Chuu Can Do It (Hangul: 지구를 지켜츄, Jigu-reul jikyeochuu, Protect the Earth), also known as Chuu Protect the Earth, is a South Korean series that began airing on January 7, 2021 and was released on YouTube since December 29, 2020.

A second season was announced at the release of season 1’s last episode.

A third season was announced to air on January 28, 2022, and has moved to Fridays.


BlockBerryCreative and DIA TV (a sister company of Mnet) partnered up to spread awareness about global warming with Chuu as the main cast.[1] She gains a sticker when she passes each syllabus, but has to pay a 1000 won penalty in cash if she fails. The first series doesn't end until she completes the sticker sheet.

In the second series, Mercedes becomes the sponsor for the show. The stickers are replaced by plant seeds in a small pouch, local snacks or badges.

Main cast[]


  • LOONA (EP. 25, EP. 26)
  • JooE of Momoland (EP.7)
  • ENFP Shopkeeper (EP. 8, EP.41)
  • FreeZia (YouTuber, fashion YouTuber; EP.11)
  • Chungha (Guest MC on EP.14, EP. 67)
  • Hani (EP.14)
  • Lee Jiyoon (EP. 20)
  • Jung Sanghoon (EP.33)
  • Seo Hongkwan (EP.34)
  • Gabee of La Chica Dance Group (EP.41)
  • PBro Duo (EP.44)
    • Zion Luz
    • Recto Luz
  • Hwang Iseul (EP.48)
  • DanceKang (EP.49)

Special appearances[]

    • ViVi (EP.1)
    • Yves (EP.1, EP.3, EP.13, voice only via video call on EP.30)
    • HeeJin (EP.3, pixelated and brief appearance on EP. 6 as she has already cleaned up for bed, EP. 30 via video call, EP. 50)
    • Kim Lip (EP.3, could not join the reunion in EP.7 due to conflicting schedules)
    • Choerry (EP.3, brief appearance on EP. 4, EP.6, EP.13)
    • Go Won (EP.6, only the back of her head was briefly shown on EP.13 as she has already cleaned up for bed.)
    • JinSoul (EP.13)
    • HyunJin (EP.30 via video call)
    • YeoJin (EP.47 via phone call)
  • Chuu's mother (Epilogue EP.10)


Main channel[]

Season 1[]

# Air Date Title Description Guest(s) Link
Teaser December 28, 2020 Henlo❤ I’m LOONA’s Chuu ٩(ˊᗜˋ )و Chuu’s YouTube is finally opening! YouTube Icon.png
0 December 31, 2020 “Save the Earth” CHUU screams it out YouTube Icon.png
1 January 7, 2021 🚨개밥그릇🚨에 케이크 주는 곳이 있다?! 일회용품 없는 카페 알바 체험 Chuu part-timing at a no-disposable café called “EARTH US” ViVi, Yves YouTube Icon.png
2 January 14, 2021 Tesla Model 3 review! Take an electric car to work Go to work in an electric car (quick look at a Tesla e-car) YouTube Icon.png
3 January 21, 2021 Who said the Chuu's burger wasn't good? 🔫 (Bang!) Learning to make a vegan burger HeeJin, Kim Lip, Choerry, Yves YouTube Icon.png
4 January 28, 2021 Waste sorting Test! Confused... Proper recycling exam (fail, did not reach 70% overall) Choerry YouTube Icon.png
5 February 4, 2021 Plastic Upcycling ~~ Plastic upcycling YouTube Icon.png
6 February 11, 2021 Green Straw Review I Chuu's likes and dislikes beverage Trying different beverages with different reusable straws made from different materials Choerry, Go Won YouTube Icon.png
7 February 18, 2021 Chuu's High school non-contact reuinon!! (with Momo-land JOO E) Host a high-school LAN-line reunion (Zoom Conference).
Task: Order the same item of food that they enjoyed in high school by only using reusable containers. (Failed, all friends brought different foods)
JooE (MOMOLAND) YouTube Icon.png
8 February 25, 2021 The bottom of Chuu's heart Make honey wax food wraps YouTube Icon.png
9 March 4, 2021 Create a 100K Anniversary Channel Logo Song 100k Silver plaque! Create and record a theme song YouTube Icon.png
10 March 11, 2021 How about your Sunday? Drama version: Doing her laundry at a laundromat with her own reusable bags and natural cleaning soap nuts on Sunday night YouTube Icon.png
Epilogue March 14, 2021 Chuu Can Do It! BEHIND Behind the scenes filming of EP10 (feat. INTJ PD and her Nintendo Switch), Soap nuts review (feat. Chuu’s mother) YouTube Icon.png
11 March 18, 2021 Who wants to go luxury shopping with Chuu?👒👜 (feat. Free지아) Create a weekly look book of a college student with a budget of 300k won (feat fake fur and pre-loved clothing[2]). FreeZia YouTube Icon.png
12 March 25, 2021 Peaceful Chuu Intern's Day. Intern: Upcycle old banners and umbrella to make iPhone cases, card wallet and pouches. (feat. Retired Sango) YouTube Icon.png
13 April 1, 2021 Chuu's Used Market OPEN👚 Sell items from the messy dorm using Carrot Market (Localized and community version of eBay/TradeMe) JinSoul, Choerry YouTube Icon.png
14 April 8, 2021 The Last Episode of the Chuu Can Do It Finale of Season 1: 3 Gifts for Chuu—Reuniting with Hani and Chungha, Clean Up and Picnic (feat strawberry cake from EP.1) at Eurwangni Beach Hani (EXID), Chungha YouTube Icon.png
Special April 15, 2021 Chuu Livestream Reminder YouTube Icon.png
Special April 15, 2021 Chuu Can Do It Livestream - Season 1 End Celebration YouTube Icon.png
15 April 22, 2021 Chuu Collection I Chuu Can Do It Unreleased BEHIND Moments YouTube Icon.png
Special April 23, 2021 YouTube shorts: Chuu’s “Hello” Compilation ^♡^ YouTube Icon.png

