Go Won (Hangul: 고원; Japanese: コウォン, Go-uon) is the eleventh member of the girl group LOONA.

She is the fourth youngest in LOONA, a member of the sub-unit yyxy, and was revealed in January 15, 2018. Her solo single Go Won was released on January 30, 2018.

In the group, she's represented by a butterfly, the color eden green (which looks like mint color) and the fruit pineapple. In yyxy, she's represented by the emotion “Hope”.

Her symbolic animal is more specifically a morpho peleides, more commonly known as the emperor butterfly. Out of all twelve members, her symbolic animal is the only one to not be a vertebrate as butterflies are classified as hexapoda.

She dream was to have a song reach Billboard charts. On November 3, 2020, it came true when [12:00] reached #112 in the Billboard Top 200 Album chart.


  • "Go Won" is a full name (like "Kim Lip"), thus Go is a surname and Won is a first name (taken from the second syllable of her real first name). Hence, BlockBerryCreative spells Go Won with a space (like Kim Lip) to signify that it's an actual full name, as opposed to HaSeul, JinSoul, etc. that don't have a space separating the syllables.
  • Oddly: Her last name is Park, and Go Won in Korean means "upland, wold, park, garden".


  • Go Won has a small mole on her left eye and on the left side of her neck.
  • YeoJin once said on a VLIVE that Go Won is so skinny she looks like a cutlassfish (갈치).
  • She has a silver tooth.
  • She speaks softly. Unlike Chuu and YeoJin, she has the softest speaking voice, so others often can't hear her.
  • She has heart shaped lips.
  • According to HeeJin, she has good eyesight, fair skin, doesn't gain weight easily and still maintains a good volume of hair having dyed her hair into lighter color for a long time.
  • Like Yves, she doesn't gain weight easily, but Go Won has a big appetite, yet nowhere near than YeoJin's.
  • Unlike INTP and INFP having typically pessimistic thoughts, Go Won is added into Positivity Line.


  • According to YeoJin during her VLIVE, Go Won has an introverted personality.
  • According to Chuu, Go Won is the most socially awkward member. Adding to the fact that unlike Olivia Hye, she is not the most practically-inclined, it fits her retested MBTI of INTP (Logician)[7]. That said: She also has INFP-like tendencies, especially being conflict-averse.
  • According to Kim Lip, she initially didn't understand her charms when she first entered the company because she was very shy.
  • According to Sei of Weki Meki, both are known to be very slow-movers and slow-eaters. Sei thinks Go Won eats slower than her.[8] However: Go Won is not considered a slow-talker compared to Sei.
  • According to Olivia Hye, she isn't good at following through on plans or personal goals.


  • The other members of yyxy (Yves, Chuu and Olivia Hye) are also her roommates.
  • She is closest to Olivia Hye.[9]
  • She is not affected by helium because her voice is already naturally high pitched.[10]
  • She isn't scared of thrill rides, zip line rides and is comfortable with heights.


She is the only member that is a middle-child in the family.

  • Her younger sister is Park Hyo-min (박효민), born 2011, and is a fan of Olivia Hye.[11]
  • Her older brother was born in 1998 and is a fan of fromis_9’s Gyuri.[12]
  • She is also the godmother of Grimes' and Elon Musk's child, "X Æ A-Xii"


  • Go Won has a dog named Bbomi (뽀미).

