HyunJin (Hangul: 현진)[1] is the second revealed member of LOONA and a member of its first sub-unit, LOONA 1/3.

She was born as Kim Hyun-Jin (Hangul: 김현진) on November 15, 2000 in Sillim, Seoul Metropolitan City, Gwanak District, South Korea.

She debuted on October 28, 2016 as a member of LOONA and subsequently released her solo single album HyunJin on November 17, 2016.


Early life (2000–2016)Edit

HyunJin was born in Seoul, South Korea, as the youngest and only daughter of three siblings. Her brothers are ten and eleven years older than her.[2] One of her brothers was in a band called “Bi-o-ne,” and the other is an actor.[3]

HyunJin attended Baeksa Elementary School and Baeksa Middle School in Incheon. She transferred to Shinnam Middle School and later Hansung Girls’ Middle School, both in Seoul. In seventh grade, HyunJin was ranked first in her school in Korean language.[4] She was an athletic student, participating in her school’s soccer, table tennis, basketball, tennis, and badminton clubs.[5] HyunJin also claims to have been so well-known for her looks that by eighth grade, both male and female classmates “would go stand in the halls to see [her].”[6]

In 2013, when she was thirteen years old, HyunJin appeared on the 40th episode of Three Idiots. She was introduced as a natural beauty, and demonstrated her talent in skipping rope.[7]

2016: Reveal, solo debutEdit

HyunJin was scouted by Polaris Entertainment after her appearance on Three Idiots and became a trainee in 2013. She later transferred to BlockBerry Creative to take part in the LOONA Project, most likely in early 2016, and was eventually chosen as the second member of LOONA. HyunJin accompanied HeeJin during the latter’s trip to Paris for filming.[8]

On October 23, 2016, the first “Who’s Next Girl?” teaser was posted, and HyunJin was fully revealed as the next member of LOONA on October 28. She released her solo single album HyunJin on November 17, 2016 and debuted as a member of LOONA.

2017: MIXNINE, LOONA 1/3Edit

In October 2017, HyunJin, along with fellow LOONA members HeeJin and HaSeul, auditioned for the survival reality show MIXNINE. After passing the audition, she became a contestant as a representative of her agency and idol group.[9] HyunJin made it until the final episode, but was eliminated and did not make it into the final lineup.[10]

She was revealed to be a member of LOONA’s first sub-unit, LOONA 1/3, on February 14, 2017.

2018: Debut in LOONA Edit

On August 20, HyunJin officially debuted as a member of the completed group LOONA. They released the mini-album [+ +], along with title track “Hi High”.

2019: School graduationEdit

On January 7, 2019, HyunJin graduated from Hansung Girls’ High School alongside HeeJin.


  • Stage Name: HyunJin (현진)
    • Japanese: ヒョンジン (Hyonjin)
  • Birth Name: Kim Hyun-Jin (김현진; 金賢晉)[11]
  • Name Meaning(s):
    • 金 (김/Kim): “gold, metal”[12]
    • 賢 (현/Hyun): “virtuous”[13]
    • 晉 (진/Jin): “advance, increase”[14]
    • It’s unclear exactly what the last character in HyunJin’s name actually is, as the character she wrote in a note to a fan is illegible. Possibilities include 晉 and 眞 (“truth”).
  • Nickname(s): Aeong-i (애옹이, Meow), Bread Jinni (빵진이), HyunJin-Bot (현진봇), Peekaboo (깍꿍이, Kkakkoongi), Meow-Jin (현냥이, Hyun-nyang-i), Maine Coon
  • Birth date: November 15, 2000 (age 19)
  • Astrological sun sign: Scorpio
  • Chinese zodiac sign: Dragon
  • Blood type: AB
  • MBTI: ESTJ[citation needed]
  • Birth place: Sillim, Seoul Metropolitan City, Gwanak District, South Korea
  • Current residence: LOONA Dormitory, Seoul, South Korea
  • Family: Parents; two older brothers
  • Body statistics: 163 cm (height), 240mm (US 7, EU 38) (shoe size)[15]
  • Education: Baeksa Elementary School, Baeksa Middle School (transfer), Shinnam Middle School (transfer), Hansung Girls’ Junior High School (graduated), Hansung Girls’ High School (graduated)
  • Languages: Korean (fluent)
  • Position: Undetermined
    • LOONA 1/3: Lead dancer, vocal
    • LOONA: Dancer, sub-vocal, rapper
  • Instruments: Piano,[16] Guitar
  • Hobbies: Exercising, creating choreography
  • Likes: Bread, Russian blue cats, gaming, earrings, sports, pillows
  • Dislikes: People touching her bed, eggplants, the sound of motorcycles
  • Personality: 4D, confident, outgoing, competitive, sassy