Off-season 1[]

# Air Date Title Description Guest(s) Link Behind
16 Apr 29, 2021 It's going to be a hit this year? Fortune Telling with HeeChuu HeeJin YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
17 May 6, 2021 Finally We met! Chuu met with Gayoung 🥰 Voice acting lessons with Jeon Misook, the original voice actress of Gayoung (Kagome Higurashi) Jeon Mi-sook YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
17.1 May 6, 2021 Chuu's first voice actor challenge : Dear Girl Voice acting collaboration with Jeon Misook YouTube Icon.png
18 May 13, 2021 I'm not a Pocari Sweat model from today. Chuu VS Pocari Upcycling with Pocari Sweat bottles as a model for the drink YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
YouTube Icon.png
19 May 20, 2021 If you watch this video🎬 you will order delivery🍕 Delivering takeaways for program staff (feat. NO disposable cutleries and reusable cutlery set) YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
Special May 24, 2021 Chuu Can Do It Goods Unboxing YouTube Icon.png
20 May 27, 2021 Save the Peace🕊 Saving the Peace between North and South Korea (feat. a trip to National Institute for Unification Education) Lee Ji-yoon YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
21 June 3, 2021 I broke up with staff during the trip. Trip to Mukpo YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
22 June 10, 2021 Why tire is coming out of here? Cleaning up Gyeonggi Sea with ChuuLivia (feat. Olivia Hye's Home Province) Olivia Hye YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
23 June 17, 2021 There are two ways to make Chuu angry ASMR with healthy foods, with HyeLip Kim Lip, Olivia Hye YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
24 June 24, 2021 Chuu, why are you crying? Flying yoga with ChuuVes Yves YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
Special Jun 25, 2021 500K Subscribers Thank You Message | ECO Challenge YouTube Icon.png
25 July 1, 2021 "Chuu Can Do IT" Athletics I Loona Complete 🔥 LOONA's Athletics Day Part 1 LOONA YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
YouTube Icon.png
26 July 8, 2021 Chuu Can Do It's Field day Final LOONA's Athletics Day Part 2 LOONA YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
YouTube Icon.png
27 July 22, 2021 Are U Chuugummy?😍 Finding 10 pre-subscribed Chuugummies (Passed) YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
28 July 29, 2021 FLEX for Chuu 💎 Final: We Appreciate Chuu: Luxurious day just for Chuu YouTube Icon.png
Special July 30, 2021 Happy Chuu Collection YouTube Icon.png
29 August 5, 2021 Chuu Can Do it Live Streaming Behind Cut YouTube Icon.png
30 August 12, 2021 Chuu's 1st V-log 🎬 Self quarantine Life Self-quarantine Vlog YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
YouTube Icon.png

