Chuu Can Do It (Hangul: 지구를 지켜츄, Jigureul jikyeochuu, Protect the Earth), also known as Chuu Protect the Earth, is a South Korean series that began airing on January 7, 2021 and was released on YouTube since December 29, 2020.

A second season was announced at the release of season 1’s last episode.


BlockBerryCreative and DIA TV (a sister company of Mnet) partnered up to spread awareness about global warming with Chuu as the main cast.[1] She gains a sticker when she passes each syllabus, but has to pay a 1000 won penalty in cash if she fails. The first series doesn't end until she completes the sticker sheet.

In the second series, Mercedes becomes the sponsor for the show. The stickers are replaced by plant seeds in a small pouch.

Main Cast[]


  • LOONA (EP. 25, EP. 26)
  • JooE of Momoland (EP.7)
  • FreeZia (YouTuber, fashion YouTuber; EP.11)
  • Chungha (Guest, Guest MC on EP.14)
  • Hani (EP.14)
  • Lee Jiyoon (EP. 20)
  • Jung Sanghoon (EP.33)
  • Seo Hongkwan (EP.34)

Special appearances[]

    • ViVi (EP.1)
    • Yves (EP.1, EP.3, EP.13, voice only via video call on EP.30)
    • HeeJin (EP.3, pixelated and brief appearance on EP. 6 as she has already cleaned up for bed, EP. 30 via video call)
    • Kim Lip (EP.3, could not join the reunion in EP.7 due to conflicting schedules)
    • Choerry (EP.3, brief appearance on EP. 4, EP.6, EP.13)
    • Go Won (EP.6, only the back of her head was briefly shown on EP.13 as she has already cleaned up for bed.)
    • JinSoul (EP.13)
    • HyunJin (EP.30 via video call)
  • Chuu's mother (Epilogue EP.10)


Main channel[]

Season 1[]

  • Teaser
  • EP.0
  • EP.1 - Chuu part-timing at a no-disposable café called "EARTH US"
  • EP.2 - Go to work in an electric car (quick look at a Tesla e-car)
  • EP.3 - Learning to make a vegan burger
  • EP.4 - Proper Recycling Exam (Fail, did not reach 70% overall)
  • EP.5 - Plastic Upcycling
  • EP.6 - Trying different beverages with different reusable straws made from different materials
  • EP.7 - Host a high-school LAN-line reunion (Zoom Conference). Task: Order the same item of food that they enjoyed in high school by only using reusable containers. (Failed, all friends brought different foods)
  • EP.8 - Make honey wax food wraps
  • EP.9 - 100k Silver plague! Create and record a theme song
  • EP.10 - Drama version: Doing her laundry at a laundromat with her own reusable bags and natural cleaning soap nuts on Sunday night.
  • Epilogue - Behind the scenes filming of EP10 (feat. INTJ PD and her Nintendo Switch), Soap nuts review (feat. Chuu's mother)
  • EP.11 - Create a weekly look book of a college student with a budget of 300k won (feat fake fur and pre-loved clothing[2]).
  • EP.12 - Intern: Upcycle old banners and umbrella to make iPhone cases, card wallet and pouches. (feat. Retired Sango)
  • EP.13 - Sell items from the messy dorm using Carrot Market (Localized and community version of eBay/TradeMe)
  • EP.14 - Final of Season 1: 3 Gifts for Chuu - Reuniting with Hani and Chungha, Clean Up and Picnic (feat strawberry cake from EP.1) at Eurwangni Beach
  • Chuu Livestream Reminder (츄는 지금 라이브중!)
  • Chuu Can Do It Livestream - Season 1 End Celebration - ENG (unofficial)
  • EP.15 - BEHIND Moments
  • YouTube shorts: Chuu's "Hello" Compilation (안녕하세요 츄예영 ^♡^)
Off-season 1[]
During LOONA's Self-isolation period[]
  • EP.30 - Self-quarantine Vlog

Season 2[]

  • EP.31-Visiting Mercedes EQ Cafe, and has become the sponsor of the show.
  • EP.32 - Field trip in Gyeongju (feat. a brave 13-year-old thrill-seeker)
  • EP.33 - YouTube at Standard Definition (144p at most), or go without it entirely, and deleting old emails and messages on KnowledgeIN (Korean version of Yahoo Answers).
  • EP.34 - Help production staff quit smoking.
  • EP.35 - Please Take Care of A Fridge Full of Leftovers from staff
  • EP.36 - Sweet Day with Shelter Puppy (feat. being dropped off by the Electric Mercedes)







  • On April 29, 2021, the channel name was shortened from “지구를 지켜츄” to “지켜츄”.
  • Subscribers to the channel are known as “츄꾸미” (Chuukkumi, “Chuugummy”), a combination of “츄” (Chuu) and “꿈” (kkom, dream).[3]