Chuu (Hangul : 츄; Japanese : チュウ, Chuu) is the tenth member of the girl group LOONA.

She is the sixth oldest in LOONA, a member of the sub-unit yyxy, and was revealed in December 14, 2017. Her solo single "Chuu" was released on December 28, 2017.

In the group, she's represented by a penguin, the color coral and the fruit strawberry. In yyxy, she's represented by the emotion “Love”.

In 2021, after Chuu Can Do It reached 100k subscribers, Chuu named her solo fandom name to be Chuukkumi, a play on Jjukkumi (webfoot octopus).


  • Chuu's stage name is derived from her real name Jiwoo (지우), which is roughly pronounced "JEE-OO", especially when pronounced quickly.
  • One of Chuu's other possible stage names was Adam. Chuu thought it was derived from the Korean word for "adorable" but it actually referred to the idea of Adam and Eve.[10]
    • Go Won and Olivia Hye were later teased about possibly receiving the same stage name.[11][12]
    • By the time she was looking for a unit name for Yves, Chuu, Gowon and Olivia Hye, she suggested AiIChuuWon (It's cold)[12] before the official formation of yyxy, which later sounded similar to IZ*ONE, which made their debut 6 months later in October, 2018.


  • Jiwooming (지우밍) which is a longer form of her name
  • Vitaming (비타밍) meaning vitamin in Korean
  • Chuuming Girl, Chuuming (츄밍)
  • Potatowoo (감자우, gomjawoo) which is a portmanteau of her name combining the word potato (감자) and her name Jiwoo
  • Ming Princess, Ming (밍)
  • Chomp
  • Chuuriah Carey
  • Retired Sango, because she made an exact impersonation of her voice[13]. It was so close, she had to raise her pitch or speed up her speech so there won't be speculations of her lip-syncing.
    • She managed to pass the skill onto Park Misun, who is an actress and a more veteran YouTuber.
    • On EP.17 (Off-season EP.2) of Chuu Can Do It, she got to learn to become a voice actress from the original voice actress: Jung Miseok.
  • Raichu (from Kim Lip)


  • You always know Chuu for her bright smile. This is possibly the reason as to her MBTI often being displayed as ENFP (Spark/Campaigner) with Choerry and YeoJin, despite being tested as ENTP (Debater) before November 2020. She was retested as ENFP. YeoJin, however, was retested as ESFP.[14]
  • She often covers her front teeth when focused or embarrassed because she wore braces in 11th grade.


  • According to YeoJin during a V LIVE, Chuu is cute and often speaks in the third person (e.g. "Jiwoo is going to take a shower", "Jiwoo night" instead of "Good night", "Chuu is cold", etc.).
  • According to Sunmi and Hani, she is overly innocent.
  • According to JooE of Momoland, they are both bright, loud, overly talkative and positive. The sentiments were echoed by Kim Lip on a different occasion.
  • In the group, she is known for her bubbly personality. Despite this, she is very inquisitive, often having small debates.
  • According to Kim Lip: Chuu had a jealous streak when Kim Lip hung out with another classmate in the same cram school.
    • She also had a jealous streak towards Yves when they were split apart in different parts of a dancing academy.
  • She tends to start rock-paper-scissors with scissors.
  • She would slide under tables to sneak into center stage.[15]
  • She is extremely affectionate, even towards people they first met. She hugged Choerry and a YouTuber in a sewing shop on their first meeting.[16] All three are ENFP's.
    • She is also the keenest kisser, but only Heejin, JinSoul and Choerry are receptive.
  • She, like many ENFP's, is often easily distracted.
  • Like many ENFP's she needs to be praised, so she often asked to be petted on her head.
  • Like many ENTP's, however, she also considers both sides of arguments, but once she has taken sides, she would argue her point of view based on flawed logics or flawed optics. It is very obvious when she often wins debates against Kim Lip.
  • Even long before filming Chuu Can Do It, she is known to be a frugal member by turning off the lights while Yves is showering because she takes long showers, so she can save power and the planet that way. According to Go Won, she would also eat in the dark.
  • She is a good salesperson and merchandiser, but has no concept of money, often selling items at losses.
  • According to Olivia Hye, she often has to take care of her because she is clumsy and forgetful.
  • She would put her right hand on her left shoulder when she's embarassed.


