[&] (And[1], Hangul: 앤드) is the fourth mini-album from South Korean girl group LOONA. It was released on June 28, 2021, including title track “PTT (Paint The Town)”.

A Japanese version of “PTT (Paint The Town)” was also released at the same time in Japan.

This album marks the return of member HaSeul, who had been on hiatus from group activities since January 2020.


Music Video[]

LOONA became one after going through the round of faith, coincidence, and destiny.

LOONA has shown the effect of plus plus so far, gaining courage with the butterfly effect and finding their inner self. What’s more, is that LOONA created a bigger wave of change with their passion to make a world where not even a single girl is oppressed.

[&] album is about why LOONA had no choice but to break the fixed rules and become one with all LOOΠΔs around the world, after making bigger waves of change. LOONA holds a variety of symbolic objects that symbolize their dignity. Among those, the symbolic color has a significant connection with the message that LOONA wishes to convey through this album.

“And all LOOΠΔs are one”, all LOONAs in the world paint the world with their own colors and conveys the message that they will shout out “Paint The Town” in one voice after they found their own colors.

Finally conquering the LOONAverse with their own strengths, LOONA then discovers a bigger world that they have never known about.

After being one, a hero comes into the world by LOONA.[2]

Music Video[]

이달의 소녀가 운명과 우연, 숙명을 돌고 돌아 하나가 됐다.

이달의 소녀는 지금까지 플러스 플러스 효과를 발휘해 나비효과가 되어 용기를 얻고, 자아를 찾았다. 더 나아가 뜨거운 열정으로 상상 이상의 변화의 물결을 만들어 억압받지 않는 세상을 만들었다. [&]는 이달의 소녀가 경계를 넘어 더 큰 변화를 이룬 후 세상의 모든 이달의 소녀들과 함께(&) 정형화된 규칙을 깨고 하나가 될 수밖에 없는 이유를 담은 앨범이다. 이달의 소녀에게는 자신의 존엄함을 상징하는 다양한 상징물이 있다. 그중 상징 색깔은 이달의 소녀가 이번 앨범을 통해 전하고자 하는 메시지와 큰 연결고리가 있다.

“And all LOOΠΔs are one (비로소 하나 된 세상의 모든 이달의 소녀)”가 우리만의 색으로 세상을 물들이고, 자신의 컬러를 찾은 세상의 모든 이달의 소녀들이 하나 된 목소리로 “Paint The Town”을 외치며 함께 앞으로 나아간다는 메시지를 전한다.

비로소 각자가 가진 능력을 발휘해 LOONAverse를 정복한 이달의 소녀는 그동안 몰랐던 더 큰 세계를 발견하게 된다.

하나가 된 이달의 소녀는 영웅을 탄생시킨다.[3]


- 너와 나 그리고 우리가 함께(&) 정형화된 규칙을 깨고 하나가 된 이야기 - 새로운 매력이 더해져 우리만의 색깔로 그려낼 이달의 소녀의 네 번째 미니앨범 [&]

‘4세대 잇걸’로 급부상한 이달의 소녀(LOONA)가 2021년 6월 28일, 네 번째 미니앨범 [&]를 발매한다. 매 앨범 새로운 음악 장르와 화려한 퍼포먼스로 다채로운 콘셉트를 선보이며 독자적인 행보를 펼치고 있는 이달의 소녀는 국내는 물론 빌보드 메인 차트인 ‘빌보드 200’ 진입, 아이튠즈 51개국 앨범 차트 1위, K팝 걸그룹 최초 북미 라디오 차트 9주 연속 진입 등 다양한 해외 차트를 통해 글로벌한 영향력을 드러냈다. 지난해 두 번째 미니앨범 [#]와 세 번째 미니앨범 [12:00]을 통해 괄목할 만한 성적을 기록한데 이어 ‘기록 소녀들’이라는 수식어처럼 이번에는 또 어떤 기록을 써 내려갈지 기대된다.

이달의 소녀의 [&]는 경계를 넘어 더 큰 변화를 이룬 이달의 소녀가 너와 나 그리고 우리가 함께(&) 정형화된 규칙을 깨고 하나가 된 이야기를 담아냈다.

타이틀곡 ‘PTT (Paint The Town)’를 비롯해 인트로곡 ‘&’, ‘WOW’, ‘Be Honest’, ‘Dance On My Own’, ‘A Different Night’, ‘U R’까지 총 7트랙이 수록됐고, 다양한 장르처럼 이달의 소녀의 매력이 총망라한 앨범이다.

“We’re about to paint the town” 타이틀곡 ‘PTT (Paint The Town)’는 이달의 소녀의 폭발적인 에너지가 담긴 댄스 힙합 장르로 볼리우드(Bollywood) 노래의 모든 필수 요소가 결합된 곡이다.

