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Channels Edit


2017 Edit

Date Title Members Content ENG
170423 LOONA TV #100 Celebration 1/3, YeoJin ✔️
170430 A Mysterious Secret revealed today !?💕 1/3
170921 'Girl Front' First Public VLIVE Celebration OEC OEC's first VLIVE as an unit (?)
171001 30,000 Subscribers Celebration VLIVE (Feat. Chuseok) OEC
171126 Sweet Crazy Love Goodbye VLIVE OEC That JinSoul headbanging on a table clip came from that VLIVE.

2018 Edit

Date Title Members Content ENG
180116 Yeojin 1-Year Anniversary VLIVE YeoJin ✔️
180209 Kim Lip Birthday VLIVE Kim Lip, Chuu ✔️
180214 Early Congratulations to 500 Days with Heejin VLIVE HeeJin ✔️
180313 LOONA wants to see you right now! HeeJin, HaSeul, ViVi LOONA 1/3 and ViVi's first anniversary. ✔️
180407 'I want Chuu' Party ♥ MC Go Won Chuu, Go Won Chuu's 100 days celebration. ✔️
180508 Random Play LIVE ▶ START! YeoJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul Making carnations. Handcrafty VLIVE. ✔️
180523 Random Play LIVE - Revealing their Makeup Pouches Kim Lip & Yves Makeup guru time. ✔️
180530 yyxy Debut Album Release Countdown and Celebration yyxy ✔️
180530 love4eva Release Celebration yyxy ✔️
180531 LOONA yyxy Reading Fan Comments VLIVE yyxy ✔️
180601 LOONA yyxy - V ROOKIE Heart Mission | alternative subs yyxy yyxy trying to find paper hearts hidden in BlockBerry Creative's building. ✔️
180622 LOONA yyxy LieV VLIVE yyxy LieV VLIVE - ASMR-ing people so they can go to sleep. In theory. ✔️
180704 Yeojin MYLIVE Mukbang Stream #1 YeoJin ✔️
180711 Yeojin MYLIVE Mukbang Stream #2 YeoJin ✔️
180718 Yeojin MYLIVE Mukbang Stream #3 YeoJin ✔️
180806 Celebrating favOriTe Release LOONA Alt: Highlights Cuts (Subbed) ✔️
180820 "Hi High" Full Group Debut Album Sale Celebration VLIVE LOONA ✔️
181030 Yeojin MYLIVE Mukbang Stream #4 YeoJin ✔️
180921 Hi~ Hello Orbits! Long Time No See! Haseul, YeoJin, JinSoul, Yves 100k Followers Celebration VLIVE.

97 line and Maknae YeoJin.

181010 IDOL RADIO with LOONA | Cuteness Capture (BEHIND) | BEHIND LOONA LOONA trying to explain the LOONAVERSE to muggles. If only the members understood it themselves. ✔️
181020 Birthday Stream - Heejin & Chuu HeeJin, Chuu First YouTube livestream ✔️
181113 IDOL RADIO EP#43 w/ Chuu Chuu Chuu, April's Jinsoul, The Boyz's New. ✔️
181107 IDOL ROOM Preview Stream LOONA Parts of this were cut in the official broadcast didn't show some parts that were livestreamed.. ✔️
181120 IDOL ROOM w/ LOONA & fromis_9 / alt links LOONA LOONA introducing themselves to muggles. Games. ✔️

2019 Edit

Date Title Members Content ENG
190107 2JIN - I'll Be There HeeJin & HyunJin 2JIN's post-highschool graduation VLIVE. Jenga time. ✔️
190210 Orbits! Want to See Our Face? (Part 1) LOONA The drought (hiatus) drove Orbits insane so LOONA quenched us with this VLIVE. Kim Lip's birthday. Dance practice room. (1:04:06) ✔️
Orbits! Want to See Our Face? (Part 2) LOONA The livestream cut off. Second part. (4:17) ✔️
190213 Surprise V! LOONA Teaser Reaction LOONA Reaction to the Butterfly Teaser MV. Dance practice room. (22:11) ✔️
190215 On the Way to LOONAverse Concert LOONA All aboard the Loonabus. Destination: LOONAverse Concert Day 1. (26:36) ✔️
190219 X X Release, Let's Listen Together~ LOONA X X & Butterfly MV reaction. (46:20) ✔️
190306 Idol Radio EP#155 With LOONA "Fly Higher" LOONA X X era episode. Achievements & friendship celebrated. (1:09:31) ✔️
190308 The 1st LOONA Messy Drawing Contest LOONA Showing off their lack of drawing skills. Winner gets a prize. ✔️
190318 LOONA TV #500 Special - LOONA TV Quiz LOONA Quiz about LOONA TV episodes. Prize: fried chicken (1:09:31) ✔️
190331 Going home after Inkigayo Butterfly Goodbye Stage LOONA All aboard the Loonabus. Destination: Loonathedorm (19:20) ✔️
190406 LOONA's Absolute-mess-of-a Bowling Contest LOONA Messy Bowling Contest. UP Unit VS LINE Unit. ✔️
190410 LOONA - First Live YouTube Test Broadcast ft. Kim Lip and JinSoul Kim Lip, JinSoul + Yves (?) Blockberry C did a test broadcast on YT Live. Kim Lip & Jinsoul said hi to Orbits as a surprise. ✔️
190412 Winner of the Chaotic Art Contest: Seeing the Cherry Blossoms Go Won, JinSoul Go Won won the drawing contest and gets to have a solo VLIVE. JinSoul as a guest. First VLIVE outdoor. ✔️
190505 Choerry's Study Room Choerry Choerry is studying Japanese.