Members impression[]

Go Won's first and current impression of the other members:

First impression

Current impression

HeeJin cold clumsy
HyunJin pure and simple action leader
YeoJin cute earthy
ViVi wants to do her hair roots considerate unnie
Kim Lip tough unnie aegyoster
JinSoul scary chewing gun (T/N: clingy); overdramatic
Choerry circle glasses + long-padding: circle cheeky
Yves adult full of passion, fragile mindset
Chuu the unnie who gave me a sweet potato the Chuu heart itself
Olivia Hye not great soulmate
The other members' first and current impression of Go Won (as of March 2020):

Her first impression of Go Won

Current impression

HeeJin want to take care of her unexpectedly a gag character
HyunJin baby voice 7979 (T/N: friend)
YeoJin cold person cheeky
ViVi cutie princess
Kim Lip "she's really shy... same as me." traitor
JinSoul "mm, another new girl" cute
Choerry unnie who seems younger than me an unnie who looks like she'll fall over if you touch her
Yves i thought, "ah, it's her!" shower-mate
Chuu kindergartener kindergartener who never listens
Olivia Hye small unnie friend

Pre-debut life[]


  • She can make waves with her eyebrows.
  • According to JinSoul, her eyesight is fine. She only wears contact lenses to change the color of her iris for aesthetics.
  • According to YeoJin, who is a good cook, GoWon is not only a bad cook, but also a reluctant cook, often ordering takeaways, so she has to make her eat the food she made when YeoJin made too much food.
  • She showed on Idol Room that her tongue can reach down to her chin. It's possible that it can also reach the tip of her nose.
  • She can speak like a ventriloquist, meaning she can speak without moving her lips and jaw.
  • By 2021, she has become the leader in reading English comments, because she can translate back to Korean fairly quickly.


  • When asked what job she would like to do apart from being an idol, Go Won said she would like to own a rice cake (tteokpoki) shop.
  • Go Won’s hobby is playing Nintendo.
  • Go Won loves The Hunger Games.
  • Her favorite girl group is Oh My Girl.
    • Like Chuu, she became a successful fan of Oh My Girl. She chose their songs for trainee evaluations, and had danced with Hyojung and Seunghee in Weekly Idol.
  • Go Won would love to have a comeback with a magical concept.
  • Her favorite color is red.
    • She also mentioned yellow in IDOL GROUND[13]
  • Go Won is into k-dramas.[14]
  • She had lots of thoughts about becoming an adult, but she wants to enjoy being twenty freely without feeling burdened by that.
  • Choerry
  • She loves dolls, especially Kirby.
  • Oh My Girl was her role model, she is a fan of them.


Recommendations / songs she listens to
  • For Chinese New Year: [19]
    • Day6 - Freely (Free하게) - "I had lots of thoughts about becoming an adult, but I want to enjoy being twenty freely without feeling burdened by that."
  • For Spring: [16]
  • For Summer: [21]
  • For when you're getting nagged: [15]
    • 9Muses - Hurt Locker - "There's a line that says 'my heart is hurt', and I think it'd be good if you can shake off the hurt feelings from the nagging with this upbeat song."
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic: [20]
    • Day6 - When You Love Someone - "It’s a very comforting song, so I recommend this song because it will make you feel better."
    • Taeyeon - Feel So Fine (날개) - “This song gives me strength, so I think others who also listen to this will be able to find the courage to spread their wings again.”
  • Profile Rewrite (August 2018) [18] - Orbit 1st anniversary
  • IDOL RADIO EP.502 Song recs: [22][23]
    • Wonder Girls - This Fool (이 바보) - "Honestly, now as well, I really enjoy K-Pop songs. This song opened my eyes to K-Pop. I could go so far as say that. When I first came across this song as a child, it impressed me and got me thinking "Wow, so songs like this exist!" Also, whenever I would be going somewhere by car, I'd listen to the CD. [...] Back then, I would say that I liked Sunye the most."
    • Ji Jin Seok - Good Night - I really, really, love this song so much. Honestly, with this song, as I was watching a video with Choerry, it was a video of kids and this person sang this song to the kids. All the feelings conveyed in that song really touched us and I told Choerry I listen to this song every day and Choerry also said 'Yes, I also listen to it every day!' It's a song both of us listen to a lot.[Go Won said she listened to this song every day for the past half year without getting tired of it.] "Well, whenever I get stuck on a song, I really listen to it a lot until I get sick of it. But this song still very much lives on close to my heart."