Choerry and JinSoul & Choerry are the first single album sets by Choerry of South Korean girl group LOOΠΔ. It was released on July 28, 2017 as the eighth part of the "Girl of the Month" project.

The physical album was sold in two separate parts: the first album titled Choerry featured Choerry solo, while the second album titled JinSoul & Choerry featured Choerry alongside JinSoul.


LOOΠΔ is a K-pop girl group building its own universe.

Each member of the group is introduced with a single of her own. The universe of LOOΠΔ is expanded by combination of the new member with previously introduced members.

After the announcement of a new unit with Kim Lip eclipsing, LOOΠΔ’s colors deepened with JinSoul singing in the rain. The circle gets completed now with the introduction of Choerry.

Kim Lip’s color red, JinSoul’s color blue, and Choerry’s color purple will combine for a new unit’s album to be released in September.[1]

‘이달의 소녀’는 세계관을 만들어 내는 그룹이다.

한 명 한 명의 멤버가 자신의 싱글 앨범을 통해 차례대로 소개되고 기존의 멤버들과의 결합 혹은 조합을 통해 ‘이달의 소녀’라는 세계관을 확장해 나가는 그룹이다.

김립’의 월식으로 새로운 유닛의 시작을 알린 ‘이달의 소녀’는, 빗속에서 노래하는 ‘진솔’의 등장으로 점점 깊어져가는 색깔을 보여주었고 이번 ‘최리’의 등장은 하나의 완벽한 써클을 탄생시킨다.

‘최리’의 타이틀 곡 “Love Cherry Motion”은 시원한 여름을 질주하는 펑키 팝 댄스 곡으로 ‘최리’의 상큼한 과즙 매력을 담아낸다. 사랑을 부르는 주문 “Love Cherry Motion”은 시원하게 터지는 코러스 라인과 에스닉한 브레이크 비트의 상반된 매력이 한 곡에 담겨져 곡을 정교하게 완성한다.

‘김립’의 레드와 ‘진솔’의 블루, 그리고 ‘최리’의 퍼플이 결합된 앨범을 9월 공개한다.[2]

Track list[]

  1. Love Cherry Motion” – 3:41
  2. Puzzle” – 3:40


Promotional Images[]

Each teaser has a special caption.[3]

Behind The Scenes[]

Album Exclusive[]

Choerry Attendence Card.jpeg

  • Each album contained a purple attendance card. If the owner of the album attended a Choerry fansign they would have their card stamped. If they managed to get all twelve attendance cards stamped, one for each member of LOONA, then they would get the opportunity to meet all twelve members of LOONA at LOONAbirth, have their picture taken with one of the girls, and have a mini private concert.



JinSoul & Choerry[]







Songs Writers
Lyrics Composers Arrangers
Love Cherry Motion Hwang Hyun (황현) (MonoTree)
Shin Agnes (신아녜스) (MonoTree)
Hayley Aitken
Ollipop (Olof Mårten Lindskog)
Kanata Okajima
Puzzle G-High (MonoTree)
Park Jiyeon (박지연) (MonoTree)
Daniel "Obi" Klein
Charli Taft
Andreas Oberg




  • As of April 2020, the single albums have sold a combined 4,232 copies on Hanteo, and 11,175 copies on Gaon.
  • The difference between the physical albums was their CD colors, the cover images, and the photo cards that can be received at random when purchasing the CDs. All other contents of the albums are identical.
    • There can be a max of two different photo cards found in the album Choerry that feature Choerry solo, and a max of two different photo cards found in the album JinSoul & Choerry that feature Choerry alongside JinSoul.


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