HULA HOOP/StarSeed ~Kakusei~[1] (Japanese:「HULA HOOP / StarSeed 〜カクセイ〜」, StarSeed ~Awakening~) is the Japanese debut single album by South Korean girl group LOONA. It was released digitally on September 15, 2021, before being released physically on October 20, 2021.


When LOONA’s Japan debut was announced at the end of June, LOONA (Girl of the Month) received a lot of attention, such as trending at No. 4, but the details of their Japan debut songs are now finally announced. The Japan debut single is the Double A-side Single “HULA HOOP / StarSeed ~Kakusei~”.

The composer of “HULA HOOP” is Ryan S. Jhun, a songwriter who is currently attracting attention in the Korean music scene, and the lyrics are written by AKIRA, a music creator from Japan. It is a song that will turn a new page for LOONA.

In addition, the composer of the other song “StarSeed ~Kakusei~” is Mr. Kubonaoki, who is attracting attention as a young composer and arranger, and the lyrics were written by Su, the vocalist & guitarist of SILENT SIREN. It is a song that transcends the barrier between K-pop and J-pop. The coupling will include the previously streamed “PTT (Paint The Town)” Japanese Ver., and “HULA HOOP” City Pop Ver. [2]

6月末に日本デビューが発表になると、トレンドで4位になるなど高い関心が寄せられたLOONA(今月の少女)だが、ついに日本デビュー曲の詳細が発表された。日本デビューシングルは「HULAHOOP/ StarSeed 〜カクセイ〜」のDoubleAsideSingle。

「HULA HOOP」のコンポーザーには、今韓国の音楽シーンで注目を集めている作家Ryan S. Jhunを、作詞には 日本を代表する音楽クリエイターAKIRAを迎え、LOONA(今月の少女)の新たなページを開く楽曲に仕上がっている。

また、もう一方の楽曲「StarSeed 〜カクセイ〜」のコンポーザーは、若手作曲、アレンジャーで注目されているクボナオキ氏を迎え、作詞はSILENT SIRENのVocal&guitar すぅが書き下ろした、K-POPとJ-POPの垣根をこえた楽曲となっている。カップリングには先日先行配信した、PTT(Paint The Town)Japanese Ver.とHULAHOOP citypop Ver.が収録される。[3]


  1. HULA HOOP” – 3:19
  2. StarSeed ~Kakusei~ (StarSeed 〜カクセイ〜)” – 3:01
  3. PTT (Paint The Town) Japanese Ver.” – 3:22
  4. HULA HOOP City Pop Ver.” – 3:15

Composition, lyrics, recording, music video[]


Three tracks out of four in the album were contributed to by Ryan S. Jhun, making it the third LOONA project he has had involvement in. He has previously worked with LOONA on their EP [&] and collaboration song with him, Not Friends.

Producers/composers who have also previously worked with LOONA:

About the tracks:

  • To perfect their pronunciation, the members regularly studied with a teacher. However, due to their conflicting schedules, they transitioned to studying Japanese by themselves.[4]
  • According to Yves, the pronunciation was difficult when she recorded the Japanese version of PTT. One specific phrase she had to repeat multiple times to perfect it.
  • PTT (Paint The Town) Japanese Ver. (the third track on the album) was released as a pre-cursor to HULA HOOP/StarSeed ~Kakusei~, coinciding with the release of [&] and its alternate Korean version.
    • In the Japanese version, only ViVi sings her section of the bridge instead of sharing it with Go Won in the Korean version.


  • Yves created the choreography for HULA HOOP's hook with the help of the choreographer and Choerry.[5]


Cover art[]


Behind the Scenes[]

Normal/Limited A ver. Photoshoot[]

Limited B ver. Photoshoot[]




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# Song Lyrics Composers Arrangers
Anna Timgren
Scott Stoddart
Ryan S. Jhun
Scott Stoddart
2 StarSeed ~Kakusei~
(StarSeed 〜カクセイ〜)
Sumire Yoshida Naoki Kubo
3 PTT (Paint The Town) Japanese Ver. PA-NON (JPN translation)
Ryan S. Jhun
Hanif Hitmanic Sabzevari
Dennis DeKo Kordnejad
Ryan S. Jhun
Hanif Hitmanic Sabzevari
Dennis DeKo Kordnejad
4 HULA HOOP City Pop Ver. AKIRA Ryan S. Jhun
Anna Timgren
Scott Stoddart
Ryan S. Jhun
Scott Stoddart



  • Executive Producer: Kim Sun Hye
  • Producer Director: John Yi
  • Producer Supervisor: Lee Jong Hyeon
  • Executive Supervisor: Nam An Woo
  • A&R: Instagram Icon.png Baek In-Chan (백인찬). Huh Woo Hyun
  • Management: Instagram Icon.png Park Yoon-Pyo (박윤표), Instagram Icon.png Lee Dong-Hoon (이동훈), Lee Sun-Joon
  • Communication: Instagram Icon.png Park Bo Ra (박보라), Kim Do-Yeon (김도연), Ha Jeong-Yoon (하정윤), Jo Eunae, Gong Se-Yeon (공세연), Kang Hee-ae
  • Strategy Planning Director: Yun Do-Yeon (윤도연)
  • Accounting: Noh Yeon-Jin (노언진), Jang Hye-Kyoung (장혜경)

Label & Japanese Management (Mercury Tokyo)

  • Executive Producer: Naoshi Fujikura, Taku Nakamura, Takeshi Okada @ Universal Music LLC
  • A&R & Manager: Makoto Abe, Kang Seulkee
  • Director: Yuko Kameda, Karen Ogasawara
  • Marketing Planner: Michie Yaguchi
  • Marketing Manager: Michie Yaguchi
  • Promoter: Yoshitake Ebisawa, Mika Mitsumochi, Mitsuru Sekiya, Shun Kitayama, Sae Yamamoto, Sarina Tenma, Mihoko Koike
  • Product Desk: Miku Yamakawa
  • Digital Promotion: Sayaka Abe, Takuma Shimakage
  • Overseas Promotion: Mina Hosojima, Naomi Ota
  • Sales Promotion: Kimiko Kato @ Universal Music LLC
  • Artwork Control: Midori Shimizu @ Universal Music LLC

Performance Directing



  • LOONA’s debut in Japan was first announced in a special clip of them performing at teamLab Borderless.
  • The design of the different album covers was made by graphic designer Yoh Yanatori (梁取 瑶) from LiNK-UP DESIGN.[6][7]; artistic director who oversaw the design process is Tomokazu Suzuki (鈴木知一) from LiNK-UP DESIGN.[8] [9]
  • Teaser video was made by DIGIPEDI.