G-high (지-하이), born You Ji Sang (유지상) is a South Korean composer, producer and lyricist.

Along with Hwang Hyun and Lee Joo Hyung, G-high co-founded music production team MonoTree, in 2014, after his departure from Sweetune. He also works as a recording and mixing engineer and a vocal director. Some might consider him as LOONA's "main producer".

G-high seems to co-produce frequently with fellow MonoTree producer Lee Joo Hyung.

He's usually the main host of the videos MonoTree post on their YouTube Icon.png YouTube channel (breakdowns of songs they have produced, interviews...)


  • Alias: G-high (지-하이)
  • Birth Name: You Ji Sang (유지상)
  • Birthdate: February
  • Social media accounts: Instagram Icon.png @jisangyou
  • KOMCA ID number: W0968700 (to see his producing credits)

Credits - LOONA songs[]

Year Song Composer Arranger Lyrics Other
2016 "ViViD"
"ViViD (Acoutic Mix)"
"The Carol "
2017 "Puzzle"
"LOONATIC (Eng. Ver.)"
"Sweet Crazy Love"
"The Carol 2.0"
"Girl's Talk"
2018 "rendezvous 18.6y"
2019 "Butterfly"

As recording or mixing engineer only

Year Song Composer Arranger Lyrics Other
2016 "I'll Be There"
2017 "Eclipse"
"Singing in the Rain"
2018 "열기 (9)" (Yeolgi)

Credits - for other artists (non exhaustive list)[]

Credited for Lyrics, Composition, and Arrangement unless otherwise stated


Artists Songs Album Year Notes
Girls' Generation "Wait a Minute" Mr. Mr. 2014
RED VELVET "Take It Slow" Ice Cream Cake 2015
S.E.S. "Birthday" Remember - S.E.S. 20th Anniversary Special Album 2017
Super Junior "Magic" Magic 2015 Composer, Arranger
Super Junior KYUHYUN "Fall In You" (네 안의 가을) Waiting, Still 2016
Super Junior Ryeowook "Hello" (그대) The Little Prince 2016
"Poom" (품) The Little Prince 2016
"Sugar" Drunk On Love 2019

WM Entertainment

Artists Songs Album Year Notes
Oh My Girl "Rocket Ride" Rocket Ride 2020
ONF Good Good (오늘 뭐 할래) Spin Off 2020 Composer, Arranger
Ice & Fire We Must Love 2019 Composer, Arranger
Trip Advisor (누워서 세계 속으로) ONF:My Name 2021

Woollim Entertainment

Artists SONGS Album Year Notes
INFINITE "Hysterie" Evolution 2011 Composer, Arranger
"Suffocate" (숨 좀 쉬자) Season 2 2014 Composer, Arranger
LOVELYZ "Stranger" (남보다 못한 사이) (Baby Soul ft. Wheesung) Stranger 2011 Composer, Arranger

Other Active Girl Groups

Artists SONGS Album Year Notes
Apink / 에이핑크 "Love Shoot!" Pink Stories 2017 Composer, Arranger
"Perfume" Pink MEMORY 2015 Lyrics, Composer
APRIL / 에이프릴 "M.F.B.F. Spring 2016
"Wow" Prelude 2017
CLC "Refresh" Refresh 2016

Other Active Male Groups

Artists SONGS Album Year Notes
ASTRO Moonbin & Sanha "Bad Idea" IN-OUT 2020
NU'EST "INSIDE OUT" Romanticize 2021
SEVENTEEN "Lucky" An Ode 2019 Composer, Arranger
TOO "Count 1, 2" (하나 둘 세고) Running TOOgether 2021

Disbanded groups / Groups in hiatus

Artists SONGS Album Year Notes
Afterschool "Play Ur Love" Virgin 2011 Composer, Arranger
Boyfriend "Good Night" (내 꿈꿔) I Yah 2013 Composer, Arranger
"Not One, But Two" (혼자가 아닌 둘) I'll Be There 2011
"Super Hero" Love Style 2012 Composer, Arranger
Boyfriend HyunSeong "Trippin'" (이랬다 저랬다) I Yah 2013
KARA (카라) "Secretly Secretly" (몰래몰래) Revolution 2009 Composer, Arranger
"Secret Love" (Gu Hara solo) KARA Collection 2012
"Wanna Do" (Ji Young solo)
"Jane Doe" STRANG3R 2016 Composer, Arranger
Melody Day "Listen To My Heart" Naeil's Cantabile OST 2014 Composer, Arranger
"Satellite" COLOR 2016
Nine Muses "Action" WILD 2013 Composer, Arranger
"TIME'S UP" Prima Donna 2013
PRISTIN "We Are PRISTIN" Schxxl Out 2017 Composer, Arranger
ROMEO (로미오) "Nightmare" (악몽) First Love 2016 Lyrics, Composer
RAINBOW "Saying I Miss You" Prism 2016 Lyrics
"Privacy" Innocent 2015
Stellar "Cinderella" (신데렐라) Sting 2016 Composer, Arranger
"Insomnia" Sting 2016
"Marionette" (마리오네트) Marionette 2014 Composer, Arranger
"Study" (공부하세요) Marionette 2014 Composer, Arranger
"Take It All" (가져 너 다) Composer, Arranger
Toheart "Tell Me Why" 1st Mini Album 2014 Composer, Arranger


Artists SONGS Album Year Notes
BUMZU "JUST" Just 2017 Lyrics,
I (아이) "I DREAM" I DREAM 2017 Composer
Jeon Jiwoo (KARD) "Wet" Good Girl Final 2020
Natty "Teddy Bear" Teddy Bear 2020 Composer, Arranger
Park Ji Hoon "Strange" (이상해) 360 2019 Composer, Arranger
Stella Jang (스텔라장) "Recipe" Recipe 2020
susoo "Heaven" Heaven 2021 Lyrics, Composer
U SUNG EUN "Deep" Departure 2019