Single AlbumsEdit



TV AppearancesEdit

Year Name Channel Role
2013 Three Idiots (세 얼간이) tvN Herself
2017–2018 MIXNINE jTBC Herself (Contestant)

Web DramaEdit

Year Name Channel/Platform Role
2017 Do You Remember the First Time We Met?

Season 1

YouTube Kim HyunJin (Main)
Do You Remember the First Time We Met?

Season 2

Music Video AppearancesEdit

Year Name Artist Role
2017 Better Than MeSojung Main
Everyday I Love You (feat. HaSeul)ViVi Minor
Girl FrontODD EYE CIRCLE Cameo


  • HyunJin really likes bread, to the point of being called a bread-holic.
    • In one case, she said she liked bread more than high-quality sushi provided by the CEO of BlockBerry Creative (BBC).
  • She desires to be in an earring commercial.
  • Her role model is Gong Hyo-Jin.
  • Her nickname HyunJin-Bot stems from her robot like movements during the filming for the "Around You (다녀가요)" MV.
  • She's the fifth youngest in LOONA.
  • She's the maknae in LOONA 1/3.
  • One of HyunJin's special talents is barking like a dog.
  • In the group, she's represented by a cat and the color yellow.
  • She was the second member to be revealed on November 2016.
  • She released her solo single album "HyunJin" on November 17, 2016.[17]
  • She trained for three years before the release of her debut single album "HyunJin".
  • She participated in the reality show MIXNINE. Her final ranking is unknown but she did make it to the final 18 female contestants.
  • She recited the poem ‘The background colour is getting prettier’ by Kim Hak Joong for weekly poem 1.
  • Her favorite song is Singing in the Rain.[18]
  • She is closest to JinSoul.
  • Her brothers and her have a big age difference (11 and 10 years)[19]
  • Her second oldest brother, Jinsu, is very fun and jokes around well with her, so with him she can just call him by his name without any honorifics ("oppa") but she can't do that with the first oldest brother (she finds him a bit too scary for that).[19]
  • Her oldest brother had a dog named "500 Won" (the Won is Korea's currency; 500 Won is about 40 cts)[19]
  • One of her brothers has a pet hedgehog. He's had it for 5 years (191105 VLIVE).[19]
  • Her second oldest brother is currently (191105 VLIVE) raising a puppy he named Charles.[19]
  • In third grade, she raised a puppy for about 2 years. It was mutt/mixed breed dog and looked a bit like a Jindo dogs. Her uncle brought it home and she named it "Dia", hoping it would have a very bright life and shine bright like a diamond.[19]
  • When she watches videos about lizards, she finds them cute but wouldn't want to actually raise one as a pet. She's a bit scared of reptiles.[19]
  • She thinks it would be neat to have a pet elephant or monkey.
  • Airpods name: "ong-ae Kim" (from her nickname "Aeong" and her family name)[20]
  • MBTI: ESTJ ; people were surprised that she has the same MBTI as Kim Lip.[21]
  • She goes to PC Cafes to play video games. She doesn't play the same video games as Olivia Hye.[22]
  • She plays Tale Runner and uses the female character.[22]
  • Exercise she's the most confident: squats[22]
  • She apparently has more bread photos than selfies. If she were to open a social media account, she would spam with bread photos and character photos.[22]
  • She's not good with horror movies.[22]
  • Her audition song: CN Blue - Love Light [23][24]
  • Interjections she keeps repeating: "Oh mygat kimchi"[25]
  • Apart from the nicknames from fans and members, new nicknames she'd like to give to herself: she wants to be called a baby[25]
  • Yves comparing HyunJin to a drink: "You know when you go to buffets, they offer you free refills on soft drinks. So then you can get a big glass and mix up Coke, Fanta, Sprite, all in one. She's like that, a really fizzy drink. It's because she's unique."[25]
  • According to the other members:
    • Other members description of HyunJin's personality; "Unique", "Like from another world", "Nobody knows", "Can't tell", "She gets excited when we are not" [25]
    • Things she excel in : physical power, long arms, "She's really fast as she's our action-taker", she's fast in doing everything (she eats and moves fast) [25]
    • What does people love about HyunJin: "Her big eyes", "Her goofiness", "Her pretty face", "Long arms", "Her voice"[25]
  • According to herself:[26][27]
    • Hashtag (that describes her): #Yellow #Aeong
    • Team Position: Prankster, aeongie
    • Charming Point: Big hands, big eyes, misty voice
    • Long-term Goals: Bakery owner, cafe owner, BlockBerry Creative CEO
    • Personality: good funny, active
    • Strength: "I have good physical stamina"
    • Weakness: "I often don't talk"
    • Habits: flicking her tongue
    • Motto: "Let's live deliciously"
    • Hobbies: listening to music, watching YouTube
    • She can surpass YeoJin in: stamina, eye size, impressions, hand size
    • She wants HeeJin's ability in: putting on sunscreen (consistently)
    • Lately she's intered in: dancing & singing (R&B soul, groove), games, YouTube, movies, Americano
    • If she were to describe herself with hashtags: #Wanna #Enjoy #Sentimentality #Alone #LeaveMeBe
  • Food preferences:[22][25]
    • Pizza bread vs. cream bread: cream bread
    • Favorite bread: condensed milk bread
    • She loves iced americano, even in the winter.
    • Cola vs lemon-lime: HyunJin: "Cola!!! But sometimes when I want both I mix them (Cola and lemon-lime). Because I want them together"
    • She loves eating snacks on her bed.
    • She's not good with spicy food.
    • She can't eat: rice noodles, gopchang, maratang, lamb meat.
  • HyunJin's first impression of HeeJin: "I saw Heejin when she entered the company. She looked kind of like a puppy, so I thought she was really cute. So when I first saw her, I thought, 'she's so cute-looking! I want to be friends with her.' [...] The nickname... 'Hey puppy~' is how I called her at first."[28]
  • HyunJin's first and current impression of the other members: [27]