Season 2[]

# Air Date Title Description Guest(s) Link Behind
Teaser August 15, 2021 Chuu Can Do it Season2 Spoiler Visiting Mercedes EQ Cafe, and has become the sponsor of the show YouTube Icon.png
31 August 19, 2021 Do you want to get in my electric car? 🚗🚗 Visiting Mercedes EQ Cafe, and has become the sponsor of the show YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
32 August 26, 2021 Chuu Can Do It School trip 🎢 Field trip in Gyeongju (feat. a brave 13-year-old thrill-seeker) YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
33 September 2, 2021 Don't watch Chuu Can Do IT in high definition (removed) YouTube at Standard Definition (144p at most), or go without it entirely, and deleting old emails and messages on KnowledgeIN (Korean version of Yahoo Answers) Jung Sang-hoon YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
34 September 9, 2021 🚭 Smokers must Watch 🚭 Help production staff quit smoking Seo Hong-kwan YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
35 Take good care of the fridge 🤮 Please Take Care of A Fridge Full of Leftovers from staff September 16, 2021 YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
36 September 23, 2021 A sweet day with a shelter puppy 🐶 Sweet Day with Shelter Puppy (feat. being dropped off by the Electric Mercedes) YouTube Icon.png
37 September 30, 2021 The buddymoon with Choerry 🍒 ENFPs Trip to Daegu with only 50,000 Won. (feat. Squid Game) Choerry YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
38 October 7, 2021 Decorating Chuu's diary 📒 Decorating diary, historical trip to Cheonan City YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
39 October 14, 2021 Chuu is getting married 👰🏻 Getting married to oneself with an eco-friendly wedding (feat. a bouquet with live roots and a reusable wedding gown) YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
40 October 21, 2021 카메라는 꽉 잡으세요 📷 어떻게 알았냐고요? 츄도 알고 싶지 않았음... 냉탕과 온탕을 오가는 가을 출사 🍂🍁 Taking pictures in around Seoul (feat. an expensive dropped camera with no pranks), and sharing them on Gongyoo Madang, Korean version of Flickr YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
41 October 28, 2021 Chuu & Gabi 's Eco Bag Making 🛍 Learning to make Eco-bag with the ENFP shopkeeper back in Ep. 8 (feat. Gabee of La Chica Dance Crew) Gabee (La Chica Dance Group) YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
YouTube Icon.png
42 November 4, 2021 Born to the Cheongju 💗 Return hometown to be ⭐️ Super-Star⭐️ Returning to clean up Chungju, her hometown (feat. filmed on Wednesday, so no hotteok) YouTube Icon.png
43 November 11, 2021 Chuu's L.N.T Camping 🥩 With HeeJin & HyunJin Eco-Camping with 2Jin (feat. birthday cake for HeeChuu from HyunJin) HeeJin, HyunJin YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
44 November 18, 2021 Let's make Eco-friendly instruments 🥁🎷🎹 Make musical instruments by reusing bottles (filming the week after EP.42, feat two aliens) PBro Duo (Zion Luz, Recto Luz) YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
45 November 25, 2021 Chuu Can Do it News 📰 Intern Reporter Chuu's Daily 🔍 Investigate Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Station YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
46 December 2, 2021 Eco-Drawing Contest of Chuu Can Do it ⭐ Make a poster for Environmental Awareness while judging others' work, end of season 2 YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png

Season 3[]

