I put SeulLip because the girls call themselves that, but fans (international, at least) actually call them LipSeul more frequently lol.

Other fan names of pairings I've heard of in the intl fandom 

  • I hear od 'Hyerim' more often than 'Cholivia'
  • 99 Line > ChuuLip 
  • SoulSeul > JinSeul
  • ChuuSeul
  • ChuuSoul
  • RARE pairs so the fans haven't really chosen their 'default' names yet : HeeLip, HyunLip, HeeWon, Catfish/HyunSoul (Jinsoul and HyunJin), Butterfish (Jinsoul and Gowon)

I dont know which names are more suitable for the articles' titles tbh. The titles can be changed anyway when some names gain more traction (?)

Baekwan (talk) 05:09, July 30, 2019 (UTC)

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