“Curiosity” (Hangul: 큐리오시티) is the fourth track from the repackage album [X X] by LOONA.

Description[edit | edit source]

With LOOΠΔ’s unique signature sounds, “Curiosity” solves the riddles of the mystique, mesmerizing the audiences.[1]

‘Curiosity’는 이달의 소녀 특유의 사운드로 신비로움을 풀어내듯 음악을 따라 귀를 기울이다보면 어느새 푹 빠져버리게 되는 곡.

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  • Vocals Directed by: G-High
  • Background Vocals by: Instagram Icon.png Jeon Jae Hee (전재희)
  • Keyboard Performed by: G-High
  • Protools Operating by: G-High, Kang Seon Yeong @ MonoTree Studio
  • Digital Editing by: G-High @ G-highway Studio
  • Recorded by: G-High, Kang Seon Yeong @ MonoTree Studio
  • Mixed by: Instagram Icon.png MasterKey @ Instagram Icon.png 821 SOUND

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