Frequency of the Moon (달의 주파수) is a series of audio only radio-like live broadcasts on VLIVE hosted by LOONA members.

Old format - Season 1 (EP.01-25):[]

"Frequency of the Moon" is a VLIVE where we take Orbits' stories to talk and to give them strength. We are sharing selected stories posted by fans in the official LOONA fancafe's "Frequency of the Moon" category. We're picking songs that go with the stories too, for an empathetic and uplifting radio show. That's how "Frequency of the Moon" started."
— Introduction of Frequency of The Moon in EP.05

Fans used to submit stories related to the topic of the episode on the Frequency of the Moon category of the fancafe. LOONA members commented on the stories and gave advice. They also sometimes gave song recommendations and trivia facts about themselves.

The members used to be paired up in duos and sometimes by sub-units for each episode. The usual pairings were HeeJin-HyunJin, HaSeul-ViVi, YeoJin-Choerry, Yves-Chuu and Go Won-Olivia Hye.

Other format - Season 2 (EP.26-55)[]

The format of the show changed starting from EP.26. One sole member now hosts the show and read stories submitted by the 1 or several members who are present as guests, and give song recommendations. They all comment on the stories, share anecdotes and what they have been up.

Other members not present often comment in chat during the VLIVE. Comments can be found in chatlogs translated by fansub team "Team Orbit".

The first episode was previously titled "??".

Vocal Room Viewable Radio - Season 3: (EP.56-)[]

The format of the show changed starting from EP.56. It changed to a viewable radio format. One solo member now hosts the show from their personal vocal room. However, a blueprint of the new format started on HaSeul's birthday VLive on August 18, 2021.

Host names[]

The members made up DJ / radio host names for themselves:
Member DJ name Meaning
HeeJin Heedini-di from Harry Houdini (1874-1926), the Hungarian-born American illusionist and stunt performer
HyunJin Hyundini-di at first she wanted to be "Come-di" (as "comedy") but chose Hyundini-di to match with HeeJin
HaSeul Joaha-di from her nickname "Joaseul" deriving from her real name "Jo HaSeul" and "joa" means "I like"
YeoJin Kong-di Kong-di from her nickname "Kong", "Bean" in Korean
ViVi Bbi-di from her nickname "Bbi-unnie"
Kim Lip Libi-dibi-D
JinSoul Jin-dori-do-D "Jindori" is one of JinSoul's nicknames
Choerry Vitamin-D Choerry is known to be full of energy & positivity. Orbits' vitamin.
Yves Yippeu-D "Prett-D", "Yippeuji" means "to be pretty" in Korean
Chuu Kanga-D from "Kangaji" which means"puppy" in Korean
Go Won Na-gowon-in-di "i'm go won tho" with dialect/satoori
Olivia Hye Na-olivia-hye-in-di "i'm olivia hye tho" with dialect/satoori


Season 1[]

Date Episode Members Topics Chatlogs YT EN
191022 EP.1 YeoJin, Choerry - YT ✔️
191024 EP.2 HaSeul, ViVi - YT ✔️
191028 EP.3 Kim Lip, JinSoul Dreams - YT ✔️
191030 EP.4 Go Won, Olivia Hye Hobbies - YT ✔️
19110x Deleted pt + EP.5 HeeJin, HyunJin Pets - YT ✔️
191108 EP.6 Yves, Chuu CSAT Chatlog YT ✔️
191120 EP.7 HaSeul, ViVi Gift Chatlog YT ✔️
191129 EP.8 YeoJin, Choerry First Snow Chatlog YT ✔️
191206 EP.9 Yves, Chuu Diary Chatlog YT ✔️
191220 EP.10 Go Won, Olivia Hye Habits Chatlog YT ✔️
191224 Christmas Special HeeJin, ViVi, YeoJin, JinSoul, Yves, Go Won ~Christmas Chatlog YT ✔️
191227 EP.11 Kim Lip, JinSoul 2019 Chatlog YT ✔️
200103 EP.12 HeeJin, HyunJin 20s Chatlog YT ✔️
200109 EP.13 Choerry, YeoJin Graduation Chatlog YT ✔️
200114 EP.14 Yves, Chuu Fruit Chatlog YT ✔️
200121 EP.15 Go Won, Olivia Hye New Year's Day Chatlog YT ✔️
200313 EP.16 LOONA 1/3 (HeeJin, HyunJin, ViVi; Haseul in chat) trivia & memories Chatlog YT ✔️
200326 EP.17 ODD EYE CIRCLE (Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry) Chatlog YT ✔️
200330 EP.18 yyxy (Yves, Chuu, Go Won, Olivia Hye) Transcript YT ✔️
200409 EP.19 ODD EYE CIRCLE (Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry) Colors Transcript YT ✔️
200409 EP.20 YeoJin (+ HeeJin, HyunJin, ViVi) trivia Transcript| Chat YT ✔️
200424 EP.21 Yves, Chuu Spring Transcript| Chat YT ✔️
200428 EP.22 Go Won, Olivia Hye Songs Transcript| Chat YT ✔️
200514 EP.23 ViVi, JinSoul, Chuu Flower Transcript| Chat YT ✔️
200618 EP.24 HeeJin, HyunJin Summer Transcript| Chat YT ✔️
200624 EP.25 YeoJin, ViVi Books Transcript| Chat YT ✔️

