MV 이달의 소녀 김립 (LOONA Kim Lip) "Eclipse"


Official Description[]

While HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, and ViVi have released their solo singles each month to build up the true form as LOOΠΔ, 'Love & Live' and 'Love & Evil' were the first real steps towards the 'Loonaverse', the alternate universe LOOΠΔ lives in. It isn't just a series of releases every month to make a group in a year, but it is a story told by music introduced to the world, one after another, to expand the Loonaverse.

As previously announced, the girl of May has arrived. Kim Lip is a 19 year old girl who starts to draw a new circle, different from the one drawn by the previous members.

While we traveled around the world going to places such as France, Japan, Iceland, England, Taiwan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Busan to witness the LOOΠΔ episodes according to locations, the new circle will evolve around three different colors. Kim Lip, representing the color red, will gather two other girls to add to the palette of the circle.

As Kim Lip changes up the way the circle is drawn, the style of music they bring to the game moves forward as well. The title track, 'Eclipse' is an urban R&B track produced by Daniel Obi Klein, the producer of E-Sens' critically acclaimed album 'The Anecdote'. While LOOΠΔ 1/3 has asked questions about love, the sweetness, the pain, the joy, the worries, and hidden emotions, Kim Lip tells without any hesitation that "love just happens like it's destined to," in the lyrics.

"Even the moonlight feels like you," she says in the supporting track 'Twilight', singing through a sleepless night towards the moon. Cha Cha Malone, the producer of AOMG wrote the song for Kim Lip, adding a deeper tint to Kim Lip's color red.

Kim Lip is a fresh start for LOOΠΔ's expansion of their universe. A new unit will be formed along with the girl of June and the girl of July to present a whole new color, different from LOOΠΔ 1/3. The new unit and LOOΠΔ 1/3 will co-exist and unify in Loonaverse, and when other members scattered around the world unite to create a bigger circle as a whole, the construction of the moon LOOΠΔ has been dreaming about will be complete.

Can JinSoul, rescued from a basement in Hong Kong by the wishes of the fans, meet with the rest of the LOOΠΔ? Will YeoJin find her way towards the other members without wandering off somewhere else? Who will Kim Lip meet to complete her circle of colors?

With the introduction of Kim Lip, LOOΠΔ eclipses.[1]

Main Theory[]

Side Theory: The Lyrics[]

Here Kim Lip tells us that her dream is to unite with her ODD EYE CIRCLE members and she will lead and the others will follow. She then says "eyed that you did not know, I think it's driving me" this is directly talking about the awakening of the members' odd eyes and how its pulling them towards each other almost like they've been hit by cupid's arrow (more of the topic is discussed in Sweet Crazy Love).

Kim Lip can hear her other members' breathing, but still can't find them. This shows us how physically close they are to each other and how strong the odd eyes are. If only they'd turn around and be able to see each other, but something is standing in their way. She also mentions "endlessly spreading". This could be in reference to other members waking in the LOONAVERSE and beginning to spread their individual colors. But Kim Lip is wise. She knows that the LOONAVERSE is filled with dark colors as well as light. The evil is beginning to spread, just like how an eclipse blocks out the sun, creating darkness.

She mentions shadows, where the members meet. Its interesting that JinSoul, the next member to be revealed has been tainted by Olivia Hye and has been trapped in a dark basement until she was rescued by ViVi. Kim Lip continues talking about how it's fate for the members to meet, with it being like an eclipse, a rare occurrence that needs perfect conditions in order to happen.

Here Kim Lip describes colors. The ODD EYE CIRCLE are crucial to the LOONAVERSE, as they are the primary colors that will create more new colors to add to the universe. Kim Lip is excited to mix colors to create new members and help the LOONAVERSE thrive. But here she mentions something interesting. "I'm under the light alone without anyone knowing." This is extremely important information Kim Lip has given us. As we've seen in ViViD, Heart Attack, and One&Only, sitting under a light signifies enlightenment and knowledge of the LOONAVERSE. Somehow she has become enlightened but no one else knows. This would explain why she was aware of the darkness in the LOONAVERSE and her destiny to create ODD EYE CIRCLE.