ChoVi (Cho/erry and Vi/Vi) is the friendship pairing between Choerry and ViVi.

Other NamesEdit

  • ViErry (Vi/Vi and Cho/erry)




  • Both were revealed in 2017.
  • Both are vocalists.
  • Both have stage names.
  • Both are in sub-units.


  • ViVi is older.
  • ViVi’s blood type is B, whereas Choerry’s blood type is O.
  • ViVi is in LOONA 1/3, whereas Choerry is in ODD EYE CIRCLE.
  • Choerry raps more than ViVi.
  • Choerry was born in South Korea, whereas ViVi was born in Hong Kong.
  • ViVi can speak Cantonese, whereas Choerry cannot.
  • Choerry is Korean, whereas ViVi come from Hong Kong.
  • ViVi’s hair was dyed pastel pink for debut, whereas Choerry’s hair stayed the same.
  • ViVi is fluent in English, whereas Choerry is improving.


  • They are in the group LOONA.

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