Ashley Alisha, born Ashley Yoon (애슐리 윤), is an American singer songwriter and vocal producer; she's of South Korean descent and a Los Angeles native. She's based in Los Angeles, USA. She mainly wrote for K-Pop artists.

Songs Ashley Alisha produced for LOONA: "Curiosity" and "Satellite" (위성).

She's currently independent as a singer and the co-founder of YOUR NAME Creative, "a collective of music industry professionals". Her debut album is set to release in 2021.

She's a former 153/Joombas Music Group singer songwriter and producer (October 2017 – August 2019).

She got a Bachelor's degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), 2009–2013.

Her KOMCA ID number: Z0502880 (song credits registry)

Ashley Alisha established her K-POP credentials as she penned some of the top number one Billboard hits for popular groups like ITZY, LOONA, Oh My Girl, Red Velvet, and more. After years of writing behind the scenes, she finally debuts with her very own Pop single, "No More", putting one of her love letters on display in musical form. Her debut album is set to release in 2021.
- Ashley Alisha's Spotify biography


She competed in the South Korean television talent show "Star Audition: Birth of a Great Star 2" (위대한탄생 2) as a Top 20 Finalist. Her mom was against her pursuing a musical career so Ashley Alisha told her she was going to Korea at the last minute. During the show she met producer G-High with whom she'll collaborate years later on the production of "Curiosity".

October 2017 – August 2019:[]

After the show she went back to Los Angeles. In October 2017, she joined L.A. based music producing & publishing company 153/Joombas Music Group. There, she would produce [X X] tracks "Satellite" and " Curiosity".

She's the singing voice of a character in "Elchronicle", and Android and iOS south korean video game.

She also did demo singing and recording.

She left Joombas in August 2019 to go independent.

August 2019 – present[]

She co-founded YOUR NAME Creative, a collective of music industry professionals which provides music production, mixing/mastering, songwriting and demo recording services.

In 2020, she released her debut single "No More" as well as an acoustic version of the song. Her current music distributor seems to be NUMBER K COMPANY.

In January 2021, she sang the song of BLACKPINK's Pepsi CF, "FOR THE LOVE".

In March 2021, she sang BLACKPINK Jennie's Vita 500 CF song.

Her debut album is set to release in 2021.



Appears on

  • Cravemob - Elchronicle (Original Soundtrack) (2018) - (#10 "Up All Night")
  • Cravemob - Elchronicle Season 2 (Original Soundtrack) (2019) (#1 In The Orbit We Meet Again)
  • Cravemob - Elchronicle Season 3 (Original Soundtrack) (2019) (#1 When The Moon Descends)
  • Various Artists - Generation Z (2020) - (#6 "What You Do to Me")


Contribution to LOONA's discography[]

Song Lyrics Composers Arrangers Album Year Members
"Curiosity" Park Jiyeon (MonoTree) G-High (MonoTree)

Ashley Alisha

G-High (MonoTree) [X X] 2019 LOONA
"Satellite" (위성) ZNEE (153/Joombas)
Jaden Jeong
David Amber

Ashley Alisha

David Amber [X X] 2019 LOONA
Year Song Composer Arranger Lyrics Other
2019 "Satellite"

Notable works produced for other artists[]

Lyrics, Composition and/or Arrangement

Artists Songs Co-Producers from Joombas Album Year
A.C.E "BLACK AND BLUE" Hyuk Shin, JJ Evans A.C.E Adventures in Wonderland 2018
Bomin (보민) "You & I" (자꾸 생각나) Hyuk Shin, Jung Hari (정하리) You & I 2019
EXO LAY ZHANG 貝殼女孩 (Tattoo) Hyuk Shin, JJ Evans Namanana 2018
DJ ELLIA "Belongs to You" Belongs to You 2020
george (죠지), Coogie "No filter" (아무 말) Hyuk Shin, JJ Evans It’s okay to be sensitive 2 OST 2019
GWSN Growing ~ for Groo 조아영 (Cho Ayoung)  The Park in the Night part two 2019
ITZY ICY Cameron Neilson IT'z ICY 2019
Kwon Jinah "6:35 PM" (시계 바늘) Hyuk Shin, Mrey, Bae Min Su (배민수) 나의 모양 2019
OH MY GIRL BUNGEE (Fall in Love) Hyuk Shin, JJ Evans, Jungyoon (정윤), MooF FALL IN LOVE 2019
Case No.L5VE (미제) Hyuk Shin, Mrey THE FIFTH SEASON 2019
"Underwater Love" (심해 (마음이라는 바다)) Bae Min Su (배민수), Le'mon, Park Seul Gi THE FIFTH SEASON 2019
Vogue JJ Evans, MooF THE FIFTH SEASON 2019
RED VELVET "Sayonara" Hyuk Shin, Kyum Lyk, JJ Evans SAPPY 2019
SF9 "All Day All Night" (비켜) JJ Evans, Joony, Jisoo Park 9loryUS 2020
SHASHA (샤샤) "What The Heck" Hyuk Shin, Mrey What The Heck 2018
Weki Meki "Lucky" Hyuk Shin, Mrey LUCKY 2018

Lyrics only


  • 2009–2013: Bachelor's degree - University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
    • Starred in UCLA Korean Culture Night’s musical, “A Tale of Two Lilies”,
    • Hand-picked to sing the National Anthem at the UCLA Commencement Ceremony on her graduation day.
  • 2016: Performance at KCON Los Angeles 2016
  • 2021: Sang BLACKPINK's Pepsi CF song, "FOR THE LOVE".
  • 2021: Sang BLACKPINK JENNIE's Vita500 CF song

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