Season 2[]

Date EP. Members Topics Chatlogs YT EN
200910 EP.26 HeeJin (+ Go Won, Olivia Hye) New washing machines; Toilet paper villain Transcript| Chat YT ✔️
200915 EP.27 HyunJin (+ Yves, Chuu) Fridge; win Go Won's love Transcript| Chat YT ✔️
200918 EP.28 YeoJin (+ Kim Lip, Choerry) Noises. Movies. Transcript| Chat YT ✔️
200921 EP.29 HyunJin (+Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry) OEC issues Transcript| Chat YT ✔️
200929 EP.30 ViVi (+ YeoJin, JinSoul) Beads. Bed chair Transcript | Chat YT ✔️
210120 EP.31 Kim Lip (+ HeeJin) Avocado tree Transcript | Chat | LOONA+ YT ✔️
210122 EP.32 JinSoul (+ HyunJin) Being a homebody Transcript | Chat | LOONA+ YT ✔️
210126 EP.33 Choerry (+ ViVi) Good person Transcript | Chat | LOONA+ YT ✔️
210202 EP.34 Yves (+ Kim Lip) Driver's licence Transcript | Chat | LOONA+ YT ✔️
210203 EP.35 YeoJin (+ Go Won) Clinginess Transcript | Chat | LOONA+ YT ✔️
210208 EP.36 Olivia Hye (+Yves) Old dogs Transcript | Chat | LOONA+ YT ✔️
210209 EP.37 Chuu (+ JinSoul) Communication Transcript | LOONA+ YT ✔️
210216 EP.38 HeeJin (+ Chuu) More dreams? Transcript | LOONA+ YT ✔️
210219 EP.39 HyunJin (+ Olivia Hye) Pandemic hobbies Transcript | Chat| LOONA+ YT ✔️
210223 EP.40 Go Won (+ Choerry) Movies, dramas Transcript | LOONA+ YT ✔️
210226 EP.41 ViVi (+ HeeJin) Reading, Baking Transcript | Chat| LOONA+ YT ✔️
210309 EP.42 Kim Lip (+ YeoJin) Sleep Transcript | Chat| LOONA+
210311 EP.43 JinSoul (+ Go Won) Phone stand Transcript | Chat| LOONA+
210315 EP.44 Choerry (+ HyunJin) FoodScammer Alert Transcript | Chat| LOONA+ YT ✔️
210319 EP.45 Yves (+ ViVi) Travel recs Transcript | Chat| LOONA+
210324 EP.46 Chuu (+ Olivia Hye) Glasses Transcript | Chat| LOONA+
210329 EP.47 Go Won (+ Yves) Diary writing? Transcript | LOONA+
210401 EP.48 Olivia Hye (+ Choerry) Missing Orbits Transcript | Chat| LOONA+
210405 EP.49 HeeJin (+ JinSoul) Hairstyle Transcript | Chat| LOONA+
210408 EP.50 HyunJin (+ Kim Lip) Transcript | Chat| LOONA+
210413 EP.51 YeoJin (+ HyunJin ) Expressing Herself
Transcript | Chat | LOONA+
210416 EP.52 ViVi (+HeeJin; shortly Yves) Song recs Transcript | Chat | LOONA+
210426 EP.53 Kim Lip (+YeoJin) Food Transcript | Chat | LOONA+
210430 EP.54 Choerry (+ViVi; O. Hye on call) Transcript | Chat | LOONA+
210517 EP.55 JinSoul (+ Chuu) Wisdom teeth, Furniture Transcript | LOONA+

Season 3[]

Date EP. Member Chatlogs YT EN
210818 Birthday Special 1 HaSeul
211013 EP.56 Go Won Transcript| Chat YT
211015 EP.57 Kim Lip Transcript| Chat YT
211021 EP.58 Olivia Hye Transcript| Chat
211022 Birthday Special HeeJIn Transcript| Chat YT
211025 EP.59 Choerry Transcript| Chat YT


  • The name of the series may allude to Rendezvous 18.6y.
  • Frequency of the Moon is usually English subbed by fansub team "Team Subbits". Episodes are also unofficially available on YouTube.
  • The series has some recurrent segments:
    • "I praise the you of this month", which is "a time for LOONA members to confirm and share about their love for each other". In this segment, LOONA members share compliments and episodes of being proud of their daily fellow DJ(s), during the month of the vlive. This segments first appeared in episode 10, with Go Won and Olivia Hye as DJs.
  • Episode 50 had a video to celebrate the milestone.
  • The episode on October 22, 2021 was an spinoff episode to belatedly celebrate HeeJin's birthday, but it was still filmed in HeeJn's vocal room, with chat features still in use. The blueprint for season 3 was actually started by HaSeul on August 18, 2021 on her birthday VLive.