  • Chuu is good friends with many Hanlim students, including Momoland's JooE, ASTRO's Rocky, Red Velvet's Yeri and WJSN's Yeonjung.[17]
  • Chuu nominated ASTRO's Rocky, Red Velvet's Yeri and soloist Rothy for the Ice Bucket Challenge.
  • She became a successful fan through Running Girls, as she met and befriended Sunmi, Hani, YooA of Oh My Girl and Chungha. She was the youngest and least experienced in the group in terms of being in the music industry.
    • In turn, Jihan of Weeekly is a successful fan of LOONA as Jihan is a fan of LOONA. They are both ENFPs.
  • Chuu and Kim Lip have been close since middle school and attended the same high school.
  • Chuu is best friends with Gyuri of fromis_9. They met when the two of them were guests on Idol Room and became best friends through the webdrama Dating Class, which they both starred in.[18]
  • The first fromis_9 member she met, however, was Hayoung, as Hayoung approached her when Chuu was still promoting beauty&thebeat.
  • She, JooE are friends with Soeyeon, a former trainee of Polaris Entertainement and Eunji, a former member of Whiteday.[17]
  • The other members of yyxy (Yves, Go Won and Olivia Hye) are also her roommates.
  • With Yves, she imagined what could be the other members' representative fruits (or food): avocado or banana for HeeJin, shine muscat (an expensive variety of grape) for HyunJin, pistachio for Haseul, sweet potato for ViVi, sweet pumpkin for Kim Lip, asparagus for JinSoul.[19]
  • Heejin likes Chuu's name (츄) because the Hangeul is symmetrical, so it can still be read clearly when reflected off mirrors during practices and dress rehearsals.
  • Her role model is Ariana Grande.
  • Her oldest younger brother is 14 (Korean Age) as of 2021.
  • She used to be scared of larger dogs.

Members impression[]

Chuu's first and current impression of the other members:

First impression

Current impression

HeeJin cold city girl super-jeolmi my-friend
HyunJin girl who's like 4-D (T/N: 4-D means random) more of a pure lamb than i thought
YeoJin minion-tiny small.and.spicy
ViVi deer-like eyes mom
Kim Lip prince who's walking toward me at the traffic light flight of the Bumblebees!
JinSoul blonde tough unnie unnie from neighborhood VIBE
Choerry Jingu Jingu with the essence of Doraemon
Yves unnie who's like a baby giant humorous baby
Go Won kindergartener kindergartener who never listens
Olivia Hye unknowable secret very much a cutie
The other members' first and current impression of Chuu (as of March 2020):

Her first impression of Chuu

Current impression

HeeJin "what is this person" baby nose
HyunJin bright vitamin
YeoJin cute and lovely person tenderhearted person
ViVi fascinating mukbang
Kim Lip kid who eats well friend of 6 years already
JinSoul the brightest and most high-tension i've ever met still the same
Choerry born with hyperactivity that's out of this world cute darling unnie
Yves cold city girl reliable counseling for concerns
Go Won the unnie who gave me a sweet potato the Chuu heart itself
Olivia Hye Chuu Chuu

Pre-debut life[]

