallen asleep, with Go Won now putting the bracelet on the same cat that is seen in HyunJin's section of the Cinema Theory teaser.

The video ends with the beginning of Around You, as HyunJin opens the door to find the bracelet left on her doorstep.