“Everyday I Love You (feat. HaSeul)” (Hangul: 에브리데이 아이 러브 유) is the first and the title track of the single album ViVi. It is also the solo single album of ViVi, previously introduced under LOONA 1/3.

The track features the member HaSeul for the rap. The music video for the song was released on April 16, 2017. The video features a cameo from all previously introduced members to this point, as well as BlockBerryCreative’s first known male trainee, now known as Love of OnlyOneOf.



Revealed at last, ViVi’s solo title track, “Everyday I Love You”, reinterprets the 90s style in a modern way and maximizes ViVi’s unique charm. ViVi’s style is refreshing without embellishments, like the originality of the 1990s which was the era of classical sweethearts like Kang Suji and Ha Soo-bin, and this can be seen in music and video.

Produced by DIGIPEDI, LOONA’s music video director, “Everyday I Love You” draws attention with its recreation of the 90s aesthetic.

In addition to nostalgic items like rollerskates, Walkmans, Unplugged Boy, and Coolpix cameras being brought out, HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, and YeoJin all came out as cameos to lend help on ViVi’s solo. Additionally, the male lead of the music video (who dances hip-hop when he's sad), is notable as the first male trainee being revealed by BlockBerryCreative.[1]

Moon Seokho, Digipedi Director[]

ViVi’s Story

  1. The “Love & Live” music video follows the story of the android ViVi’s identity and love. She looks at the other girls around her who are breathing heavily after running. “Why isn’t it as hard for me as it is for my friends? Why doesn’t my heart beat faster? I want to feel my heart pounding too.” ViVi, who ran and ran until her chest was beating, finally stops in the middle of a strange road.
  2. The story of the “Everyday I Love You” music video was created by restoring ViVi’s memories as a human, before she was converted into an Android.
  3. The fifth, not the fourth. Bleached hair. A sparkling left eye. Running through the grasslands.


드디어 공개된 ‘비비’의 솔로 타이틀 곡 “Everyday I Love You”은 90년대 스타일을 현대적으로 재해석하며 ‘비비’만의 상큼함을 극대화했다. 강수지, 하수빈 같은 고전적인 미소녀 시대였던 90년대의 오리지널리티처럼 꾸미지 않아도 상큼한 ‘비비’만의 스타일을 음악과 영상으로 확인할 수 있다.

특히 ‘이달의 소녀’의 뮤직비디오 디렉터인 DigiPedi가 작업한 “Everyday I Love You”는 영상에서도 90년대 스타일을 재현하며 눈길을 끈다.

롤러 스케이트, 워크맨, 언플러그드보이, 쿨픽스 카메라 등 추억의 아이템들을 꺼냄과 동시에 ‘희진’, ‘현진’, ‘하슬’, ‘여진’까지 카메오로 총 출동해 ‘비비’의 솔로에 힘을 실어주었다. 또한 “슬플 땐 힙합을 추는”뮤직비디오의 남자 주인공은 블록베리 크리에이티브에서 공개되는 첫 번째 남자 연습생이 등장해 관심을 모은다.[2]

Moon Seokho, Digipedi Director[]

비비 이야기

  1. 지금, 좋아해’ 뮤직비디오는 안드로이드 비비 자신의 정체성과 사랑에 관한 이야기이다. 달리기 후 숨을 몰아 쉬며 힘들어하는 다른 소녀들을 보며 비비는 생각한다. ‘나는 왜 친구들처럼 힘들어하지 않을까? 왜 심장이 더 빨리 뛰지 않을까? 나도 가슴이 두근두근하고싶다.’ 가슴이 뛸 때까지 달리고 달리던 비비는 결국 낯선 길 한 가운데 멈춰 선다.
  2. ‘Everyday I Love You’ 뮤직비디오의 이야기는 비비가 안드로이드로 개조되기 전, 인간 시절 비비의 기억을 복원해 만들어졌다.
  3. 네 번째가 아닌 다섯 번째. 탈색한 머리. 빛나는 왼쪽 눈. 초원을 달리는 [3].


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  • Directed by: Noneun Eorini, Yun Yeong Min
  • Background Vocals by: Park Eun Woo
  • Guitar Performed by: Jeong Jae Pil
  • Bass Performed by: Im Ki Beom
  • Piano Performed by: Kim Won Hyun (Kemosabe by ET)
  • Synth Performed by: Yun Yeong Min (Kemosabe by ET)
  • MIDI Programming by: Kim Nam Yeong
  • Recorded by: Choi Jun Cheol @ C&
  • Mixed by: Cho Jun Seong @ W Sound



Teaser 이달의 소녀 ViVi (LOONA 비비) "Everyday I Love You"

Released on April 13, 2017


Teaser 이달의 소녀 ViVi (LOONA 비비) "Busan"

Released on April 14, 2017


MV 이달의 소녀 ViVi (LOOΠΔ 비비) “Everyday I Love You (Feat. HaSeul)”

Released on April 17, 2017


  • “Everyday I Love You” features HaSeul’s first rapping part.
  • Before the music video for “Everyday I Need You” could be released, the music video for “Everyday I Love You” needed to reach 300k views on Youtube.
  • “Everyday I Love You” is the first debut song in LOONA’s history to feature rapping in it.
    • “Everyday I Love You” is one of only two debut songs to feature an additional member rather than solely the debuting member, the other being “Egoist (feat. JinSoul)”.
  • The title of this song is grammatically incorrect; “Everyday” is an adjective meaning “daily”, while the title is most likely intended to be “Every Day I Love You” (Each day I love you).


  • Korean lyrics: Melon
  • English translation: “Everyday I Love You” MV official English captions