HeeJin (Hangul : 희진; Japanese : ヒジン, Hijin) is the first member of the girl group LOONA.

She is the sixth youngest in LOONA, and the third youngest in LOONA 1/3. Revealed on September 26, 2016, she is also the only member to not have a "Who's the Next Girl?" teaser because she is the first member to be revealed. Her solo single album "HeeJin" was released on October 5, 2016.

In the group, she's represented by a rabbit and the color vivid pink. In LOONA 1/3, she is associated with the location “Paris, France”.


  • Her nickname Heekki (희끼) is a portmanteau of her name and the word for rabbit (토끼).[14] She originally gave this name to the rabbit she met on set while filming her first MV.[15]
  • It was later evolved to Muscular Bunny.
  • Another nickname: "Jeon Hwi Hyeol"
    • There’s a popular and apparently a bit cringy web-novel called < 세계 서열 0위 포커페이스 반휘혈 > and the main character’s name is 반휘혈 (Ban Hwi Hyeol) who’s the best fighter and coolest kid in his high school.
  • Jeon Soo Jin (全素振), since she has adopted a partially vegan diet.
    • In Hanja, Jeon can mean 田 (field) or 全 (all/fully), and both are common Korean surnames. The Hanja for "Vegan" is 全素.
  • Vemimem (Vegan Crazy Member).


  • HeeJin's eyebrows are naturally a pale gray color.
  • She was voted as the best visual in MIXNINE.
  • Lots of people first thought she wasn't fully Korean (visually speaking).
  • When they first joined Yves and Go Won were pranked and were told by the staff that HeeJin's grand mother was Russian. Yves believed that lie for a week, because she thought Heejin's nose was attractive and not typically Korean.
  • According to JinSoul, she also has fair skin.
  • She thinks her charming points are her Danmuji-like eyebrows (thick eyebrows) and her penguin-like lips.[16]
  • She can play the guitar and piano.
  • She's well known for her muscular arms. Despite this, she is the second-worst in the group in arm wrestling.


  • HeeJin's role models are Lucia (Shim Kyusun)[1] and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon.[17]
  • Her best LOONA friend is HyunJin.[18]
    • Before debuting, they trained with Choi Yena (former IZ*ONE member).
    • They became friends with ITZY's RyuJin during MIXNINE.
  • In turn, Chuu's best friend in terms of common interests in HeeJin.
  • Age difference between her sisters and her: 5 years and 3 years.[19] She's pretty casual with both sisters and doesn't have to use honorifics ("unnie") with them.
  • Her family is currently (November 2020) raising 3 dogs: Nori, Tori and Bori. Bori is a puppy.[19]
    • She got Nori when she was 12 years old. She was getting ready for school one morning and suddenly she saw a puppy in her house. He was already really friendly. Her family got Tori when she was living in Seoul so she couldn't spend much time with Tori when it was a baby and felt disappointed about that.
  • At one point, when she was about 9 years old, her family were raising 7 dogs (probably puppies) at the same time: Momi, Mingki, Jjinga, Ming-ie, Honga, Taengi, Toto.[19]
  • HeeJin is actually allergic to dogs but she loves her dogs so much she just takes allergy meds.[19]
  • Chuu considers her one of the closest friends and idol because she was already mesmerized by her looks when she saw her solo poster before Chuu made her debut.

Members impression[]

HeeJin's first and current impression of the other members:

First impression

Current impression

HyunJin pretty cheeky
YeoJin elementary schooler..? elementary schooler..
ViVi "wow so skinny" bulk-up pro dieter
Kim Lip pale sweet-rice cake granny
JinSoul fly unnie loner
Choerry "what was that kid's name again?" 7 years old
Yves elegant unnie Ha Swag unnie
Chuu "what is this person" baby nose
Go Won want to take care of her unexpectedly a gag character
Olivia Hye someone who's reserved someone who pretend to be reserved
The other members' first and current impression of HeeJin (as of March 2020):

