The analysis of the LOONAVERSE is possible with the interpretation of music videos, teasers and other videos released in events such as LOONA Cinema Theory: Up & Line.

Music Videos[]

Almost all of LOONA's pre-debut music videos have some importance to the lore of the LOONAVERSE . Since everything is up to interpretation, each music video will be broken down by the most popular orbit theories, and we will attempt to summarize complex and vast theories into a single article, while also adding other information to help contextualize and stitch together a concise theory that most Orbits and theorists can agree on. Furthermore, the website LOONArium allows Orbits to add annotations to teasers and music videos.

Due to many of the theories overlapping, a "main theory" will be compiled of the most popular theories, with credits given creating a sufficient and cohesive plot of the LOONAVERSE. There will also be other smaller theories that will be mentioned as well below the main theory, such as easter eggs and so forth. But again, we are just summarizing and highly recommend checking out any of the theorists mentioned, as their content goes more in-depth into the LOONAVERSE than this article.

Pre-LOONA 1/3 era[]

LOONA 1/3 era[]


YYXY era[]

LOONA OT12 era[]

Cinema Theory[]