ChuuVes (Chuu and Y/Ves) is the friendship pairing between Yves and Chuu. This pairing was first introduced in the music video for Chuu's single Heart Attack.

Other NamesEdit

  • JiSoo (Ji/Woo and Soo/Young)
  • Yvuu(Yv/es and Ch/uu)
  • 입츄 (Ib-Chuu, YvesChuu)
    • 입추 (Ib-Chu) (alternate)




  • Both were born in South Korea.
  • Both have brown eyes.
  • Both have brown hair.
  • Both were revealed as members in 2017.
  • Both are part of LOONA's third sub-unit, yyxy.
  • Both of their representative are aquatic birds: Swan (Yves) and Penguin (Chuu).
  • Both of their representative colors are warm(ish) colors.
  • They shared a room with the other two yyxy members.


  • Chuu’s blood type is A, whereas Yves’ blood type is B.
  • Yves is older.
  • Yves is part of Up unit ("tall girl unit"), whereas Chuu is part of Line unit.


  • They are in the group LOONA.
  • They met before predebut at a dance academy.
  • Because they're close, Yves teases Chuu a lot.
  • Chuuves is often called "입추" (Ibchu) by Korean fans. 입추 also refered to a period of the year -- the 13th solar term (out of 24) on the traditional East Asian calendars. 입추 signifies the beginning of autumn in East Asian cultures; it starts on the 7th-8th August. Thus, some fans decided the 8th August is "Chuuves Day"/"YvesChuu Day"[1]
  • Yves' strengths according to Chuu: "Yves unnie's strength is that while she might not seem like it, she is very witty and humorous. And she doesn't lack anything on the performance side. I keep a very close eye on her. (Laughing) My score for her is 100/100."[2]
  • Yves' weaknesses according to Chuu: "And her downside. She gets up late"[2]
  • Yves' compliment to Chuu:[3]
    • Yves: "Chuu, you always talk kindly, very energetic, and has a powerful voice. Whenever I feel down, you keep me busy."
    • Chuu [laughing]:"Like, chaotic?"
    • Yves: "Yes chaotic. But thank you for keeping me busy!"
    • Chuu [being disturbed by a bug]: "Oh, a bug!"
    • Yves: "Am I a bug to you?"
  • Around midnight, on Yves' 22th birthday (in 2019), Chuu made her cry by imitating a cockroach. Then when midnight struck, the other members came to the practice room to sing her "Happy Birthday" with a cake.

First meeting & impressions Edit

  • Yves met her at a dance [?] academy, before joining BlockBerryCreative. Chuu was sitting very quietly in a cap. Yves thought Chuu was a quiet and shy person, and that she could befriend her because of that. She stopped her in a elevator to ask for her number. They became friends and ended up starring in a web drama together (a cameo) as a part time job.[4][5]
  • Chuu's first impression of Yves
    • Chuu: "[Yves] looked friendly but was somewhat cold. [Yves denied that statement] She was cold... [Adressing Yves] You were smiling brightly. So I wanted to get closer to her. And I talked to her and she was somewhat cold...So I thought "maybe I was wrong"...But she talked back to me. I could feel she was a very nice person."[6]
      • Since Yves was the one who approached Chuu first, she denied this statement.
  • Chuu picked Yves as the member whose image changed the most from the first time she met her:
    • Chuu: "Yves unnie seemed very shy at first, but now she's the comedian and boss unnie :) "[7]

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