Butterfly is the second and title track from the repackage album X X by LOONA.


The titled track ‘Butterfly’ incorporates smoothness and dynamics delicately with new beats and drops never seen in K-pop before. Melodies mix with electronic music to evolve Hi High into a butterfly.[1]

The title track ‘Butterfly’ contains LOOΠΔ’s irreplaceable unique concepts. Mixing softness with dynamics, the track takes LOOΠΔ to another level with new beats and drops never heard in K-pop before, along with electronic sounds and melody.

Shot in Iceland, Paris, and Hong Kong, the teasers of [X X] started on first of January to unravel the stories behind the universe of LOOΠΔ. Under the slogan of ‘For All LOOΠΔs Around the World,’ it spread worldwide, to all LOOΠΔs of the world.

LOOΠΔ causes a Butterfly effect through music for the listeners to gain courage, find oneself, and raise one’s voice. Anyone under influence, is another LOOΠΔ.

LOOΠΔ’s visual director DIGIPEDI toured around 5 countries from 5 continents for LOOΠΔ’s Butterfly effects to capture the freedom and courage of girl worldwide in the music video of ‘Butterfly.’



  • To celebrate its release, Orbits trended "#LOONA_BUTTERFLY" to #1 Worldwide on Twitter.
  • [ENG SUB] MonoTree's discussion about 'Butterfly' (YouTube):

MonoTree's discussion about 'Butterfly' - Part 1: Edit

  • Hi High and Butterfly - topics + connection:

  • "These two songs [Hi High and Butterfly] are completely different in style. [...] But strangely, it feels like they're connected."

Hwang Hyun

    • "It does! I was talking about this with Jaden Jeong. "Stories about soaring." Maybe that's the topic that the two have in common."


  • At the end of Hi High MV, Heejin flies in the air without wings. This scene left a big impact on Hwang Hyun (Hi High's producer). To him, it felt like the members were still like caterpillars in Hi High.

"For Butterfly, on stage or in the performance too, they don't have wings, but it feels like they do, in a way. It's more sophisticated? Butterfly?"

Hwang Hyun

  • Composer G-High's process:
    • G-high thought about the concept/image of the song before the lyrics.
    • When he wrote the lyrics, G-High started with the chorus lyrics first.

  • "For the english lyrics, I just make lyrics with fake English. Lyrics of just English-sounding gibberish. When I'm writing the lyrics for the first demo, I don't look at anything else. I just have the nuances. I start the lyrics in English, only really focusing on the nuances of pronunciation and rhythm. But the rest, like meaning or grammar, I don't care at all. [...] But I've heard that my English lyrics are the most ridiculous."
  • "[...] And in the chorus, just a single thing. It has to fit with the song, "Fly like a butterfly". Those are lyrics straight from the demo. Later, after that, Jaden Jeong says, "let's write lyrics with this concept"; or something, giving me the ideas. So I write based on the ideas he gives.


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Song CreditsEdit

  • Vocals Directed by: G-high
  • Background Vocals by: Jeon Jae Hee
  • Piano Performed by: G-high
  • Protools Operating by: G-high, Kang Seon Yeong @ MonoTree Studio
  • Digital Editing by: G-high @ G-highway Studio
  • Recorded by: G-high, Kang Seon Yeong @ MonoTree Studio
  • Mixed by: Joey Maclaren @ Relic Studio


MV 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Butterfly"

MV 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Butterfly"

Teaser 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Butterfly"

Teaser 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Butterfly"

이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Butterfly" Dance Practice Video

이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Butterfly" Dance Practice Video


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