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2017[edit | edit source]

Date Title Members Content ENG
170423 LOONA TV #100 Celebration 1/3, YeoJin ✔️
170430 A Mysterious Secret revealed today !?💕 1/3 ✔️
170921 'Girl Front' First Public VLIVE Celebration OEC OEC's first VLIVE as an unit ✔️
171001 30,000 Subscribers Celebration VLIVE (Feat. Chuseok) OEC ✔️
171126 Sweet Crazy Love Goodbye VLIVE OEC That JinSoul headbanging on a table clip came from that VLIVE. ✔️

2018[edit | edit source]

Date Title Members Content ENG
180116 Yeojin 1-Year Anniversary VLIVE YeoJin ✔️
180209 Kim Lip Birthday VLIVE Kim Lip, Chuu ✔️
180214 Early Congratulations to 500 Days w/ Heejin VLIVE HeeJin ✔️
180313 LOONA wants to see you right now! HeeJin, HaSeul, ViVi LOONA 1/3 and ViVi's first anniversary. ✔️
180407 'I want Chuu' Party ♥ MC Go Won Chuu, Go Won Chuu's 100 days celebration. ✔️
180508 Random Play LIVE ▶ START! YeoJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul Making carnations. Handcrafty VLIVE. ✔️
180523 Random Play LIVE - Revealing their Makeup Pouches Kim Lip & Yves Makeup guru time. ✔️
180530 LOONA yyxy Debut Album Release Countdown and Celebration yyxy ✔️
180530 love4eva Release Celebration yyxy ✔️
180531 yyxy Reading Fan Comments VLIVE yyxy ✔️
180601 yyxy - V ROOKIE Heart Mission | alt yyxy Hidden paper hearts hunt at BlockBerry. ✔️
180622 yyxy LieV VLIVE yyxy ASMR-ing people so they can sleep. In theory. ✔️
180704 Yeojin MYLIVE Mukbang Stream #1 YeoJin ✔️
180711 Yeojin MYLIVE Mukbang Stream #2 YeoJin ✔️
180718 Yeojin MYLIVE Mukbang Stream #3 YeoJin ✔️
180806 Celebrating favOriTe Release LOONA Alt: Highlights Cuts (Subbed): Pt.1, Pt.2& Pt.3 ✔️
180820 "Hi High" Full Group Debut Album Sale Celebration VLIVE LOONA ✔️
181030 Yeojin MYLIVE Mukbang Stream #4 YeoJin ✔️
180921 Hi~ Hello Orbits! Long Time No See! Haseul, YeoJin, JinSoul, Yves 100k Followers Celebration VLIVE. 97 line and Maknae YeoJin. ✔️
181010 IDOL RADIO w/ LOONA | Cuteness Capture (BEHIND) | BEHIND LOONA Explaining the LOONAVERSE to muggles. ✔️
181020 Birthday Stream - Heejin & Chuu HeeJin, Chuu First YouTube livestream. ✔️
181113 IDOL RADIO EP.43 w/ Chuu Chuu w/ April's Jinsoul, The Boyz's New. ✔️
181107 IDOL ROOM Preview Stream LOONA Parts of this stream were edited out in the official broadcast. ✔️
181120 IDOL ROOM w/ LOONA & fromis_9 / alt links LOONA Introduction to muggles. Games. ✔️

2019[edit | edit source]

