Title Member(s) Year Director(s) YouTube Vimeo
"ViViD" HeeJin 2016 VM Project Architecture 📹 1theK Danal Not 4K
"ViViD (Acoustic Mix)" VAM JINS (VAM) 📹 1theK Not 4K
"Around You" HyunJin DIGIPEDI 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"I'll Be There" HeeJin & HyunJin 📹 1theK Danal
"Let Me In" HaSeul 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"The Carol" HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"Kiss Later" YeoJin 2017 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"My Sunday" HeeJin & HyunJin VAM JINS (VAM) 📹 1theK Danal Not 4K
"My Melody" HaSeul & YeoJin 📹 1theK Danal Not 4K
"Love & Live" LOONA 1/3 DIGIPEDI 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"Everyday I Love You" ViVi 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"Sonatine" LOONA 1/3 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"Everyday I Need You" ViVi VAM JINS (VAM) 📹 Danal Not 4K
"Eclipse" Kim Lip DIGIPEDI 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"Singing in the Rain" JinSoul 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"Rain 51dB" LOONA 1/3 ? 📹
"Love Cherry Motion" Choerry DIGIPEDI 📹 Danal 📹
"Girl Front" LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE 📹 Danal 📹
(Lyric ver.)
"Sweet Crazy Love" DIGIPEDI 📹 Danal 📹
"new" Yves 📹 Danal 📹
"The Carol 2.0"
(Lyric ver.)
ViVi, Choerry, Yves ? 📹 Danal
"Heart Attack" Chuu DIGIPEDI 📹 Danal 📹
"One&Only" Go Won 2018 📹 Danal 📹
"Egoist" Olivia Hye 📹 Danal 📹
"love4eva" LOONA yyxy 📹 Danal 📹
"favOriTe" All 📹 Danal 📹
"Hi High" 📹 Danal 📹
"Butterfly" 2019 📹 Danal #1 / #2 📹
"So What" All
(w/o HaSeul)
2020 📹 1theK Danal #1 / #2 📹|📹
"Why Not?" 📹 1thek 📹
"Star" MOSWANTD 📹 1theK 📹
"Yum-Yum" YeoJin, Kim Lip, Choerry, Go Won 2021 RayKay (레이케이) 📹
"PTT (Paint The Town)" All DIGIPEDI 📹 1thek
"Not Friends" HeeJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Yves TBA 📹 1theK Bigocean ENM TBA

Reuploads / Duplicates[]

  • VLENDING (LOONA's old distributor; from "Choerry" to "|+ +]",2017-18) have also uploaded some of LOONA's MVs on their own YouTube channel but they privated them when the music rights were transfered.
  • Kakao M (LOONA's music distributor) has also uploaded on their own YT channel (1theK) some of the group's MVs and teasers whose music they now own the right of distribution. The music licences of "HeeJin" to "JinSoul" were transfered from CJ E&M to Kakao M in ~September 2019. Kakao M uploaded the MVs on 11&20 September 2019: see table above for links to videos.
  • Danal Entertainment (LOONA's other music distributor) has also uploaded on their own YT channel some of the MVs and teasers.
  • EumKo (Director of photography) also reuploads some of LOONA's MVs and other videos on his 18?cb=20180321032720 VIMEO channel:

Vertical Music Videos[]

Concept Videos[]

MUSIC VIDEOS re-released in 4K quality (all filmed by DIGIPEDI) on Vimeo[]

