DIGIPEDI (디지페디; or DIGITAL PEDICURE) is a South Korean video production company founded by Seong Wonmo (성원모) and Park Sangwoo, in 2007. They produce and direct music videos and film commercials.

They have filmed the majority of LOONA's music videos and other LOONAVERSE related videos.

DIGIPEDI is well known as creative production company based in Seoul, Korea. We work internationally, and we are very proud to develop and produce its directors with a global approach.

Our aim is to bring every project up to the best standards of quality, applying a know-how and dedication to craft that has developed into our very own methodology.

As the leading creative music video production of the industry, DIGIPEDI worked with numerous partners over the years. Since 2007, DIGIPEDI has been produced more than 400 videos. Not only Music Video but also we have produced and directed commercial films for L’Oreal Paris, Reckit Benkeiser, Puma, Converse, Intel, Samsung, LG electronics and so on.
- DIGIPEDI's self presentation


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Videos filmed for LOONA[]

LOONA Music Videos filmed by DIGIPEDI[]

Title Year YouTube Vimeo
"Around You" (HyunJin) 2016 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"I'll Be There" (HeeJin & HyunJin) 📹 1theK Danal
"Let Me In" (HaSeul) 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"The Carol" (HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul) 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"Kiss Later" (YeoJin) 2017 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"Love & Live" (Loona 1/3) 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"Everyday I Love You" (ViVi) 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"Sonatine" (Loona 1/3) 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"Eclipse" (Kim Lip) 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"Singing in the Rain" (JinSoul) 📹 1theK Danal 📹
"Love Cherry Motion" (Choerry) 📹 Danal 📹
"Girl Front" (Loona Odd Eye Circle) 📹 Danal 📹
"Sweet Crazy Love" (Loona Odd Eye Circle) 📹 Danal 📹
"new" (Yves) 📹 Danal 📹
"Heart Attack" (Chuu) 📹 Danal 📹
"One&Only" (Go Won) 2018 📹 Danal 📹
"Egoist" (Olivia Hye) 📹 Danal 📹
"love4eva" (Loona yyxy) 📹 Danal 📹
"favOriTe" 📹 Danal 📹
"Hi High" 📹 Danal 📹
"Butterfly" 2019 📹 Danal 📹
"So What" 2020 📹 1theK Danal 📹|📹
"Why Not?" 📹 1thek 📹|📹
"PTT (Paint The Town)" 2021 📹 1theK

LOONA Concept Videos by DIGIPEDI[]

LOONA Teasers & Concept Videos - Original Versus 4K quality[]

Title Original Teasers (YouTube) Vimeo (4K) Video Director(s)
Cinema Theory : Up & Line 📹 📹 DIGIPEDI
one 📹 📹
X1X 📹 📹
XIIX 📹 📹
XIVX 📹 📹

Those teasers and concept videos are LOONAVERSE lore heavy. Some MVs released in 4K quality on Vimeo contain different scenes from the original ones (on YouTube).

LOONA Special Music Videos[]

Title Year Director(s) Links
"Around You" Original Film Ver. (HyunJin) 2016 DIGIPEDI YouTube Icon.png | 18?cb=20180321032720

"Everyday I Love You" (ViVi) - HyunJin Lipsynch Video

2017 DIGIPEDI Facebook Icon.png
"Everyday I Love You" (ViVi) - HaSeul Lipsynch Video Facebook Icon.png
"Everyday I Love You" (ViVi) - HeeJin Lipsynch Video Facebook Icon.png
"Everyday I Love You" (ViVi) - YeoJin Lipsynch Video Facebook Icon.png
"Singing in the Rain" (JinSoul) Rap: HEEJIN VER. V LIVE Icon.png

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