Kim Yeon Seo (김연서), also known as Emily Kim, is a South Korean songwriter and vocal director.

She's affiliated to EKKO Music Rights, which describe her toplining as "melodious" and "emotional".

She graduated from Seoul Institute of the Arts, the same school that frequent collaborator and fellow EKKO producer MinGtion graduated from.

Her frequent collaborators and co-producers usually come from EKKO.

She is/was a vocal trainer under the YG Entertainment’s sublabel YGX Entertainment.

She did vocal directing for many Korean artists such as TWICE, TAEYEON (태연), ITZY, TAEMIN (태민), U-KNOW YUNHO (유노윤호), Park Jimin (박지민), APINK, Day6, Baek Ayeon (백아연).

Contribution to LOONA's discography[]

Songs Lyrics Composers Arrangers Album Year Members
Day & Night Kim Yeon Seo Coach & Sendo
Kim Yeon Seo
Coach & Sendo [#] 2020 LOONA
Ding Ding Dong
Kim Yeon Seo minGtion
Kim Yeon Seo
[#] 2020 LOONA
Fall Again
Kim Yeon Seo
JINBYJIN [12:00] 2020 LOONA
OOPS! Kim Yeon Seo Phat Fabe
Harry Sommerdahl
Kim Yeon Seo
Matilda Frommegård
Bangers & Ca$h [12:00] 2020 LOONA
Year Song Composer Arranger Lyrics Other
2020 Ding Ding Dong
"Day & Night" ?
Fall Again

Notable works for other artists[]

Notable works for other artists - Lyrics and/or Compositions[]

SM Entertainment Artists

  • Lyrics & Compositions unless stated otherwise
Artist Year Song Album Notes
BoA (보아) 2020 Gravity BETTER +Arranger
EXO BAEKHYUN (백현) 2020 Underwater Delight
EXO KAI (카이) 2020 Ride or Die KAI (开) Lyrics
Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI
2020 Diamond Monster
Uncover (Sung by SEULGI)
Red Velvet WENDY 2021 Best Friend (with SEULGI) Like Water
SHINee TAEMIN (태민) 2020 I Think It's Love (사랑인 것 같아) Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2
TVXQ U-KNOW (유노윤호) 2019 Swing (feat. BoA) True Colors
JYP Ent. artists (current and former)
  • 2PM - Moon & Back
  • Baek Ayeon (백아연) - Starlight
  • DAY6 - Like A Flowing Wind (마치 흘러가는 바람처럼)
  • Park Jimin (JAMIE) - April Fools (0401)
  • Park Jimin (JAMIE) - Count You Out (하나 빼기 둘)
  • Park Jimin (JAMIE) - Numbers (ft. CHANGMO (창모))
  • Youngjae (영재) - "Forever Love"

Other male artists

  • BABYLON (베이빌론) - "One more night"
  • dress - "Ordinary Christmas (feat. CHEEZE, BrotherSu)"
  • Dvwn (다운) - "HOME"
Other female artists
  • AILEE (에일리) - "Want it"
  • APINK (에이핑크) - "Be Myself"
  • APINK (에이핑크) - "Love is Blind"
  • APINK Jung Eunji - "AWay"
  • APINK Oh Hayoung - "Do You Miss Me?"
  • BVNDIT (밴디트) - "Come and Get It"
  • Byul (별) - "LEAVES"
  • Byul (별) - "THANK YOU"
  • Byul (별) - "YOU AND I"
  • CLC - "Like it"
  • FAVORITE (페이버릿) - "Fancy"
  • GFRIEND (여자친구) - "Dream Catcher"
  • GFRIEND (여자친구) - "Labyrinth"
  • GFRIEND (여자친구) - "Tarot Cards"
  • GWSN - "Wonderboy, the Aerialist" (공중곡예사)
  • Jea (제아) - "My world"
  • Lim Yeon (임연) - "My Hero"
  • MOMOLAND (모모랜드) - I Need You and I Want You (원하고 바래요)
  • WEKI MEKI - "Tiki-Taka (99%)"
  • WJSN (우주소녀) - "12 o’ clock"

Notable works for other artists - Lyrics[]

  • ASTRO - "After Midnight"