Fact iN Star (팩트인스타 or 팩트iN스타), is a South Korean variety show that airs on TBS and is also broadcasted on YouTube. The show invites K-pop idol groups and/or soloists as guests, each episode.

Description[edit | edit source]

The show is uploaded and subtitled in English and some other languages on YouTube. The edited episodes are usually subtitled a few days after their release while the unedited versions of the episodes (which are released a few days later) remain unsubbed.

The episodes used to be streamed live on the YouTube channel and an edited version would then be released a few days later. Nowadays the episodes are prerecorded; edited versions of episodes are released before their unedited recordings. The show is usually recorded on Monday.

Fact iN Star was one of the first variety shows on which LOONA appeared as guests, with subunit LOONA 1/3 being the first guests from LOONA, back in Mars 2017.

From May 31, 2020[1] to February 14, 2021,[2] it has been hosted by Yves of LOONA and singer-songwriter Yoo Jaehwan (유재환), following the departure of its previous host, MC Jun. Mid February 2021, the show is taking a break and getting restructured; Yves left as an MC then.

Airing Time[edit | edit source]

  • Aired On: Friday at 9:00 PM (KST) - on YouTube
  • Aired On: Sunday at 12:30 PM (KST) - on TBS TV On Air

Episodes with LOONA members[edit | edit source]

Year Guests Episodes Unedited Platform Role
2017 LOONA 1/3 Preshow - YouTube Icon.png Guest
2018 LOONA yyxy Link unedited
2019 LOONA LInk unedited
2020 LOONA Part 1 unedited
Part 2
YeoJin & Choerry, Sleepy & Block B's Jaehyo Part 1 - Yves as Special MC
Part 2 -
Ryu Sujeong (Lovelyz)  Link unedited
Secret Number Link unedited
YUBIN (Wonder Girls) Link unedited
DIA Link unedited
NATURE Link unedited
Weki Meki Link unedited
Golden Child Part 1 unedited
Part 2 unedited
Weeekly Link unedited
Jung Sewoon Link unedited
Eric Nam Link unedited
Rocket Punch Link unedited
Cherry Bullet Link unedited
ONF Link unedited
CRAVITY Link unedited
B.O.Y Link unedited
A.C.E Link unedited
DONGKIZ, OnlyOneOf, TOO Link unedited
ASTRO Moonbin & Sanha Link unedited
LOONA Part 1 unedited Guest

Exy of Cosmic Girls replaced Yves as Special MC

Part 2
Weeekly Link unedited Yves as Special MC
DRIPPIN Link unedited
STAYC Link unedited
2021 T1419 Link unedited
Bling Bling, Cignature Link -
Cherry Bullet Link unedited
K-TIGERS ZERO Link unedited
Golden Child Link unedited

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