Date Title Members Content ENG
190107 2JIN - I'll Be There HeeJin & HyunJin 2JIN's post-highschool graduation VLIVE. Jenga time. ✔️
190210 Orbits! Want to See Our Face? (Pt.1) LOONA The drought (hiatus) drove Orbits insane so LOONA quenched us with this VLIVE. Kim Lip's birthday. ✔️
Orbits! Want to See Our Face? (Pt.2) LOONA The livestream cut off. Second part. ✔️
190213 Surprise V! LOONA Teaser Reaction LOONA Reaction to the Butterfly Teaser MV. ✔️
190215 On the Way to LOONAverse Concert LOONA All aboard the Loonabus. Destination: LOONAverse Concert Day 1. ✔️
190219 X X Release, Let's Listen Together~ LOONA X X & Butterfly MV reaction. ✔️
190306 Idol Radio EP.155 w/ LOONA LOONA "Fly Higher". Achievements celebrated. ✔️
190308 The 1st LOONA Messy Drawing Contest LOONA Showing off their lack of drawing skills. Winner gets a prize. ✔️
190318 LOONA TV #500 Special - LTV Quiz LOONA Quiz about LTV. Prize: fried chicken ✔️
190331 Going home after Inkigayo Butterfly Goodbye Stage LOONA All aboard the Loonabus. Destination: Loonathedorm ✔️
190406 LOONA's Absolute-mess-of-a Bowling Contest LOONA Messy Bowling Contest. UP Unit VS LINE Unit. ✔️
190410 LOONA - First Live YouTube Test Broadcast ft. Kim Lip and JinSoul Kim Lip, JinSoul + Yves (?) Test broadcast on YT Live. Kim Lip & Jinsoul said hi to Orbits as a surprise. ✔️
190412 Winner of the Chaotic Art Contest: Seeing the Cherry Blossoms Go Won, JinSoul Go Won won the drawing contest and gets to have a solo VLIVE. JinSoul as a guest. First VLIVE outdoor. ✔️
190505 Choerry's Study Room Choerry Japanese studying; 'Choerry's breathing show' (— Olivia Hye) ✔️
190524 We invite you to Yves' Birthday Party  yyxy Celebrating Yves' 23rd anniversary (korean age) & yyxy's 1st anniversary. ✔️
190604 This time, it's Choerry's Birthday Party! OEC, yyxy, HeeJin, YeoJin Choerry with her 2 moms. Yves & Chuu eating all the food. Bucket hat HeeJin. Games. Cameos. ✔️
190713 Orbits! Congratulations on your 1st anniversary! LOONA Orbits turn one year old. ✔️
190808 Jamfully: Insane Quiz Show 2 - 100,000 Subscribers Livestream Chuu Insane Quiz Show S2 w/ BTOB Ilhoon & ASTRO MJ ✔️
190904 Orbits, please come on in! LOONA Orbit 2.0 presentation. Post KCONLA. ✔️
191018 HeeJin & Chuu Make A Birthday Meal HeeJin, Chuu The 2 birthday girls "cook" ✔️
191022 Frequency of the Moon EP.1 YeoJin, Choerry Series of audio only, radio-like VLIVEs. Previously titled "??" Series' korean title: "달의 주파수" ✔️
191024 Frequency of the Moon EP.2 HaSeul, ViVi Audio only. Radio-like VLIVE. ✔️
191028 Frequency of the Moon EP.3 Kim Lip, JinSoul Topic: "Dreams" ✔️
191030 Frequency of the Moon EP.4 Go Won, Olivia Hye Topic: "Hobbies" ✔️
19110x Subbed Deleted pt + Frequency of the Moon EP.5 HeeJin, HyunJin Topic: "Pets" ✔️
191108 Frequency of the Moon EP.6 Yves, Chuu Topic: "CSAT". Chatlog with comments by other members. ✔️
191114 November Birthday Celebration HyunJin, YeoJin,

Go Won, Olivia Hye

November bday girls' party. A part of unnie line was in the chat. Chatlog ✔️
November Birthday Celebration (Pt.2) ✔️
191120 Frequency of the Moon EP.7 HaSeul, ViVi Topic: "Gift" Chatlog ✔️
191129 Frequency of the Moon EP.8 YeoJin, Choerry Topic: "First Snow" Chatlog ✔️
191206 Frequency of the Moon EP.9 Yves, Chuu Topic: "Diary" Chatlog ✔️
191210 ViVi's Birthday VLIVE ViVi, HeeJin, HyunJin ViVi + 2Jin making birthday party hats. ✔️
191220 Frequency of the Moon EP.10 Go Won, Olivia Hye Topic: "Habits" Chatlog ✔️
191224 Frequency of the Moon Xmas Special HeeJin, ViVi, YeoJin, JinSoul, Yves, Go Won Christmas Special. Chatlog ✔️
191227 Frequency of the Moon EP.11 Kim Lip, JinSoul Topic: "2019" Chatlog ✔️

2020[edit | edit source]

