HeeJin (Hangul: 희진)[2] is the first revealed member of LOONA and a member of its first sub-unit, LOONA 1/3.

She was born as Jeon Hee-jin (Hangul: 전희진) on October 19, 2000 in Daejeon, South Korea.[3]

She debuted on September 26, 2016 as a member and subsequently released her solo single album HeeJin on October 5, 2016.


Early life (2000–2016)

HeeJin was born as Jeon Hee-jin on October 19, 2000 in Daejeon, South Korea. She is the youngest of three daughters in her family. She attended Incheon Hambak Elementary School and Saint Paul Girls’ Middle School in Chungnam, South Korea. At some point during her childhood, she lived for one month in Brazil.[4]

HeeJin first wanted to become a singer when she was in middle school. At one time, both her sisters had similar dreams, but those dreams were ultimately unrealized. HeeJin has stated that one of the reasons she became a singer was to make her sisters’ unfulfilled dreams come true, and has cited her sisters as being her biggest supporters.[5]

In pursuit of her goals, HeeJin traveled long distances in order to attend a dance academy. Her father began discouraging her dreams of becoming a singer after she was rejected at 20 different auditions. However, in 2015 she was cast through social media by BlockBerryCreative and became a trainee. HeeJin trained for one year before she was selected to be the first member of the agency’s upcoming girl group.[5]

2016: Reveal, solo debut, “I’ll Be There”, “The Carol”

On September 25, 2016, a video teaser titled “LOONA’s 1st Member ‘HeeJin’ SeoulTeaser” was released on YouTube featuring promotional posters of HeeJin on the streets of Seoul.

She released her solo single album HeeJin on October 5, 2016 and subsequently debuted as a member of the girl group LOONA.

On October 2, a video teaser titled “Paris” was released on YouTube to tease the acoustic mix of “ViViD”, featuring HeeJin while filming in Paris.

On November 10, HeeJin had a cameo in the alternate version of the music video for HyunJin’s “Around You”. She additionally released a song with HyunJin titled “I'll Be There,” which was included on HyunJin’s debut single.

On December 15, HeeJin released “The Carol” alongside HyunJin and HaSeul as a track on HaSeul’s debut single.

HeeJin is the only member to not have a “Who’s Next Girl?” teaser image; as she was the first member, such a teaser was unnecessary.

2017: “My Sunday”, commercial films, LOONA 1/3, “Singing in the Rain”, Woomanna, MIXNINE

On January 16, HeeJin and HyunJin released their second duet, “My Sunday”, as a part of member YeoJin’s debut single.

On February 14, HeeJin was revealed as a member of the sub-unit LOONA 1/3, and debuted with “Love & Live” on March 13.

HeeJin has had cameos and supporting roles in the highest number of solo music videos out of all members of LOONA. On April 17, HeeJin was included in member ViVi’s music video “Everyday I Love You”, alongside HyunJin, HaSeul, and YeoJin. On June 23, she was featured on a special version of JinSoul’s “Singing in the Rain” where she covered the rap portion of the song. On December 9, she appeared in HyunJin’s special music video “Around You - Woomanna Special Ver.” which featured scenes from the web drama Woomanna; HeeJin starred in first season and second seasons of Woomanna in main role.

In October, HeeJin, along with fellow LOONA members HyunJin and HaSeul, auditioned for the survival reality show MIXNINE. After passing the audition, she became a contestant as a representative of her agency and idol group.[6] HeeJin made it until the final episode, but was eliminated when the boys’ team won against the girls’.[7]

HeeJin starred in a number of commercial films in 2017, including for Innisfree on January 18, Law of Creation on May 16 (with LOONA 1/3), HANYUL on May 21, and HIGH CUT on September 4.

2018: AVAJAR, “Rosy”, LG QT/QT/ + TV, debut in LOONA

In March 2018, BlockBerry Creative announced HeeJin had signed an advertising model contract with Korean cosmetics brand AVAJAR. She advertised the company’s products along with Kyulkyung (formerly of PRISTIN) and Cheng Xiao of WJSN (Cosmic Girls). Shortly afterward, a commercial film featuring HeeJin along with HyunJin, Cheng Xiao, Kyulkyung, and members of Super Junior was released for the brand.[8]

On March 7, HeeJin appeared on one episode of Woomanna’s third season, reprising her role from seasons 1 and 2.

On March 30 she was featured on Olivia Hye and Go Won’s duet “Rosy”, where she covered the rap part of the song. She also was featured in the music video for Olivia Hye’s “Egoist”.

On July 13, HeeJin starred in a commercial film for LG’s LG Q7/Q7 + TV. This commercial became an inside joke between the LOONA members, making an appearance in LOONA Kick #89.

On August 18, HeeJin officially debuted as a member of the completed group LOONA as their unofficial center. She and her members released the mini-album [+ +], featuring the title track “Hi High”.

2019: High school graduation, HI MART

On January 1, 2019, HeeJin starred in a commercial film for HI MART.

On January 7, HeeJin graduated from Hansung Girls’ High School alongside HyunJin.

On February 24, HeeJin appeared as a contestant on King of Masked Singer as "Enter Lady" against contestant "Play Guy". While singing Sunmi's "Full Moon (보름달)" she revealed herself, and later expressed her emotions through LOONA's instagram.[9][10]

On September 4, HeeJin appeared in a clip for MBC's "2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships – Chuseok Special" as a pitcher along many other idols.[11][12]

2020: "Bad"

On April 18, HeeJin alongside Chuu and Yves appeared on JBTC's "Ask Us Anything".[13][14] A clip of them dancing to their title track "So What" also on YouTube. Later on April 26, HeeJin starred as the main role in BEN's music video 'Bad'


Single albums







Year Name Channel Role
2017–2018 MIXNINE jTBC Herself (as contestant)

Web Drama

Year Name Channel/Platform Role
2017 Do You Remember the First Time We Met? Season 1 YouTube Jeon HeeJin (main)
Do You Remember the First Time We Met? Season 2
2018 Do You Remember the First Time We Met? Season 3 Jeon HeeJin (minor)

Music Video Appearances

As Main

Year Name Artist
2020 Bad" BEN
2021 "I should not have loved you" DINDIN, Min Kyung Hoon

As Cameo

Year Name Artist
2016 Around You (Original Film Ver.) HyunJin
2018 Egoist (feat. JinSoul) Olivia Hye

As Minor

Year Name Artist
2017 Everyday I Love You (feat. HaSeul) ViVi
Around You (Woomanna Special Ver.) HyunJin

As Rapper

Year Name Artist
2017 Singing in the Rain (feat. HeeJin) JinSoul

Commercial Films

Year Brand Type
2016 Innisfree (also on LOONA’s Youtube Channel) Cosmetic
The Law of Creation Mobile Game
2017 HANYUL Cosmetic
High Cut Cosmetic
2018 AVAJAR Cosmetic
LG Q7/Q7+ TV Appliance/Mobile Phone
Snack World (#1 / #2) Mobile Game
2019 Hi-Mart Appliance
2020 NIVEA (#1 / #2 / #3) Cosmetic