We can see New Moon as setting the stage for the next phase of LOONA.

Go Won & HyunJin[]

As in the Why Not? music video, Go Won is floating above planet earth, dressed in a white dress. She is looking down towards earth. Although she is in space, a vacuum, we see wind in her dress and hair. We know that since the curvature of the earth is visible, she as least 35,000 feet above sea level. She could be floating in the mesosphere (an outer layer of earth's atmosphere), but winds there are 60–70 metres per second (135–155 miles per hour) which is much faster than what we see in the teaser.[1] This means the wind we see is most likely not caused by nature but instead she is creating this wind on her own accord.

The teaser cuts to HyunJin, looking up at the sky. HyunJin looks down as a butterfly passes by, Go Won's individual animal. We know from past teasers and music videos that a member's animal present is a sign, a message. The teaser then cuts to Go Won with a hurricane forming beneath her. We can see her floating over the eye of the hurricane as she descends. The scene ends with a butterfly burning.

Yves & ViVi[]

Yves is surrounded by cars in a parking lot with all of their doors open emitting light. We see a flash of an apple dropping and roller skates. ViVi stands in a similar lot as Yves, except apples are floating around her. As she looks behind her the scene suddenly switches to her with brown hair and a cityscape behind her.

Olivia Hye & HeeJin[]

We see a flash of an ocean and of a fire and Olivia's silhouette flickering to HeeJin's. We see hands hugging someone with a red backdrop, similar to the Egoist music video.


Chuu is standing on a car as we saw in the Why Not? music video. She faces away from the camera, looking at the enlarged sun and what looks like a meteor falling from the sky. There's imagery of a spaceship heading to earth with a green haze and what looks to be the tundra of Iceland. We see Chuu once more before HaSeul appears with a moon crossing her face.

Future Predictions[]

The teaser was released on a full moon