# Air Date Title Description Guest(s) Link Behind
47 December 24, 2021 Chuu Can Do It 🌏 Unreleased videos Open! 🎁 Merry -Christmachuu 🎄 YouTube Icon.png
48 January 28, 2022 Eco-friendly Korean traditional clothes, Hanbok 🙇🏻‍♀️Happy Loona New Year 💖 Making eco-friendly traditional clothes YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
49 February 4, 2022 Jiwoo Store Ep. 1 with Dancekang ✨💥 On-selling Dancekang's items DanceKang YouTube Icon.png
50 February 11, 2022 Let's Make vegan Chocolate Cake 🍰 with HeeJin Jeon HeeJin YouTube Icon.png
51 February 18, 2022 V-League All Star Game Buy Paperless Online Tickets, giving away reusable tumblers, become special Service Specialist Kim HeeJin, Kim Suji, Yang Hyojin, Hwang Taekhui, Lim Sungjin, HolyBang Dance Crew, Kim Yeongkoung YouTube Icon.png
52 February 25, 2022 Jiwoo's Market Ep.2 with Giriboy On-selling Giriboy's items Giriboy YouTube Icon.png
Special March 25, 2022 Chuu Can Do It return Live Relic Troves Competition YouTube Icon.png
53 March 31, 2022 Chuu's agricultural activity Farming experience in Janghowon-eup, Icheon YouTube Icon.png
54 April 8, 2022 Jiwoo's Market Ep.3 with Kwon Jung-yeol of 10CM On-selling Kwon Jung-yeol's items Kwon Jung-yeol YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
55 April 15, 2022 Chuu Can Do It relic contest Highlights of her Live special on March 25, 2022 YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
56 April 22, 2022 Earth Day promotions and 1M subscriber special Qiuizzing the public about environmental awareness in Yongnam-dong (feat. Japanese contestant and the Flagship store of Earth Us from Ep.1) YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png
57 April 29, 2022 Jiwoo's Market Ep.4 with HolyBang Dance Crew On-selling HolyBang Dance Crew's items, Chuu learning to dance hip-hop sexily HolyBang Dance Crew

(HoneyJ, Eevee, Belle, Lo-A, Mull, Hertz, Taro)

58 May 6, 2022 Housewarming for Chuu Can Do It's new office Sorting out the prop room in the new office building YouTube Icon.png
59 May 13, 2022
60 May 20, 2022 The soap maker Making organic soap Lee Soo Chang
61 May 27, 2022 Drunken Chuu, we're fiming now 1 Million view recognition test, vegan meals at ALTa at Itaewon YouTube Icon.png
Chuu Vlog 1 Jun 3, 2022 Chuu Vog 1 Window shopping in Seoul (feat. a discontinued video camera) YouTube Icon.png
62 Jun 10, 2022 Hotel Staycation at Walkerhill hotel's vegan room Staycation at Walker Hill after the channel reached 1M subscribers and unboxinbg the golden plaque YouTube Icon.png
63 Jun 17, 2022 Vegan mukbang Tasting a vegan menu with a meat-loving mukbang vlogger Calm Down Man YouTube Icon.png
64 Jun 24, 2022 Making and selling vegan soap Part-timer at Body Shop Gangnam YouTube Icon.png
65 July 8, 2022 Making upcycled bags YouTube Icon.png
66 July 15, 2022 Cleaning up Han Rikver Park Awarding plates for people that eats without leftovers YouTube Icon.png
67 July 26, 2022 Jiwoo Market EP. 5 with Chungha Guessing songs from poor dance covers (feat. the same cameraman that filmed Produce 48) Chungha YouTube Icon.png







  • On April 29, 2021, the channel name was shortened from “지구를 지켜츄 (Jigu-reul jikyeochuu)” to “지켜츄 (Jikyeochuu)”.
  • Subscribers to the channel are known as “츄꾸미” (Chuukkumi, “Chuugummy”), a combination of “츄” (Chuu) and “꿈” (kkom, dream).[3]
  • Unlike Chuu, who is an Apple user, the show’s PDs use various Samsung phones.
  • EP.33 was taken off the channel, as it is the only video filmed over 1080p, which is deemed to be environmentally unhealthy.
  • Mercedes only became the car sponsor in season 2.
  • EP.51 coincided with the first V-League All Star game in 2 years since the pandemic hit. It's a double-header (male and female matches).
  • Filming for season 3 has halted in Feb/March, 2022 because all members except for HyunJin caught COVID-19.
  • While filming for EP.56, they found the flagship store for Earth Us from Ep.1. The store where Chuu worked back in EP.1 was the only other branch.
  • HolyBang Dance Crew accepted Chuu's invitation to feature in the show during V-League All Star Game. Belle was absent as guest for the game because she had a knee injury that required surgery, but has now recovered. Jane was present for the V-League All Star Game, but was absent for the second meeting due to conflicting schedules.