Date Title Members Content ENG
200103 Frequency of the Moon EP.12 HeeJin, HyunJin Audio only. Radio-like VLIVE. Topic: "20s". Chatlog ✔️
200109 Frequency of the Moon EP.13 Choerry, YeoJin Topic: "Graduation" Chat ✔️
200114 Frequency of the Moon EP.14 Yves, Chuu Topic: "Fruit" Chat ✔️
200121 Frequency of the Moon EP.15 Go Won, Olivia Hye Topic: "New Year's Day" Chat ✔️
200206 LOONA #'s showcase (full) LOONA ✔️
200209 Surprise VLIVE So What *fire* LOONA ✔️
200210 IDOL RADIO EP.496 LOONA Oh My Girl members as DJ ✔️
200216 IDOL RADIO EP.502 - Idol Playlist HeeJin, HyunJin, Choerry, Yves, Go Won SPECIAL DJ HeeJin & Yves ✔️
200220 IDOL RADIO EP.535 LOONA SPECIAL DJ HeeJin & Yves | Chat ✔️
200221 Loona Arcade LOONA Entertainment Night (playing games in the practice room). YeoJin was a minor so couldn't appear on camera that late. ✔️
200307 Idol Chart YouTube Live HyunJin, JinSoul, Yves, Olivia Hye Preshow of their appearance @ Idol Chart ✔️
200312 YeoJin VLIVE YeoJin Post 1st Win VLIVE. LOONA thanking Orbits for their 1st Win. YeoJin went first cause she was a minor. ✔️
200312 Orbit! Thank you❤️ LOONA ✔️
200313 Frequency of the Moon EP.16 1/3 (HeeJin, HyunJin, ViVi) HaSeul was in chat. For LOONA 1/3's 3rd anniversary. Chat ✔️
200317 Loona Arcade 2 LOONA Playing games in the practice room. ✔️
200326 Frequency of the Moon EP.17 ODD EYE CIRCLE (Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry) Topic: OEC's personal anecdotes, a trip down the memory lane. Chat ✔️
200330 Frequency of the Moon EP.18 yyxy (Yves, Chuu, Go Won, Olivia Hye) Topic: yyxy's personal anecdotes. Hindsight about the unit's formation. Translated transcript. ✔️
200409 Frequency of the Moon EP.19 ODD EYE CIRCLE (Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry) Topic: "Colors". Transcript ✔️
200409 Frequency of the Moon EP.20 YeoJin (+ Special Guests HeeJin, HyunJin, ViVi) No Topic. Transcript| Chat ✔️
200421 bntstar: Instagram Live HeeJin, ViVi, JinSoul, Yves, Go Won During a photoshoot filming ✔️
200424 Frequency of the Moon EP.21 Yves, Chuu Topic: "Spring" Transcript | Chat ✔️
200428 Frequency of the Moon EP.22 Go Won, Olivia Hye Topic: "Songs" Transcript | Chat ✔️
200428 Three Jin's Rowdy Art Class HeeJin, HyunJin & YeoJin Making carnation flowers. Chat ✔️
200514 Frequency of the Moon EP.23 ViVi, JinSoul & Chuu Topic: "Flower" Transcript | Chat ✔️
200522 We invite you to Yves' Birthday Party! Yves, Choerry, Go Won Yves' Bday V-Live with her beloved juniors. Making heartfelt(?) bday cards. ✔️
200524 We invite you to Messy World! LOONA Surprise V-Live ✔️
200612 Unique Birthday Party ODD EYE CIRCLE Party for Choerry and JinSoul. Chat ✔️
200618 Frequency of the Moon EP.24 HeeJin, HyunJin Topic: "Summer" Chat ✔️
200624 Frequency of the Moon EP.25 YeoJin, ViVi Topic: "Books" Chat ✔️
200711 Special Ceremony for Orbit LOONA Orbits' 2nd anniversary stream. ✔️
200814 Welcome to LOONA ISLAND💕 LOONA Giving us a tour of the Loona Island Concept Zone. ✔️
200910 Frequency of the Moon EP.26 HeeJin (+Go Won, Olivia Hye) Guest: Go Won & Olivia Hye. Topics: "New washing machines"; "Toilet paper villain". Transcript| Chat ✔️
200915 Frequency of the Moon EP.27 HyunJin (+Yves, Chuu) Chat ✔️
200918 Frequency of the Moon EP.28 YeoJin (+Kim Lip, Choerry) Transcript| Chat ✔️
200921 Frequency of the Moon EP.29 HyunJin (+Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry) Transcript | Chat ✔️
200929 Frequency of the Moon EP.30 ViVi (+YeoJin, JinSoul) Transcript | Chat ✔️
201020 Twitter Blueroom Live | Extra Q&A LOONA ✔️
201021 LOONA X LieV LOONA ✔️
201024 TikTok Live| ENG|Live Notice LOONA ✔️
201031 Welcome Orbit! (Halloween Ver.) LOONA L+ ✔️
201113 Twitch: Sudden Attack - P.1 & P.2 Olivia Hye @Gstar. +Guests: Sonnet Son & Acau ✔️
201224 Early Merry Christmas with LOONA🎄 LOONA 2Jin, YeoVi, OEC, Chuuves and HyeWon. L+ ✔️