Her first impression of HeeJin

Current impression

HyunJin puppy retriever
YeoJin not bad still same
ViVi rich with hair passionate bunny
Kim Lip not that good whiner..
JinSoul kind girl who I met first among the members beat-making kid
Choerry not very close with me fun unnie who's simultaneously cute and a dummy
Yves only seen her on TV before rival in being passionate
Chuu cold city girl super-jeolmi my-friend
Go Won cold clumsy
Olivia Hye a loser a passion-man who fumbles about

Pre-debut life[]

  • She lived in Brazil for a month as a child.[9] Her extended relatives still live in Brazil, but she is a full Korean from Nonsan.
  • In the audition, she sang Lyn’s ‘Ring Tone’ and got accepted.[20]
  • She passed her audition for BlockBerryCreative with a cover of "쩔어 (Dope)" by BTS.[21]
  • HeeJin revealed that as a trainee, she lived in the countryside and had initial difficulties attending training because she lived over 4 hours away from Seoul, didn't have enough training time and struggled financially with affording transportation.[20]
  • HeeJin also lived in Incheon. She reminded JinSoul of that fact when the group filmed the group dancing scenes for Hi High.


  • HeeJin can twist her tongue from side to side.
  • She's really bad at multitasking.[22] When she does something, she can't really pay attention to what other people say well.
  • According to Olivia Hye, she can't multitask.
  • According to Kim Lip, she can use a longboard well.
  • She can't really cook.
    • According to her:[16]
      • Team Position: Clumsy-hands, the organized one, cure-all hands
      • "clumsy hands" might be because she's a bad cook.
  • The thing she thinks she does the best in LOONA: charisma on stage.
  • She's good at drawing, and was already able to draw a self portrait when she was still in elementary school.
  • She's not afraid of going to buffets alone.[19]
  • One of her biggest fitness routine is to plank to train her muscular endurance. As of LOONA LOG #10, she could go for over 5 minutes in one go. As of Frequency of the Moon #26, she has reached over 7 minutes. By 2021, she has reached over 9 minutes.
  • However, an "undesired" effect of planking for her was that her arms also become more muscular.
  • According to Yves, if she was to be in variety shows, she'd become a judge/mentor in survival shows, given her experience in MIXNINE.
  • In a contest held by Naver on Hangul Day,[23] her handwriting was selected to be made into the font "Lunar Orbit". She participated because Orbits miss her letters.[24]
  • Her calligraphy was featured in Idol House Ep.12
  • She draws her own chordbook instead of buying one. Most of her songs are by Eliaine Baek Yerin


  • Her goal is for LOOΠΔ to become the best girl group in Korea, and to become a singer that others can look up to.[25][14]
  • Long-term Goals: "DOMINATING THE UNIVERSE (+ Kodoku no Gourmet)"[16]
  • Learn to play a bass guitar, but the one she wants sold out for the 4th time, but finally bought it by the time her belated Birthday VLive was broadcast on October 22, 2021. It was a spinoff episode of Frequency of The Moon.


  • She was gifted pink airpods so she named them "Pink-Pong".[26]
    • Big fansite "Liptight" is probably the one gifting these pink airpods[27][28]


