[12:00] (Midnight[1], Hangul: 미드나잇) is the third mini-album from South Korean girl group LOONA. It was released on October 19, 2020, including title track "Why Not?", whose promotions were followed by the release of the music video for "Star (Voice Eng. Ver.)".

On September 17, 2020, BlockBerry Creative confirmed via Fancafe that member HaSeul would not be participating in album promotions, due to ongoing health issues.[2]



LOONA discovered destiny in between coincidence and fate.

After creating unimaginable waves of change through [#], LOONA realize that their destiny is the role of pioneer for all LOONAs around the world, and decide to follow their inevitable reason for existence.

LOONA, predicting that a new moon will rise, decide to hold a festival in the concert of moonlight at [12:00], when the Moon radiates the brightest light before it expires, one where not even a single girl is oppressed.

Having created coincidence by colliding fate against fate, and discovered destiny between coincidence and fate, LOONA delivers a new message through the midnight festival.

With all LOOΠΔs around the world; like this slogan of the album, that message says that all LOONAs of the world are always together, that all are dignified and equal, worthy to earn freedom.

The combined voice of the girls, who face the beginning of a new moon, is cast into the world.[3]

Music Video[]

A destiny discovered between coincidence and fate LOOΠΔ has created a wave of change beyond imagination through [#] and has come to realize their true roles; to be pioneers for all of the LOOΠΔs of the world.

To celebrate the New Moon, LOOΠΔ is expecting a new moon to rise. On this occasion, they will hold a Moonlight festival at [12:00], when the moon shines the brightest—a festival where no girl will feel silenced. LOOΠΔ makes coincidence when destiny collides with fate, and finds her destiny within coincidence and fate to deliver a new message for the Midnight Festival. ‘With all LOOΠΔs around the world’, all of the LOOΠΔs across the globe will always be together, where all are dignified, equal and worthy of freedom.

The united voices of the girls around the world rings loud and clear ahead of the start of the new moon.


이달의 소녀는 우연과 운명 속에서 숙명을 발견했다.

[#]를 통해 상상 그 이상의 변화의 물결을 만들어 낸 이달의 소녀는 세상의 모든 이달의 소녀들의 선구자 역할이 숙명임을 깨닫고, 자신들의 필연적인 존재 이유를 따르기로 한다. 이달의 소녀는 New Moon(월삭)을 맞아 새로운 달이 떠오를 것을 예견하며 달이 소멸하기 전 가장 밝게 빛을 발하는 [12:00]에 단 한 명의 소녀도 억압받지 않는 달빛 향연 속 페스티벌을 개최하기로 한다.

운명과 운명을 충돌시켜 우연을 만들고, 우연과 운명 속에서 숙명을 발견한 이달의 소녀는 미드나잇 페스티벌을 통해 새로운 메시지를 전달한다.

With all LOOΠΔs around the world(세상의 모든 이달의 소녀들과 함께), 이번 앨범의 슬로건 처럼 세상의 모든 이달의 소녀들은 언제나 함께 있으며 모두가 존엄하고 동등하며 자유를 얻을 가치가 있는 존재라는게 그 메시지다. 새로운 달의 시작을 앞둔 소녀들의 하나가 된 목소리가 전 세계를 향해 던져졌다.

이달의 소녀는 숙명과 숙명이 만나 필연을 만든다.[4]

Music Video[]


  1. 12:00” – 1:13
  2. Why Not?” – 3:25
  3. Voice (목소리)” – 3:18
  4. Fall Again (기억해)” – 3:35
  5. Universe” – 3:34
  6. Hide & Seek (숨바꼭질)” – 3:02
  7. OOPS!” – 2:42
  8. Star (Voice English Ver.)” – 3:18


After [#], [12:00] is the second mini-album from LOONA on which SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man worked as “Music Producer”. [12:00] is the second post-debut project from LOONA not to feature songs made by South Korean producing team MonoTree.

On this extended play, 5 of the 8 tracks (i.e. “12:00”, “Why Not?”, “Fall Again”, “Hide & Seek” and “OOPS!”) were produced by EKKO Music Rights producers: producing duos Banger$ & Cash (Fabian 'Phat Fabe' Torsson & The Kennel's Harry Sommerdahl) Coach & Sendo and ROSII (Fredrik Raadal-Simonsen & Paulos Solbø), Ellen Berg, JINBYJIN (from Dsign Music), Julia Finnseter, Kim Yeon Seo (Emily Kim) and Sondre Nystrøm.[5] Coach & Sendo and Kim Yeon Seo have produced a few songs for LOONA on the previous EP [#].

The Kennel producers Harry Sommerdahl (from Banger$ & Cash) and Matilda Frommegård produced songs on this EP: Sommerdahl and Frommegård co-produced “OOPS!”, and Frommegård also co-produced “Hide & Seek”.

Like in [#], lyricists who usually write for SM Entertainment artists also contributed to the making of [12:00]: Hwang Yubin wrote the lyrics of “Why Not?”, (she previously wrote “365”), Jo Yoonkyung wrote “Universe” (previously wrote “So What”) and JQ wrote “Voice” (previously wrote “Number 1”).

Title track "Why Not?" was written in July 2019, during songwriting camp "Song:Expo 2019" in Trondheim (Norway) by Will Simms, Sondre Nystrom (Sondrey), Julia Finnseter (Ameline) and Ellen Berg.[6][7][8]




Behind the Scenes[]

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# Song Lyrics Composers Arrangers
1 12:00 - Coach & Sendo
2 Why Not? Hwang Yubin Will Simms
Sondre Nystrom
Julia Finnseter
Ellen Berg
Will Simms
Coach & Sendo
3 Voice (목소리) JQ
Hyesu (makeumine works)
Jesse Saint John
Georgia Ku
4 Fall Again (기억해) Kim Yeon Seo JINBYJIN
Kim Yeon Seo
5 Universe Jo Yoonkyung Daniel Durn
Katrine Neya Klith Joergensen
Peter Wallevik
Peter Wallevik
6 Hide & Seek (숨바꼭질) Moon Hye Min Paulos Solbø
Fredrik Raadal-Simonsen
Matilda Frommegård
7 OOPS! Kim Yeon Seo Phat Fabe
Harry Sommerdahl
Kim Yeon Seo
Matilda Frommegård
Bangers & Ca$h
8 Star
(“Voice” Eng. Ver.)
Jesse Saint John
Georgia Ku






  • Title track “Why Not?” was written in July 2019, during songwriting camp “Song:Expo 2019” in Trondheim (Norway) by Will Simms, Sondre Nystrom (Sondrey), Julia Finnseter (Ameline) and Ellen Berg.[6][7][8]
  • Music Videos videographers:
    • Why Not?”: DIGIPEDI (usual videographers for LOONA)
    • Star”: MOSWANTED (their first MV done for LOONA)
  • Why Not?” MV was filmed in Jeju Island, South Korea. LOONA have already filmed content there: Choerry for “Love Cherry Motion” MV and LOONA for the Summer Package (LOONA ISLAND).
  • Less than a month after its release, [12:00] debuted at #112 on the Billboard 200 chart. LOONA is the first girl group out of the Big 3 to chart on the Billboard 200 and the first group from the fourth generation to debut on it.[11]
  • The track “Star” debuted on the Top 40 Pop Radio airplay charts, making them the second female K-pop group to do so.[12]