BlockBerry Creative (블록베리크리에이티브, Beullokberi Keurieitibeu) is a South Korean record label. It is a subsidiary of Levite United (리바이트 유나이티드) and is home to the girl group LOONA.

BlockBerry Creative is one of three labels under Levite United, along with Polaris Entertainment and New Type ENT.[2]

On June 28 2020, they launched their online shop.

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  • The company name was used for a pun in the description of the “Singing in the Rain” music video.[7]
    • “Each girl meets another girl like building ‘blocks’ stacking, and the encounters of each girl creates new synergies to bear ‘berries’.”
    • The “block” in “BlockBerry Creative” was again represented as a literal block in the Up & Line teaser video.
  • In English, the company name is usually abbreviated by fans as “BlockBerry” or “BBC”. In Korean, it goes by “블록베리” (Beullokberi), “벽돌딸기” (Byeokdol Ddalgi, “Brick Berry”), and “블베” (Beul-be).[8]

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