HaSeul (Hangul: 하슬; Japanese: ハスル, Hasuru; Chinese: Xià sè) is the third member of the girl group LOONA.

She is the fourth oldest in LOONA, the second oldest in LOONA 1/3 and was revealed on December 8, 2016. Her solo single album HaSeul was released on December 15, 2016.

In the group, she's represented by a white bird and the color green. In LOONA 1/3, she is associated with the location “Iceland”, particularly Reykjavik, the country's capital.


  • According to herself, her related hashtags are : "#Iceland #VocalGangster" [8]


  • According to herself, her charming Point is "[Her] heart that loves and cares about Orbits"[8]
  • She has one dimple.


  • Team Position: "Hmm... Mommy?"[8]
  • She is the messiest member in 1/3, with other members often remind her to clean up after herself, even other members agreed.
  • She is also clumsy in the sense that she'd spill things all over herself.
  • Since her return in 2021, she becomes camera-shy, at least she tends not to look at the camera while she talks, so other members rehashed the scene on LOONA TV #528, where the camera director zoomed in on her face.
  • She dresses conservatively, much unlike YeoJin after she became an adult.
  • She spends lavishly, in 2021, she is the only member who bought a 32" monitor in her vocal room along with her laptop.


  • HaSeul's role model is IU.[9]
  • Her younger brother is Cho Jang-hyun (조장현), born 2002.[10]
  • HaSeul joined the company on the same day as Choerry, and they lived close together, so they often take the same bus home.
  • Two of her roommates are YeoJin and Choerry.

Pre-debut life[]

  • HaSeul auditioned for BlockBerryCreative with the song "Friday", by IU.
  • Despite being the fourth oldest, she's one of the shortest members of the group, standing at around 5'2.
  • While she was abroad for one year, she used the English name, Jane.
  • As a student, HaSeul was often late to class.
  • She lived in the US (Colorado) for a year.
  • She recited the poem ‘Now, We’ by Park Joon for weekly poem 3.
  • The company wanted her stage name to be "HaJin" but she did not like it. They also pranked her putting "Hajin" on the lyrics sheets of The Carol, during the recording of the song.
  • Predebut she dyed her hair blonde but she found it hard to maintain.
  • During LOONA's hello82 interview (YeoJin was with Odd Eye Circle), she wore a red top that said "PROTECT ME FROM HEAVY SOCIAL MEDIA USE", but she isn't known to be using SNS that much. Before her hiatus, she has made the least appearances in VLive and solo broadcasts.


  • She is bilingual, knowing English and Korean.
  • She can sing opera. Her vocal range would be a mezzo-soprano, the second highest range, because her lowest notes are slightly lower than a true soprano.
  • She is one of the fastest talkers in the group, and the fastest amongst non-rappers.


  • Having a concert 10 years from now, founding a small theater named "Jo Haseul"[8]
  • Going to Switzerland again, as well as Iceland.


  • She is a fan of baseball.
  • She like seals, so much that she screams for it. as, Mulgae-ya means "Seals".
  • Like HeeJin she is afraid of pigeons.
  • She likes to go to shooting ranges.[11]
  • She loves Disney.
  • As of 2021, she is the only Android, Samsung and Foldable phone user. She uses Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.
  • She is also a loyal user of Burberry bags.


  • Ice cream, so much so that she ate 10 in a day once.
  • Granola cereal
  • She dislikes Hawaiian pizza.


Preferred style of music: old songs and ballads.[12]

  • For Chinese New Year (2019):
    • IU - 이름에게 (Dear Name)[16][9]
      • HaSeul: "The lyrics to this song lingered in my heart. It's also a song that gave me strength during hard times. Someday, I want to present a song that will linger in other people's hearts too."
  • HyunJin & HaSeul - Naver NOW radio broadcast “Because I wanted you to listen to this”[9]
    • Taeyeon - I
      • HaSeul: "Since I liked Taeyeon a lot, I teared up as soon as the song started. I didn't remove it from my playlist for the month. I listened to it and sung it a lot."
    • IU - 이름에게 (Dear Name)
      • HaSeul: "But the lyrics are deep, that's why I picked it. It's also a song that I've covered a little bit. Also it's from my role model IU. [...] I hope that you pay more attention to the lyrics while listening to this song."
      • When Haseul listens to the song, her heart really ties up. She often practices this song in the practice room.
      • She already recommended this song for Chinese New Year.[16]
    • Baek Yerin - Bye bye my blue
      • HaSeul: "The reason I picked it is ... We had evaluations as trainees, right? I sang this once for evaluations. The song had a big impact as well. When I sang it during the evaluation rehearsal, I just sang it. But Hyunjin suddenly grabbed me and said, "unnie, this is YOUR song." So, I was like "Ah ... Really? Thank you!""
      • HyunJin "No joke. It fit her so well! Her voice and the song fit together just right!"
      • HaSeul: "I was thankful for Hyunjin. Before evaluations I was so nervous, but Hyunjin was like "Unnie, this is YOUR song."
      • HyunJin: "I thought it was actually your own song."
      • HaSeul: "At the time I hadn't even debuted. So things were like that, but I remember being very thankful for Hyunjin."


  • The full group made its debut a day after her 21st (real age) birthday.
  • Despite being in hiatus for most of 2020, her tweet after LOONA won their first trophy became the most-retweeted and most-commented photos (35,358 retweets and 17,074 comments as of Jan 1, 2021) in LOONA's official Twitter page in 2020.
  • Her teaser for [&] became LOONA's most-liked tweet (as of June 4, 2021), surpassing the previous one after five hours.


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