First impression

Current impression

HeeJin puppy retriever
YeoJin baby myself in the past
ViVi foreigner mom
Kim Lip unnie chocolate
JinSoul gangster cute unnie
Choerry innocent scary dongsaeng
Yves pure comedian
Chuu bright vitamin
Go Won baby voice 7979 [=friend]
Olivia Hye shy Professor Kim
  • The other members' first and current impression of HyunJin (as of March 2020): [27]

Her first impression of HyunJin

Current impression

HeeJin pretty cheeky
YeoJin ressembles a lot of people a strange and fascinating unnie
ViVi happy ghost a quick OhMyGodHyunjin
Kim Lip kid who's kind kid i can't figure out
JinSoul cold girl amazingly funny
Choerry a ball of sass 8D (8 dimension) unnie with a strange/unique charm
Yves so pretty cute
Chuu girl who's like 4-D! (4-D means random) More of a pure lamb than I thought!
Go Won pure and simple action leader
Olivia Hye She never talks She only says what she wants to say

HyunJin's songs recommendation / songs she'd like to cover / she's listened to:[29][30][31][23][24][32][33] Edit

Her explanations Edit

  • Song recommendations:
    • For Chinese New Year (2019):
      • Song Ji-eun - Twenty-Five (예쁜나이 25살)[34]
        • Hyunjin: "I'm not 25 yet, but I did want to recommend this song for myself as I turn 20. I think all of the twenties is such a pretty age, not just 25, and I want to recommend it for others who are turning 20 as well. [N.B. the Korean title is "Twenty-Five, a Pretty Age"]
    • When you're being nagged:
      • IU - Nagging[35]
        • Hyunjin: "There's a line that says 'From one to ten all the words are for your own good', and I really identify with that so I recommend this song."
    • HyunJin & HaSeul - Naver NOW radio broadcast  “Because I wanted you to listen to this”[30]
      • Jeremih - Oui.
        • HyunJin: "Everyone, you can relieve stress by dancing. I recommend this: when you're at home alone at night, turn off all the lights and dance to this song."
      • BeWhy - Day Day.
        • HyunJin: "I listen to this song a lot at the gym. When I hear it while doing cardio or running, this song makes me want to run more. Everyone, if you listen to this, you too can exercise longer."

See alsoEdit

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