Hi High is the second and title track from the mini-album + + by LOONA. It was released on August 20, 2018.


The titled track ‘Hi High’ is a song in the genre of Hi Energy, emitting positive energy that the gathering of the twelve members create. The desire to play hard-to-get is portrayed in the lyrics through the characters of each member. HeeJin says, “I don’t want to pass my love on to you so easily,” while HyunJin says, “because I’m that pretty girl,” and Choerry says, “I’m not playing hard-to-get but boys will be boys, watch out, watch out,” telling what is on their minds candidly. The high BPM like a high-speed sprint along with melodies pouring down, and splendid track arrangements forces the listeners to hold their breath and focus on the music.

The official music video of ‘Hi High’, directed by the visual director Digipedi, narrates how LOOΠΔ 1/3 meets ODD EYE CIRCLE, and how these girls unite with yyxy to soar to the sky, with countless visual symbolisms hidden in the scenes.


 HeeJin   HyunJin   HaSeul   YeoJin   ViVi   Kim Lip   JinSoul   Choerry   Yves   Chuu   Go Won   Olivia Hye 


  • The audio for "Hi High" was used for Orbit reveal video.
  • "Hi High" quickly became LOONA's most viewed music, beating out "Singing in the Rain".
  • On August 27, "Hi High" became LOONA's first music video to reach 10,000,000 views on YouTube.

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  • Vocals Directed by: GDLO
  • Background Vocals by: Choi Young Gyung
  • Synthesizer Performed by: GDLO, Hwang Hyun
  • Digital Editing by: GDLO, Hwang Hyun
  • Recorded by: GDLO @MonoTree Studio
  • Mixed by: Joey Maclaren @Relic Studio