특히 이 곡은 [&]로 새롭게 펼쳐질 이달의 소녀의 세계관을 전적으로 그려냈으며, 금기에 갇히거나 남의 눈치를 보지 않고 주체적으로 스스로 확립하고 재정립하여 우리의 색으로 ‘Paint The Town’ 하겠다는 내용이 담겼다.[4]


  1. &” – 1:19
  2. PTT (Paint The Town)” – 3:21
  3. WOW” – 2:58
  4. Be Honest” – 3:16
  5. Dance On My Own” – 2:37
  6. A Different Night” – 3:38
  7. U R” – 3:04

Release & Promotions[]

  • On May 31, 2021, LOONA released a teaser picture which revealed the name of the mini-album, [&] (And) and its release date. The sentences in Latin that accompanied the teaser teased the Roman/classical visual concept of the music video and some of the album versions.
    • The teaser picture was captioned with "🏛 A deo vocatus rite paratus "; "🏛" is named the "Classical Building" emoji.
    • On the picture read latin locutions "Citius, Altius, Fortius" (means "faster, higher, stronger"; motto of the Olympics) and "Acta Est Fabula, Plaudite." (Literally, it means "the play is over, applaud"[5]. It's an expression commonly said at the end of Roman plays so the audience knows they can leave).
  • On June 1, 2021, LOONA released further teasers including HaSeul, confirming her comeback from hiatus. Further individual teaser pictures were released the following days.
  • On June 10, 2021 the tracklist of the EP was released. "PTT (Paint The Town)" was announced as its title track. The tracklist confirmed the participation in the making of the EP of producer Ryan S. Jhun who previously denied his involvement.
  • On June 27, 2021, online fanmeeting "LOOПΔ Premier Greeting – [D&D]" took place.
  • On June 28, 2021:
  • On July 6, 2021, LOONA won 1st place on music show SBS MTV THE SHOW with "PTT (Paint The Town)".
  • The promotions were cut short because one of the managers was tested positive for COVID-19. The members of LOONA all tested negative but still had to go into a 2 week self-quarantine as a precaution.
  • The members were doing solo voice-only VLIVE livestreams during their quarantine, two to three members per day. First solo VLIVEs were on July 16 and last ones were on July 20.
  • On July 22, HeeJin, ViVi, Chuu and Olivia Hye guested on MBC Radio "Noon Song of Hope" hosted by Kim Shinyoung; thus marking the end of their quarantine and resuming their promotional activities. Later that day, LOONA as whole group did a voice-only VLIVE of them while signing albums.
  • However, LOONA's promotional activities are severely limited by the Tokyo Olympics: most of the music show programs were cancelled due to TV channels broadcasting the Olympics events instead.
  • LOONA resumed Orbit Ring "fansigns".

Composition, lyrics, recording, music video[]


Music producer Ryan S. Jhun was heavily involved in the making of the [&] EP as he contributed to four of its tracks: he composed & arranged title track "PTT (Paint The Town)", intro "&", and b-side "WOW" and rearranged b-side "Be Honest". In 2020, he announced he was an Orbit (a LOONA fan) and in June 2020 said he wanted to produce a song for the group[6]. In a YouTube video in August 2020, he said he has been submitting songs to BlockBerry Creative but he apparently missed the deadline for them to be included in the next LOONA release (the album/EP after [12:00]).[7] At the reveal of the [&] EP tracklist, it turns out that he still ended up contributing to it.

As for producers and lyricists who have already worked with LOONA before:

[&] is LOONA's third album after their debut to not have any songs created by music production team MonoTree.

About the tracks:

  • About "PTT (Paint The Town): Producer Hitmanic stated in an Instagram post (June 28, 2021) that he first had the "crazy" idea of combining K-pop and Bollywood about 2 years ago (~2019). A few months ago, his team came up with the first draft of "PTT (Paint The Town)".
Show/Hide Quote

About 2 years ago I got this crazy idea of combining Kpop and Bollywood. A few months ago we came up with the first draft of this one and now it’s out. It’s been quite a journey. There are a lot of songwriters out there who don’t understand the importance of the other perspective. They send their songs to artists, publishers, and labels and simply expect them to take their work as it is. We’ve been lucky enough to work with the best. Ryan is not only our dearest brother and family, he’s also one of the best producers in the territory. He has amazing ears for hits and his intuition is one of the strongest I’ve ever experienced. Just look at his track record and you’ll be asking yourself what you’re doing. Some songwriters call people like Ryan for “middle hands”. I personally disgust it. Cause even though songwriters and producers write and produce a first draft of a song, there’s a long journey before it reaches the goal. That goal is a version that the artist, label, and everyone involved love. When it comes to the combination of Kpop and Bollywood, Ryan has been incredibly supportive. It takes some balls to believe in something that’s totally new but Ryan believed in it from the start and he constantly pushed us toward the right direction. PTT would’ve never happened without him and it would’ve never sounded this way. His creative involvement and direction has been absolutely crucial for every single step of this release. So to all songwriters and producers who have mixed up songwriting with their narcissistic ego trips: good luck cause most probably you’ll be flipping burgers at McDonald’s any day soon.

