beauty&thebeat is the debut mini-album of yyxy, South Korean girl group LOOΠΔ's third sub-unit. It was released on May 30, 2018.

The physical album was sold in two available versions: a Normal Edition and a Limited Edition. The Normal Edition contains one of three random versions of "love4eva", each with a different dance break. The Limited Version of the physical album contains "love4eva" with a limited version of the dance break.


  1. "dal segno" - 1:07
  2. "love4eva (feat. Grimes)" 3:41
  3. "frozen" - 3:29
  4. "one way" - 3:29
  5. "rendezvous 18.6y" - 3:27


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Songs Writers
Lyrics Composers Arrangers
"dal segno" - Artronic Waves
Billie Jean (BADD)
Slyberry (BADD)
"love4eva" (feat. Grimes) Jaden Jeong
Billie Jean (BADD)
Kim Jin-hyeong (BADD)
Narae (BADD)
Billie Jean (BADD)
"frozen" Hwang Hyun (MonoTree)
"one way" 감동is (Gamdongis)
감동is (Gamdongis)
Seo Jae-ha
Kim Yeong-seong
"rendezvous 18.6y" G-High (MonoTree) G-High (MonoTree)
Son Goeun (MonoTree)


  • Executive Producer: Lee Jong Myung
  • Creative Director: Instagram_logo_2016.svg Jaden Jeong
  • Music Producer: MonoTree, Artronic Waves, Instagram_logo_2016.svg Jaden Jeong
  • A&R: Ryu Ji In, Kim Hyun Ho @ BlockBerryCreative
  • Recording Engineer: Jung Eun Kyung, Woo Min Jung @ InGrid Studio; Hwang Hyun, G-high @ MonoTree Studio
  • Mixing Engineer: Yoon Won Kwon @ Studio SEAN; Ko Hyun Jung @ Koko sound Studio; Hwang Hyun @ MonoTree Studio; Go Hyun Jeong @ Koko Sound; Marco Bender @ Relic Studio
  • Mastering Engineer: Instagram_logo_2016.svg Kwon Nam Woo @ 821 Sound Mastering
  • Project Supervisor: Park Se Jin
  • Management Director: Yoon In Ro
  • Management: Lee Geun Mook, Park Yong Tae, Shim Sung Hwan, Min Dong Hyuk, Jung Min Jeol, Baek Gyung Taek, Ko Jae Sun
  • Chief Communication Officer: Nam An Woo
  • Communication: Park Bo Ra, Bang Bo Mi, Kim Sun Gyung
  • Cooperation: Yoon Do Yeon
  • Training: Park Sang Ho
  • Casting: Jung Ji Eun, Park So Hyun
  • Styling Director: Kim Min
  • Hair Director: Instagram_logo_2016.svg Lee Young Ran @ RUE710
  • Makeup Director: Instagram_logo_2016.svg Jang Yoo Jin @ RUE710
  • Music Video: @ Digipedi
  • Performance Directing by: "CaShe" (Hyungyu HG Kim, Faryoung Kim)
  • Photographer: Instagram_logo_2016.svg Mugunghwa Sonyeo (mugung)
  • Art Work: Studio XXX


Preview 이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOONA yyxy) Mini Album "beauty&thebeat"

Preview 이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOONA yyxy) Mini Album "beauty&thebeat"

MV 이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOONA yyxy) "love4eva (feat

MV 이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOONA yyxy) "love4eva (feat. Grimes)"

Released on May 30, 2018

이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOONA yyxy) "love4eva (feat

이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOONA yyxy) "love4eva (feat. Grimes)" Choreography Practice

Released on May 30, 2018

이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOONA yyxy) "one"

이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOONA yyxy) "one"



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