Insane Quiz Show Season 2 (이 세상 퀴즈다 ), also abbreviated as "이세퀴" and "IQS S2" is a South Korean web variety show hosted by BTOB's Illhoon, ASTRO's MJ & LOONA's Chuu.

From July, 29 2019 to September, 14 2019, the prerecorded episodes were broadcasted live on the YouTube channel Jamfully, at 8 PM every Saturday night. The streamed episodes were later archived as VODs and usually English subbed quickly.


The 3 hosts welcome 2 guests (usually idols) in the "IQS House" and challenge them to various games, for 2 episodes. Illhoon (who was already the MC in season 1) is the "landlord" of the IQS House, while MJ and Chuu are "tenants".

The mascot of the show is "E-bird", a blue bird. Its face spells "이세퀴" ("E-Se-Ki") - it has an "E" as an eye, a triangle as a mouth (semo=triangle) and a ㅋ as the other eye (kieuk=ㅋ).


  • Big Jengame (big jenga game)
  • ...


Episode List[]

After Show game (subbed)[]


Trivia / Details[]

Date Title Guests
190622 Teaser#1 "[Urgent] New tenant recruitment for IQS house" None
190626 Teaser#2 "A house where idols swarm in, what's going on?" WEKIMEKI Doyeon & Elly
190629 Episode 01 "Today's Idols" Dance Cover - dancing popular moves from the 2000s"
190706 Episode 02 "IQS reveals idols dance skills"
190713 Episode 03 "Stray kids reacted to this stranger idol senior?" STRAY KIDS Jisung & Hyunjin
190720 Episode 04 "BTS-Velvet gave a hard time to Stray Kids... How come?"
190727 Episode 05 "We are no pushovers", DAY6 in an entertainment show" DAY6 Dowoon & Wonpil
190803 Episode 06 "Mixing the most difficult dance routines of JYP idol groups"
190810 Episode 07 "WJSN out of control after dissed (?) by a junior idol" WJSN Exy & Luda
190817 Episode 08 "What happens when you mix dance routines of BTS and Seventeen?!"
190824 Episode 09 "BTOB vs Apink / What happens when veteran idol groups have a staring match" Apink Chorong & Hayoung
190831 Episode 10 "The legendary show idols want to avoid more than Idol Star Athletics Championships!"
190904 Special Episode "Bae Yoonjung, the all-time runaway competition that has made you nuclear-armed [MMTG X IQS]" Bae Yoonjung, MMTG's Jaejae & Yani
190906 Episode 11 - Promo with JinSoul & Chuu JinSoul, Chuu
190907 Episode 11 "Legendary choreographer Bae Yoonjung is here to evaluate idols!" JinSoul, ASTRO Sanha, Bae Yoonjung
190914 Episode 12 "Idol stars dance legendary dances choreographed by Bae Yoonjung"
190918 Insane Quiz Show S2 - Behind-The-Scenes Compilation Various
  • 190904 - Special Episode - Bae Yoonjung (as special MC), MMTG's Jaejae (재재) & Yani (야니)
    • "Bae Yoonjung, the all-time runaway competition that has made you nuclear-armed [MMTG X IQS]"
      • Crossover episode between IQS2 and another YouTube channel, 문명 특급 (MMTG / Civilization Express). Illhoon was not present while famous choreographer Bae Yoonjung acted as special MC and judge of the dance game.