Title Year Vimeo (4K) Video Director(s)
"Around You" (HyunJin) 2016 📹 DIGIPEDI
"Let Me In" (HaSeul) 📹
"The Carol" (HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul) 📹
"Kiss Later" (YeoJin) 2017 📹
"Love & Live" (Loona 1/3) 📹
"Everyday I Love You" (ViVi) 📹
"Sonatine" (Loona 1/3) 📹
"Eclipse" (Kim Lip) 📹
"Singing in the Rain" (JinSoul) 📹
"Love Cherry Motion" (Choerry) 📹
"Girl Front" (Loona Odd Eye Circle) 📹
"Sweet Crazy Love" (Loona Odd Eye Circle) 📹
"new" (Yves) 📹
"Heart Attack" (Chuu) 📹
"One&Only" (Go Won) 2018 📹
"Egoist" (Olivia Hye) 📹
"love4eva" (Loona yyxy) 📹
"favOriTe" 📹
"Hi High" 📹
"Butterfly" 2019 📹
  • Since July 2019, DIGIPEDI has been re-releasing in 4K video quality most of the music videos they've filmed for LOONA, on their VIMEO channel.
  • Some of the 4K quality MVs differ slightly from the original ones.
  • They have also re-released some teasers and concept videos.
  • Fans assumed that directly after all those videos re-releases, LOONA's second comeback (B#RN) would be teased. Wrong assumptions. No teasers for B#RN were released then.

Re-released Teasers & Concept Videos - Original Versus 4K quality[]

Title Original Teasers (YouTube) Vimeo (4K) Video Director(s)
Cinema Theory : Up & Line 📹 📹 DIGIPEDI
one 📹 📹
X1X 📹 📹
XIIX 📹 📹
XIVX 📹 📹

Filmed by DIGIPEDI, those teasers and concept videos are LOONAVERSE lore heavy. The re-released videos (in 4K quality) contain different scenes from the original ones.

4K MVs + Teasers + Concept Videos - In release order decided by DIGIPEDI  []

Title Video


Vimeo (4K)
"Butterfly" DIGIPEDI 📹
"Sweet Crazy Love" (Loona Odd Eye Circle) 📹
"Hi High" 📹
"Heart Attack" (Chuu) 📹
"Kiss Later" (YeoJin) 📹
"Girl Front" (Loona Odd Eye Circle) 📹
"Around You" (HyunJin) - OG Film Ver 📹
"Love & Live" (Loona 1/3) 📹
"favOriTe" 📹
"Everyday I Love You" (ViVi) 📹
"Egoist" (Olivia Hye) 📹
"The Carol" (HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul) 📹
"Love Cherry Motion" (Choerry) 📹
"One&Only" (Go Won) 📹
"new" (Yves) 📹
"Let Me In" (HaSeul) 📹
"Singing in the Rain" (JinSoul) 📹
"love4eva" (Loona yyxy) 📹
"Sonatine" (Loona 1/3) 📹
"Eclipse" (Kim Lip) 📹
Cinema Theory : Up & Line 📹
one 📹
X1X 📹

Special Music Videos[]

Title Year Director(s) Links
"ViViD (Acoustic Mix)" (HeeJin) 2016 VAM JINS (VAM) YouTube Icon.png | 18?cb=20180321032720
"Around You" Original Film Ver. (HyunJin) DIGIPEDI YouTube Icon.png | 18?cb=20180321032720
"Love & Live" (VR 360º Ver.)" (Loona 1/3) 2017 ? YouTube Icon.png (unofficial)
"You and Me Together" (Loona 1/3) DIGIPEDI (?) YouTube Icon.png

"Everyday I Love You" (ViVi) - HyunJin Lipsynch Video

DIGIPEDI Facebook Icon.png
"Everyday I Love You" (ViVi) - HaSeul Lipsynch Video Facebook Icon.png
"Everyday I Love You" (ViVi) - HeeJin Lipsynch Video Facebook Icon.png
"Everyday I Love You" (ViVi) - YeoJin Lipsynch Video Facebook Icon.png
"Singing in the Rain" (JinSoul) Rap: HEEJIN VER. V LIVE Icon.png
"Loonatic" (Lyric ver.) (Loona Odd Eye Circle) DIGIPEDI (?) YouTube Icon.png
"The Carol 2.0" (Lyric ver.) (ViVi, Choerry, Yves) ? YouTube Icon.png
"Around You" Woomanna Special Ver (HyunJin) ? YouTube Icon.png

MUSIC VIDEOS (Choreography Version)[]

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