  • According to the other members, she sometimes sleeps with her eyes and mouth open. She always sleeps late.[22]
  • Fact In Star - Heejin TMI:[29]
    • The LOONA solo she wants the most is: Egoist. She really want to do a strong performance, especially the backroll.
    • To practice her expressions, she: used bathroom mirrors before and after washing.
    • Last book she read: "Love like you've never been hurt before" (by poet Ryu Shiva). She first read it in middle school but didn't really understand it at the time. Reading it again recently, she thinks it helps in many ways in her life, so she recommends it
    • She clears stress by: eating spicy food. She can't handle spiciness that well, but to challenge herself, she eats spicy food with the members.
  • Even before Chuu filmed Chuu Can Do It, HeeJin has already replaced some meals with vegan alternatives.[30]
  • HeeJin, HyunJin, Kim Lip and ViVi are diligent cleaners, but according to Olivia Hye, HeeJin is almost at an OCD level, just like Kim Lip.
  • As of Frequency of the Moon #26, she had a YouTube Premium subscription, so she missed out on watching her own ads.
  • In Frequency of the Moon #38, she claimed that Olivia Hye and Chuu don't dream a lot because they are deep sleepers. This is actually incorrect. Dreams tend to occur during REM sleep, the deepest level of sleep.
  • She is a huge fan of Ariana Grande, to the point that she even carries a small portion of R.E.M. Perfume in her bag.[31]
  • Despite being ENTJ, she is friendly, affectionate, sentimental and emotionally expressive, suggesting she could be mistyped, but can speak assertively when needed.
  • Like many ENTJ's however, she is very self-motivated. Her mantra is: "Well begun is half done".
  • She has two guitars in her vocal room, after the company relocated.


  • HeeJin enjoys covering boy group choreography.[21]
  • Why is playing Sudoku her hobby? HeeJin: "When I was in elementary school, my relative's brother carried a Sudoku book. I opened the book and it was so fun. Finally, my relative bought me the same book. I have had a hobby since then."[32]
  • She likes solving sudoku and she got Go Won into sudoku.[33] She sometimes stays up all night solving sudoku, sometimes with Go Won next to her, also solving sudoku.
  • She's watched/read Naruto.
  • She prefers baking over cooking.
  • She likes mint chocolate (ice cream flavor).
  • She's a foodie/gourmet despite the fact she's bad at cooking. She prefers quality of food over quantity. She also has an acquired taste.
    • She doesn't like ketchup in fries or potato chips, only liking the sauce as is.
    • She likes greasy foods, but very crunchy cereal.
    • She likes iced tea with an espresso shot.[34]
    • She like Korean-style sweet-and-sour pork, since it is lighter than the original Chinese version.
  • Her treasures: her Stitch doll/plushie (from Lilo & Stitch), Hyunjin[35]
  • She carries around her Stich plushie almost everywhere.
  • She also has a Stitch pencil case[36], a Stitch neck pillow, and a Stich airpod case.[37]
  • Favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream flavor: Chocolate Forest, Dark Choco Knight, Caramel Praline Cheesecake, Almond Chocolate "Bon Bon" [38][39][40][41]
  • Cereal before milk.[42]
  • Cereal in general
  • She tends to sleep with her mouth and eyes open.
  • She has a fear of pigeons, but according to Behind the Scenes of Why Not? MV filming: She is completely unfazed by having fireworks almost being thrown at her.
  • Rattan Lighting with a Bluetooth lightbulb, she ordered one to decorate her vocal room.
    • Yet: She dislikes the long setup process as she isn't tech-savvy.
    • She also cannot read the manual in English well.
    • Khaki and Olive green colors



  • For Chuseok:[43]
    • LOONA - Hi High "This song has a bright and fast tempo, so if you knead songpyeon while listening to it you will be able to make them very quickly. "Hi High" on repeat!"
    • AKMU - 시간과 낙엽 (Time and Fallen Leaves) "I think this song represents the sensation of autumn well. Autumn is the season of Chuseok, so I think it'd be good to feel the autumn with this song as you make songpyeon".
  • For Chinese New Year:[54]
    • Kwon Jin-ah - 스물 (20). "I think there's a lot of pressure and burden at the thought of turning twenty and becoming an adult. But I want to recommend this song because I think it will comfort me and my friends as we overcome those things and run ahead boldly."
  • Profile Rewrite (August 2018)[16] - Orbit 1st anniversary
  • When You’re Being Nagged:[53]
    • J Rabbit - Happy Things. "Since it's a new year, I hope you will not get stressed even over the holidays and instead only think good thoughts and have good things happen to you!"


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