  • Chuu's mother was a vocalist, and majored in vocal music in university. She has perfect pitch, Chuu has high-level relative pitch.
    • She was quite young when Chuu was born. In 2021, she was around 38-39 real age.
  • Chuu did Taekwondo for 7~8 years and has a 3rd degree black belt.
  • She sang My Mother one Christmas when she was school-age.
  • She used to be a The Music Works trainee. She trained there for about a year. She trained with Kim Sohye, who competed in Produce 101. She went on to start her own acting agency with her father.
  • Before her debut, she was very well known because she had a upbuilding Instagram account. It had 13,000 followers. She even had a fan community when she was a trainee at Music Works.
  • She was suspected to be the 10th girl because her Instagram account was deleted shortly after her "Who's Next Girl?" teaser was released.
  • She had auditioned for both The Black Label (YG) and JYP Entertainment. She passed her audition at Blockberry Creative a day after her college entrance exam, meaning she entered the company after Kim Lip.
  • As a trainee, Chuu only trained for 1 month before she joined LOONA.
  • She revealed on the first episode of Chuu Can Do It that she used to work at Subway as a sandwich artist, but struggled to serve foreign customers as she isn't fluent in English.
  • She also worked at Paris Baguette for one day. She had to quit because she couldn't memorize the names of the large item list. This was the same place that IZ*ONE's Kwon Eunbi worked in.
  • JooE of Momoland and Chuu were classmates in the first year, but they were both loud, noisy and outgoing. They even exaggerated that they still talk to each other through the walls in 2nd and 3rd years. Both are the most active in variety shows in their respective groups.
  • She sang Beyoncé - Halo since kindergarten because it was her mother's ringtone then, but it also was her audition song for Hanlim Multi Arts High.
  • Her eyesight is quite poor (-6 on both eyes, or 600-degress short-sigtedness), often needing contact lenses or prescription glasses.


  • She has a large mouth relative to her size, so her "one-bite portion" is considered quite large.
  • Her go-to song in karaoke was So Chan Wee - Tears, which is known for a very high vocal range.
  • Not many people around her age knows this, but she knows her birthday in Lunar Calendar: September 12, which would be 3 days before Full Moon, and nearly a month after Chuseok (Mid-Autumn Festival).


  • Chuu is the creator of the Chuu heart, also known as Apple heart and Bite heart. It was created on September 1, 2018. 788 days later, Loona's episode of Idol House was recorded.
  • Out of all of the members' debut songs, her debut song "Heart Attack" has the most views on Youtube.
  • She has composed a song while on the piano.[20]
  • Chuu Can Do It reached 100k subscribers in only a week after Ep.1 was aired. She also received the Silver Button.
  • She recorded a demos for the theme song for Chuu Can Do It in different styles: Trot, Lullaby ballad, Jingle.
  • Her ability to tolerate spiciness has diminished over time.



  • Yaja Time
    • This was reinforced in Episode 9 of Chuu Can Do It when she replied to a YouTube comment written in half-speech whose age is actually a year younger than her: "Thank you! But I'm still the Unnie! Period!!!"
    • The opposite end is also true in Episode 14 of the show. She felt quite embarrassed to speak in plain speech to Hani and Chungha, even when she is friends with both of them.
  • Banmal Time
    • Unlike Yaja Time, this is when she has to speak in plain speech to everybody, including ones that are older or more senior to her. This was reinforced in Episode 10 of Hauteur: MissionChuu when her heart rate kept increasing the more she speaks.
  • Rain
  • Pants
  • Eggplants
  • Avocado
  • Mushrooms, yet she had to eat them in Law of The Jungle
  • Mushy foods
  • Hot drinks
  • Heights
  • Thrill Rides, especially roller coasters and Viking boats.
  • Horror Houses
  • Diets
  • Painful things
  • Smokers[22]
  • Coconut water[22]
  • Pine bud drink[22]
  • Fireworks. While she isn't scared of them, she dislikes the fact that it's basically disposed as trash after the small fireworks burn out.
  • Red Beans and Red Bean Paste
  • People telling her that she's sexy
  • Brain teasers, especially wordplay games.
  • ASMR, since she has a loud voice, and can never talk or do things quietly.
  • Broccolli
  • Orange color


  • Chuu likes listening to Dean, MeloMance, Ariana Grande, Indomie and Paul Kim.
  • On IDOL Family in 2020, and on the 3rd episode of Chuu Can Do It in 2021, her mother is revealed to be a BTS fan, as her ringtone is Dynamite. Before that song was released, it was Adele - Someone Like You. Her parents know other members' birthdays.
  • Home - 꽃잠프로젝트 (Ggotjam Project)[24]