aka 'Choerry's breathing show' — Olivia Hye

190524 We invite you to Yves' Birthday Party  yyxy Celebrating Yves' 23rd anniversary (korean age) & yyxy's 1st anniversary. ✔️
190604 This time, it's Choerry's Birthday party! OEC, yyxy, HeeJin, YeoJin Choerry with her 2 moms. Yves & Chuu eating all the food. Bucket hat HeeJin. Games. Cameos. ✔️
190713 Orbits! Congratulations on your first anniversary! LOONA HaSeul mommy is back. yyxy is loud. Orbits turn one year old. ✔️
190808 Jamfully: Insane Quiz Show 2 - 100,000 Subscribers Livestream Chuu Insane Quiz Show S2 - with BTOB Ilhoon & ASTRO MJ ✔️
190904 Orbits, please come on in! LOONA Orbit 2.0 presentation. Post KCONLA. ✔️
191018 HeeJin & Chuu Make A Birthday Meal HeeJin, Chuu The 2 birthday girls "cook" ✔️
191022 Frequency of the Moon Ep.1 YeoJin, Choerry Audio only VLIVE. Previously titled "??" ✔️
191024 Frequency of the Moon Ep.2 HaSeul, ViVi Audio only VLIVE. Radio-like broadcast. ✔️
191028 Frequency of the Moon Ep.3 Kim Lip, JinSoul Audio only VLIVE. Radio-like broadcast. Topic: "Dreams" ✔️
191030 Frequency of the Moon Ep.4 Go Won, Olivia Hye Audio only VLIVE. Radio-like broadcast.
19110x Frequency of the Moon Ep.5 + Subbed deleted part HeeJin, HyunJin Audio only VLIVE. Radio-like broadcast. Topic: "Pets"
191108 Frequency of the Moon Ep.6 Yves, Chuu Audio only VLIVE. Radio-like broadcast.
191114 November Birthday Celebration HyunJin, YeoJin,

Go Won, Olivia Hye

November birthday girls having a party. A part of unnie line was in the chat being chaotic. Chat comments by the other members.
November Birthday Celebration (Part 2)
191120 Frequency of the Moon Ep.7 HaSeul, ViVi Audio only VLIVE. Radio-like broadcast. Topic: "Gift". Chat comments

VLIVE Content (Not live) Edit

Content found on VLIVE that isn't livestreams.

Date Title Members Content ENG
170421 LOONA Channel Open 1/3, YeoJin Channel opening teaser ✔️
170522 Kim Lip, I Love You! - HyunJin HyunJin HyunJin's cheering message to Kim Lip after her reveal ✔️
Give Lots of Love to Kim Lip, please! - ViVi ViVi ViVi's cheering message to Kim Lip after her reveal ✔️
Kim Lip's 'Eclipse' Fighting! - HeeJin! HeeJin HeeJin's cheering message to Kim Lip after her reveal ✔️
? Kim Lip is thrilled just before the release! - HaSeul HaSeul HaSeul's cheering message to Kim Lip after her reveal ✔️
171006 Heejin's 1-Year Anniversary since her debut video ❤ HeeJin ✔️
170709 LOONA/JinSoul "Singing in the Rain (feat. HeeJin)" M/V JinSoul Version of the MV with HeeJin rapping. ✔️
171226 D-1 until the release of Chuu's 'Heart Attack' - Yves Yves Yves' cheering message to Chuu before the release of 'Heart Attack'. ✔️
180129 D-1 until the release of Go Won's 'One&Only' - Chuu Chuu Chuu's cheering message to Go Won before the release of 'One&Only' ✔️
180329 D-1 until the release of Olivia Hye's 'Egoist' - Go Won Go Won Go Won's cheering message to Olivia Hye before the release of 'Egoist' ✔️
181120 Idol Room - Gowon's Solo Cam - Playlist Go Won Go Won won the opportunity to have solo focus videos of the show. Videos in a playlist. ✔️

Music Shows' BTS Edit


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