2021[edit | edit source]

Date Title Members Content ENG
210120 Frequency of the Moon EP.31 Kim Lip (+HeeJin) Audio only series. Transcript | Chat | LOONA+ ✔️
210122 Frequency of the Moon EP.32 JinSoul (+HyunJin) Transcript | Chat | LOONA+ ✔️
210126 Frequency of the Moon EP.33 Choerry (+ViVi) Transcript | Chat | LOONA+ ✔️
210127 ★Celebration★ LTV #700 LOONA Celebrating Loona TV #700. Chat ✔️
210202 Frequency of the Moon EP.34 Yves (+Kim Lip) Transcript | Chat | LOONA+ ✔️
210203 Frequency of the Moon EP.35 YeoJin (+Go Won) Transcript | Chat | LOONA+ ✔️
210205 Yeojin Graduated 🐸🎓 YeoJin Postgraduation Mukbang | Chat ✔️
210208 Frequency of the Moon EP.36 Olivia Hye (+Yves) Transcript | Chat | LOONA+ ✔️
210209 Frequency of the Moon EP.37 Chuu (+JinSoul) Transcript | Loona+ ✔️
210210 23rd birthday party of Kim Jungeun the kid🎂 YeoJin, Kim Lip, Go Won Transcript
210216 Frequency of the Moon EP.38 HeeJin (+Chuu) Transcript | L+
210219 Frequency of the Moon EP.39 HyunJin (+Olivia Hye) Transcript | Chat| L+
210223 Frequency of the Moon EP.40 Go Won (+Choerry) Transcript | L+
210226 Frequency of the Moon EP.41 ViVi (+HeeJin) Transcript | Chat| L+
210226 103.5 KISS FM Music Meet Up LIVE LOONA Why Not?, Fall Again & Star -
210309 Frequency of the Moon EP.42 Kim Lip (+YeoJin) Transcript | Chat| L+
210311 Frequency of the Moon EP.43 JinSoul (+Go Won) Transcript | Chat| L+
210315 Frequency of the Moon EP.44 Choerry (+HyunJin) Transcript | Chat| L+
210319 Frequency of the Moon EP.45 Yves (+ ViVi)
210320 KCON:TACT 3 Breaking Live LOONA ✔️
210322 Mr.Kwang in Studio Kwang EP.5 HyunJin, Kim Lip, Choerry, Yves Goodneighbors. Kwanghee for charity ✔️
210324 Frequency of the Moon EP.46 Chuu (+Olivia Hye)
210329 Frequency of the Moon EP.47 Go Won (+ Yves)
210401 Frequency of the Moon EP.48 Olivia Hye (+ Choerry)
210405 Frequency of the Moon EP.49 HeeJin (+ JinSoul)
210408 Frequency of the Moon EP.50 HyunJin (+ Kim Lip)
210410 Lazada 'LazLive Fan Meet' | ENG LOONA MC: Ladies' Code Ashley ✔️
210413 Frequency of the Moon EP.51 YeoJin (+ HyunJin)
210415 Chuu Can Do It Livestream Chuu Chuu Can Do It Season 1 End Celebration ✔️
210416 Frequency of the Moon EP.52 ViVi (+ HeeJin; Yves) Yves called them shortly
210426 Frequency of the Moon EP.53 Kim Lip (+ YeoJin)
210430 Frequency of the Moon EP.54 Choerry (+ ViVi)
210517 Frequency of the Moon EP.55 JinSoul (+ Chuu)
210524 General Manager Ha's Birthday Party ViVi, Choerry, Yves, Go Won, Olivia Hye Chatlog ✔️

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