From Hanif Hitmanic Sabzevari (@hitmanic) on Instagram:[1] (JUNE 28, 2021)

  • "Be Honest", which was co-produced by EKKO Music Rights songwriters, was originally meant to be included in the [#] (2019) mini-album. That EP was mostly made by EKKO producers. They re-recorded the song for [&].[8][9]
  • The lyrics of "Dance On My Own" are fully in English. They apparently recorded this song quickly (according to Choerry, it took 2-3 takes).[9]
  • "A Different Night" was hard to record according to JinSoul.[9]
  • "WOW" was the last song added to the EP, according to Chuu. She heard the intro of its demo playing in the office on her way to the bathroom and liked it so much she told the director/team "Director, we have to buy this song. This song must be included in the album". He liked the song too and told her he would think about it. To Chuu's delight, he ended up choosing "WOW" as the last song to include in the EP. [10]


  • The members said the choreography for "PTT (Paint The Town)" was their hardest one so far.

Music Video

  • DIGIPEDI filmed the music video of "PTT (Paint The Town)".
  • The "PTT (Paint The Town)" MV took several days to film.
  • They filmed a part of the MV on Choerry's birthday (June 4). For the occasion, Olivia Hye gave her a cake she prepared the day before as a surprise (Olivia Hye previously told Choerry not to expect anything from her [11]).



Behind the Scenes[]

A ver. Photoshoot[]

D ver. Photoshoot[]





International South Korea




# Song Lyrics Composers Arrangers
1 & - Ryan S. Jhun
Hanif Hitmanic Sabzevari
Dennis DeKo Kordnejad
2 PTT (Paint The Town) Ryan S. Jhun
Hanif Hitmanic Sabzevari
Dennis DeKo Kordnejad
Ryan S. Jhun
Hanif Hitmanic Sabzevari
Dennis DeKo Kordnejad
Anna Timgren
Alawn (Harold Phillippon)
Ryan S. Jhun
Ryan S. Jhun
4 Be Honest Jo Yoonkyung Christian Karlström
Cazzi Opeia
Ellen Berg
Christian Karlström (arranged)
Ryan S. Jhun (rearranged)
Dennis DeKo Kordnejad (rear.)
5 Dance On My Own Gino Barletta
Melanie Joy Fontana
Michel "Lindgren" Schulz
Nolan W. Sipe
Michel "Lindgren" Schulz
6 A Different Night Yoon Hee Won (Chansline)
Han Yeon Ji (Chansline)
Yoon Hee Won
Lee Kwan Hyung (Chansline)
Han Yeon Ji
Hwang Chan Hee (Chansline)
Lee Kwan Hyung
Han Yeon Ji
7 U R Jang Joo Na (Chansline)
Park Shin Ae (Chansline)
Choi Young Ah (Chansline)
Jang Joo Na
Park Shin Ae
Choi Young Ah
Hwang Chan Hee
Jang Joo Na
Park Shin Ae
Choi Young Ah



  • Executive Producer: Lee Jong Myung
  • Producer Supervisor: Lee Jong Hyeon
  • Executive Supervisor: Nam An Woo

  • A&R: Instagram Icon.png Baek In-Chan (백인찬)
  • Management Chief Director: Instagram Icon.png Park Yoon-Pyo (박윤표)
  • Management: Instagram Icon.png Lee Dong-Hoon (이동훈), Instagram Icon.png Park Cheol-Woo (박철우), Kim Yu-Jin (김유진), Lee Sun-Joon
  • Communication Director: Instagram Icon.png Park Bo Ra (박보라)
  • Communication: Kim Do-Yeon (김도연), Ha Jeong-Yoon (하정윤), Jo Eunae, Gong Se-Yeon (공세연)
  • Advertising Business Director: Oh Ji-Ho (오지호)
  • Strategy Planning Director: Yun Do-Yeon (윤도연)
  • Accounting Chief: Choi Hee-Joon (최희준)
  • Accounting: Noh Yeon-Jin (노언진), Jang Hye-Kyoung (장혜경)

Performance Directing

Source: [12]



  • On May 7, 2021, Newspim confirmed that LOONA was in the process of preparing for their comeback, with their jacket shoot for the release already finished.[13]
  • The first teaser hit 100k likes on Twitter in less than 24 hours, making it LOONA's first tweet to surpass 100k likes. [14]
  • [&] is the first release in almost two years to include all twelve of the members.
  • HaSeul Teaser Photo is LOONA's fastest tweet (as of June 2021) to reach 100K Likes (5 Hours & 5 Minutes).[15]
  • DIGIPEDI is credited in production of the title track's music video as with LOONA's other music videos.
  • HeeJin and Yves led the group during choreography learning.[16]