• ScreamingOctahedron

    I'm back with another spreadsheet. this is what the people want.

    to cut directly to the chase, I recorded each member's total number of lines, represented in seconds, during ot12 era so far. this includes ad libs, spoken words, and raps.

    ++ xx total (sec)
    Heejin 113.43 80 193.43
    Hyunjin 16.58 41.49 58.07
    Haseul 48.77 66.1 114.87
    Yeojin 38.82 32.15 70.97
    Vivi 22.18 42.83 65.01
    Kim Lip 92.46 68.7 161.16
    Jinsoul 103.9 56.69 160.59
    Choerry 58.43 59.47 117.9
    Yves 84.65 65.41 150.06
    Chuu 99.05 62.39 161.44
    Go Won 33.18 48.05 81.23
    Olivia Hye 39.22 49.66 88.88

    in order:

    1. Heejin, 193.43
    2. Chuu, 161.44
    3. Kim Lip, 161.16
    4. Jinsoul, 160.59
    5. Yves, 150.06
    6. Choerry, 117.9
    7. Haseul, 114.87
    8. Olivia, 88.88
    9. Go Won, 81.23
    10. Yeojin, 70.97
    11. Vivi, 65.01
    12. Hyunjin, 58.07

    so, what is this but morbidly inter…

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  • ScreamingOctahedron

    hello people of the LOONA wiki

    I am now sharing my spreadsheet of LOONA member colors here for the good of the public

    this sheet is:

    • (mostly) exhaustive: I have documented every single color used to represent each member in official materials to the absolute best of my ability
    • accurate: the colors are hex accurate, eye-dropped in photoshop directly from images, and not approxmations
    • a WIP: as new colors come out I will add them (assuming LOONA ever has new content again LOL)

    >>> link 

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  • Xiuminne

    I'm back

    October 19, 2019 by Xiuminne

    Hello everyone!

    I've fially decided to come back after being extremely inactive on the LOONA Wiki, studies and work got so much in the way that I completely forgot about what I have yet to adjust on this wiki. 

    I'm also seeing new editors on this wiki and would like to greet you all who come across this page.

    I also apologize for not notifying the admins and staff here that I was gonna be inactive on the wiki.

    Thank you for reading this :)

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  • Jumosan

    January 2019: New Content

    January 7, 2019 by Jumosan

    Hello, this is the LOONA Wiki's first Community Update!

    Moving forward, I'd like for the Wiki to be inclusive of more LOONA related content. When I first created it, I intended it to be mainly information based. However, shortly after its creation, the LOONAVERSE was announced. For quite some time now, I've seen many Orbits trying to find explanations to the LOONAVERSE. I think the Wiki would be a great place to host this type of content. Adding this type of content will allow for new editors such as theorists to be introduced to the Wiki as well as help new Orbits in another aspect of LOONA. In order to maintain the Wiki's "information based" standing, these pages/section will have this notification banner on them:

    To get your opinion on th…

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  • Xiuminne

    Hello everyone!

    So, as we all know, LOONA has had their third & possibly final sub-unit of their group, Yyxy.

    And now to the M/V theory:

    The four members of yyxy—Yves, Chuu, Go Won & Olivia Hye are all stuck in a caste and are being watched by the inspector there (possibly Grimes?), Yves makes an attempt to be rebellious and try to escape, before doing that, she convinces the other three members to follow her as she goes...

    However, Olivia Hye being a good person, decides that it’s the wrong thing to do and instead of following Yves’s instructions, she stays in the tower, while Chuu & Go Won decided to listen to Yves’s steps and follow her path.

    Through the video, there’s is a scene where Olivia Hye walks in a room where the three girls are sit…

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  • Gili Yisrael

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  • Gili Yisrael

    First of all, I would like to say that I was not exactly sure where to open a topic for discussion, so I opened a blog post (that is hopefully the right place) here.

    As you can see from the title, I would like to discuss Olivia's official color as there is a debate in the fandom regarding what it is ever since BBC decided to pull a "Haha, jokes on you guys, can you guess this one??" with the teasers and made the color of her name all different in each teaser.

    So far, several shades of gray has been suggested, such as Silver Light Gray Medium Gray Dark Gray, or it might actually be Black. What do you think?

    I have decided to compile a list of documentations or sources of proof that could help determine the color. I believe I found everything and it…

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  • Xiuminne

    Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day/night.

    So, as we all know, ViVi (my bias) had dyed her hair light pink for her debut with her solo & LOONA 1/3. But now I’m thinking, which member do you think should do it next?

    If you ask me, I think Yves should be the next member to dye her hair, probably a darker pink to match her burgundy colour?

    What do you guys think?

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  • Alankomaat


    January 13, 2018 by Alankomaat
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